things i love sunday.

1. cholula. i use it for a myriad of things. this morning it was sprinkled over my omelet-turned-scramble-up (which consisted of turkey, mushrooms, red bell pepers, and cheese). yum!2. remember these? i had a plethora of these when i was little. fun fact: i *still* don’t have pierced ears.3. these are the coolest tea bags i have ever seen!! i want some. i have no clue where this came from, though. it was just sitting in “my photos”. i’ll have to google it…4. and if i cannot find the bird teabags, i would please love to have this amazing yellow submarine tea diffuser. whoever thought of this is a genius. 😉

5. the illustrations of nan lawson. found on etsy. you probably already know how much i love beautiful vintage typewriters, so of course i adore this illustration. all of her work is so cute.

6. cakewrecks. if you’ve not seen this blog, you’ve done yourself a horrible injustice. go. laugh. loudly. the captions under the cakes never fail to make me guffaw.  i made my own unintentional cakewreck yesterday, by the way… haha.

7. oh my! i had no clue these existed! now, where can i find them? it’s doubtful that i’d be able to find them anywhere around here…

8. i want to watch “sabrina” today. alas, i have too much homework to do, and a quiz & an essay due by midnight tonight. sigh.9. i can’t wait to see “victoria”! i love emily blunt.10. these cupcakes are beautiful works of art. and now i want a cupcake, badly. maybe i can convince the hubster to take me downtown to “cupcake” later on…wonder if they are open on sundays…