if it’s something that’s hard for you to do…

…then you should probably do more of it. 

that quote is printed on a piece of paper that hangs outside a professor’s office door in one of the buildings at my school. i had a class in a room near that office two semesters in a row, so i walked by it multiple times per week. the first time i read it, it was like an epiphany had hit me. almost like a “duh” moment. i’ve tried to remember it as often as i can. i don’t have anyone to which i can attribute it—i googled it and came up with nothing.

i’m so stuck on the weight loss thing right now. i haven’t lost anything in weeks, and it’s very discouraging. granted (as i mentioned in my last post), i haven’t been keeping track of my weight watchers points as well as i should. i’m changing that today.

i’ve also been going to zumba every week. i went once the first week, twice the second week, and after tonight, it’ll be three times this week. my friend liz got me into zumba, and it’s fun to have a pal to work out with. it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also sometimes pretty difficult. we sweat like ca-razy. i’m talking sweat pouring down your face, your back, your scalp, even. the classes i go to are held in alternating places (karate centers), and both of the places are extremely hot. what is with that?! do martial arts people not love air conditioning? lol. it’s okay, though. it’s nice to feel like i’ve worked hard and sweated out toxins.

my knees do not love zumba. lol. but hopefully that’ll change as i lose more weight (and once i get info back from the rheumatologist about my joint pain…which is more than likely due to my hypermobility. aka: not much you can do about it except take care of yourself to try to prevent osteo-arthritis).

anyway, my purpose of posting was this:

while in zumba class tuesday night, i suddenly remembered the aforementioned quote. and it was like another epiphany hit. zumba is downright hard sometimes. the lady that teaches it is hardcore. seriously. this is not a piddling little dance class, like i’m sure some people consider it to be. it’s tough. by 2/3 of the way through, when i’m sweating buckets and my muscles are burning with lactic acid and my knees are screaming at me, it’s something that becomes hard for me to do. so i need to do more of it.

maybe it’s a little simplistic, but it works for me. i hope i don’t forget that quote any time soon! people’s words inspire me so much.