wednesday wishes

wednesday wishes.

1. i wish i had some japanese washi tape for my art journal. i really like these ones. found here.

2. i will do all my health wishes in one fell swoop: ย a) i wish i did not have asthma so i could run for longer periods of time without my chest tightening and feeling like i’m going to hyperventilate. ย b) i wish i didn’t have to go back for yet more bloodwork for my stupid thyroid. and c) i wish friday would hurry up & get here so i can get my results from the psychology assessment stuff i did. (geez, all this makes me sound like a hypochondriac. but i’m not! lol)

3. i wish i had a supercool vintage camera to play with! this one is awesome. it still works, is only $32, and looks so cool! found here.

4. some new eyeglass frames. pink ones, to be exact. just as a second pair, so i don’t mind if they’re cheapies. i love these that i found on ebay…mayhaps i shall bid on them…

5. i wish they were having the renegade craft fair here in charleston!!! god, i love etsy.

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wednesday wishes.

hello! it’s wednesday again! wow. exactly a week ago i was enjoying disney’s animal kingdom. (can you tell i really want to still be there? lol) so here are my wishes for this week:

1. ย 

i really really reeeeally want to do the “tell your story” class over at red velvet art. it starts on monday & costs $60, and i still have $40 of last week’s “allowance” left over. each week, the hubster & i give ourselves $100 each to spend on food and whatever else we need or want to do. for the past month & a half, we reduced it to $50 a month so we could save up for our disney trip. soooo i’m going to try to keep that $40 in my wallet so i can add another $20 and do the class. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. i learned today that our family dog maddie, whom we’ve had since i was 19, went outside yesterday and never came back. she’s been having a lot of problems lately–apparently she has an enlarged heart. my sister said she started breathing heavily & then wanted to go outside. i’m praying that she didn’t go off into the woods to die (i know that sounds dramatic, but my parents really do have woods around their house), because i’ve heard that dogs will go away to die. it hurts my heart.

3. i hope that i get to transfer schools in the fall. i’ve tried to contact the transfer counselors four times now, and they have not called me back. i’m really pissed about that. i’m thinking about just going down there one day and insisting on seeing someone. heh… i’m worried that it may already be too late to get in. and if i *do* get in, will i get the classes i need? eep!

that’s all i’ve got for today. i’m feeling stressed because of those last two items. :/ ย also, my final photography project is due tomorrow!

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wednesday wishes.

some of my pen pals, kellie, liz, katie, and courtney share a few wishes on their blogs every wednesday. i love reading theirs, and i’m going to start participating too. ๐Ÿ™‚ here are a few things i’m wishing for today:

1. the weight i’m trying to lose to melt off faster. trying to lose weight is maddening. MADDENING, i tell you! a while back, when i was visiting a nutritionist, we found that the average rate at which i lose is about 3/4 of a pound a week. THREE-QUARTERS OF A POUND. that is so. not. enough. but to be honest, i really couldn’t care less how much i weigh as long i’m noticeably losing inches. and so far, i am. and of course exercise just makes you feel good. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. an ipod touch. my ipod classic was stolen a while back, so i got this tiny little ipod nano that holds barely any songs at all. i bought it from a pawn shop (so it was really cheap) just to tide me over til i can convince the hubster that i neeeeeed the ipod touch. my friend chelsea has one, and it is so. cool.

3. some macarons. i always want some macarons. maybe friday i’ll go downtown to baked and get some. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. i’ve already got a t-shirt with einstein’s face on it (i luurrrve it), but i think i need this: notes on his theory of relativity, in his own handwriting. so what if it makes me geeky? i โค einstein. he was incredibly genius, yet never took himself or anything else too seriously. found here.