Prosper and live to tell about it.

By this point, you may or may not know that I have recently found a renewed love of Star Trek. Especially the original series. *waits for teasing to cease*

I used to watch The Next Generation as a kid, but I haven’t really thought much about it in my adult life. When I found out my hubs had never (never!) seen any of it, I decided we were going to watch it all. Starting from the very first episode ever. Hubs loved the new movie (and we’re both crazy-excited for Star Trek Into Darkness this summer!), so I figured he’d be down. We’ve now finished the original series and are on the first season of The Next Generation.

Anyway. Enough backstory.

You might have seen my ramblings on Facebook or Twitter about my new mission in life: Getting Captain Kirk himself to tweet me. AKA: Shatner Tweeting. Go ahead and laugh, but it’s fun. You have to have fun goals in life along with the serious ones. I’ve made three attempts, one of which was thwarted by Twitter when it decided it didn’t want to work properly one night. My first tweet to him was:

“Her 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life & new civilizations,” & to get a tweet back from @WilliamShatner 🙂
1/18/13 4:29 PM

Heh. 🙂  I thought it was pretty clever. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond. I’m sure he gets 2348723098472093847 tweets per minute. But the good thing is, he *does* respond to fans’ tweets. So, from time to time, I click on my Twitter app just to see if he’s tweeting. And if he is, I tweet. He tweets pretty much every day. It’s just a matter of being on there when he is. And trying to be clever enough for him to want to respond. Honestly, sometimes he just answers mundane questions like, “So when are you coming to Lincoln, Nebraska?” So my next tweet to him (the one Twitter ate) was:

@WilliamShatner Any plans of coming to Charleston, SC anytime soon? We need some Shatner in our lives. ❤
1/21/13 10:01 PM

No response, of course, because TWITTER IS A BUCKETHEAD.

My third tweet:

@WilliamShatner I’m having way too much fun with the Shatoetry app!
1/23/13 11:02 PM

For a little perspective on this, there is an app (it’s only in the Apple App Store right now) called Shatoetry. You know those magnetic poetry sets you put on your fridge? It’s like that. You make a little poem, sentence, saying, what have you, and he reads it. Well, his pre-recorded voice reads it. IT’S SO MUCH FUN (for a little bit). You need this app in your life.

Anyway, those have been my three attempts. I have a document on my computer entitled “Tweeting Shatner.” In it, I’m supposed to be keeping possible tweets so I’ll have them at hand whenever he’s tweeting. Listen, folks. This is a serious mission. 😉 LoL. My doc is empty right now, though. If you have any clever suggestions, I’m open to them.

So all of this is basically to tell you this funny thing that happened last night.

We went to the Music Farm last night to see Swear and Shake, an amazing band whom I highly recommend you check out. Their music is phenomenal, and they’re all adorable on stage (and in person). They opened for G. Love & Special Sauce, a band that I haven’t really liked since…like…1999, so we didn’t stay after Swear and Shake played. Haha.  Anyway, because they are friends of my dearest friend Jen, we stayed for a bit to talk to them and buy a t-shirt and stuff. When I got home, I got a notification that they had followed me on Twitter and tweeted that it was nice to meet me and thanks for coming, etc.


Not to make light of that, because it’s super awesome, but just when I was showing Hubs the tweet, I caught a little “Hello Twitter!” at the top of my feed. It was none other than Captain Kirk himself.

Mid-sentence, I shouted, “OHHH! SHATNER’S TWEETING!” and jerked my phone back.

Hubs laughed for…like…minutes. I’m not even kidding.

Then he asked me if I needed to go do some coding on my computer. LOL! I’m not a computer person; I don’t even know HTML, which makes me sad, because I really should learn it. But he likes to basically call me Sheldon whenever I get all googly-eyed about Star Trek.

Of course, I’m no Sheldon. Sheldon likes Picard better than Kirk. To which I say, “Psh.”

So no tweets from Shatner yet. But I shall keep you informed.

Because I know you’re waiting on the edge of your seat.