while we were in texas, we went took a little day trip to austin. there was this really amazing music shop called waterloo records, which had an absolutely amazing assortment of vinyl, both old and new. i was like a kid in a candy shop (or a muso in a record shop…heh).

on another day, we stopped by an antiques mall that had not one but TWO amazingly huge sections of records! there were quite a few gems there, and i’m sad to say that i couldn’t bring back more, due to my carry-on bag already being too heavy for my poor back. here is a selection of the great records i got while in san antonio/austin:

yes, the very cool music from one of my favorite movies ever. except it doesn't have audrey singing "moon river", which is sad. she had such a lovely voice & it pisses me off that they didn't use it in "my fair lady"...

i have always loved built to spill. my favorite song by them is "the weather". it has this beautiful lyric: "...and as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do." that song's not on this album, however. it's their newest one!

who doesn't cherish jeff buckley? and who doesn't love this album? i'd like to meet the person who listens and doesn't like...

rush! i love rush! i was excited to find this. it has my two faves by them, "spirit of radio" and "tom sawyer". i used a lyric from "spirit of radio" in a little art project.

great record. and can i just say how much i love the fact that elton john is wearing ruby platform slippers on the cover?

i adore jim james's voice. i cannot say enough great things about my morning jacket. i don't think they have a song that i don't like. i also have their "evil urges" album, which is phenomenal.

i wish i could say that this was the original soundtrack, but alas, it's just judy herself singing a few selections from the movie on one side, and then judy & the harvey girls singing some other classics on the other side. i WILL find the original soundtrack.

yes. i found an original beatles album. FOR NINETY-NINE CENTS! it's because the cover is all torn, but the record itself is in perfect condition. i love what is printed on the back: "this monophonic microgroove recording is playable on monophonic and stereo phonographs. it cannot become obsolete. it will continue to be a source of outstanding sound reproduction, providing the finest monophonic performance from any phonograph."

a really cool find. it has "cry baby", "down on me", "piece of my heart", "summertime", and so many other awesome janis songs!

i will always love the smiths. and morrissey. end of story. sigh...

i love french music. i love the world war 2 era. so it stands to reason that i love edith piaf. this is a really cool album. it has a book on the inside.

i love the lovely folksy music and soothing voices of paul simon & art garfunkel. how can you not?

so you can see now why i had a horrendous backache from carrying half of these records in my backpack on our flights home. the hubster carried the other half, but of course he’s a strong, strapping man. 😉

i have my second night photography class tonight, so i’m excited and nervous. the instructor is a bit soft-spoken, which isn’t a good match for me. i’m sort of soft-spoken at times myself, plus i have major ADD. so it’s better for me to have a lively, “out-there” professor. oh well. he seems really cool, and has a ton of experience. i have to admit that i was really overwhelmed and confused and intimidated when he gave us a tour of the developing/processing areas. the dark room is a tiny bit scary for those of us who are just a tiny bit afraid of the dark. plus, it has these monstrous machines overhead. i have no idea what they are called yet. but, hey, that’s what school is for, right? learning?


10 things i love sunday

it’s that time again! and i’m actually doing it on time and finishing it… lol

1. i really want this cd burning kit from modcloth. it comes with pretty labels, sleeves, and stickers.

2. this cartoon makes me laugh. i love literal translation.

we heart it

3. cool goal planner from the project girl. i’ve downloaded it and fully intend to use it for my 2010 goals.

4. the post secret blog. a lot of it is very inspiring. some of it is downright hilarious.

5. this is just plain awesome.

we heart it

6. the smiths. i’m listening to my new (old) record that i found at waterloo records in austin, tx. this place is *awesome*. and p.s. does anybody else think morrissey looks a lot like joaquin phoenix?

7. i love collage art. this one is from notpaper.net.

8. this is so pretty. i hope it’s faux fur, though.


9. le love

10. i simply cannot WAIT for alice in wonderland to come out in march!!! i adore anything done by tim burton.

today is:

stocking up on groceries now that we’re back from our week & a half in texas

shopping for school supplies for the start of spring semester tomorrow–i have the same drawing instructor as last semester, and i’m very happy about that.  🙂

finding some decent running shoes to start my new training program tomorrow!

sushi sunday with dear friends ❤