good lord, i’m weird.

a funny thing happened on the way to starbucks this afternoon…

i was driving along, just listening to radiohead and loving the fact that my car has nice, cold air conditioning. then i saw a man sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was pulling up to a stop light. he had his arm out the window, and his hand was up, like he was a traffic cop telling people to stop. i thought, “hmmm. why is he holding his hand up like that?” 

and the reasoning that my crazy brain came up with was this: 

maybe he had to glue his finger back on, and is trying to help it dry quicker. 

see what i mean? weird. 

download this:  “weird fishes arpeggio” by radiohead. (the “weird” part is for obvious reasons. the “fishes” part is for kt–little inside joke from today’s tweeting.)

today’s fave etsy item:  these buttons. i know i’ve featured beanforest before, but these were perfect for this post, and i just love all the snarky buttons. so cool. i’m going to buy some and pin them to my school bag or something. especially the “hipsta, please” one. LOL.




new habit.

i just discovered something new about myself:

i purse my lips when i am drawing. 

i just became aware of this about five minutes ago.

also, i’m toying with a new idea. i’m thinking of starting a “charleston street style” blog. i’d take my little digital camera with me everywhere and snap shots of what people are wearing. what do you think? would you be weirded out if i came up to you and said, “hey, i have this blog called ‘charleston street style’ and i’d love to feature what you’re wearing on it. is that cool?”  and i’d make up little cards with the url and stuff. i don’t know…oui or non?

download this:  i’m going with a classic today, b/c it’s the mood i’m in. “walkin’ after midnight” by patsy cline. i’d love to do some walkin’ after midnight on the beach tonight. i’m in a romantical mood today. 

today’s fave etsy item:  rich gold double twist headband by mixbaby. this headband is perfect for my hippie side. i also *heart* those sunglasses! want. visit mixbaby’s shop to find more adorable stuff!