ten things

ten things i love sunday.

sorry it’s been a while! things have been a bit busy… but here you go!

1.  emma watson has grown into such a gorgeous & lovely young woman. remember when we first  saw her as little frizzy-haired hermione grainger?

2. such a cute orange clock. perfect for a kid’s room. found here

3. george was definitely the best song-writing beatle, after john of course.

4. yes. yes, it does.

5.gorgeous! found here

6. i’m in love with this stationery set, & need it NOW for my penpal letters 🙂  found at modcloth.

7. i love dresses & top with interesting backs. this one’s from urban outfitters

8. i would *love* to curl up with a book in one of these spots. via anthropologie.

9. this is so cute. it reminds me of my cat ty. he used to curl up in the sink all the time.



things i love sunday

1. i wish i remembered where i found this illustration. i would love to have a print of it. 2. how gorgeous! who wouldn’t love to come home to something like this?

3. flake bars. i love them. LOVE THEM. and my dog ate all four of the flake bars i bought yesterday. i hate him. HATE HIM.

4. MAC ads are always so pretty. they make me want to be a makeup artist instead of a studio artist. they also make me want to get all dressed and prettied up and go out & do fun, girly things.

5. have i mentioned how much i ADORE sofia coppoloa’s miss dior cherie ads? on that note, i adore anything by sofia coppola (especially marie antoinette, of course…) you should definitely click on the above link and head over to the dior website to see the entire interactive ad. really beautiful.6. this is THE WORLD’S COOLEST side table/nightstand, and i cannot find where it is from. drat. (the image is from ffffound.com)

7. a relevant find, because they recently tore down the place the hubster & i met… sad… incidentally, the couple we went skiing with met there too!8. how very cool to carry a parasol for your wedding instead of a bouquet! it will last forever, and flowers do not. a beautiful and timeless reminder of the best day of your life!

9. speaking of weddings, i love love love this gown. i would SO have something like this were i to have another wedding. which i won’t, unless the hubster & i renew our wedding vows someday… 😉

10. these bookmarks are gorgeous. i bet they wouldn’t be difficult at all to make. i want to make some.

i’m doing a new series of colorful posts over at allthepretty.com, so head on over there if you want to see some pretties.

things i love sunday.

i’m taking a cue from some other bloggers that i love, and making a list of the ten things i’m in love with this week.

1. apartment therapy’s the kitchn.  lots of really good recipes and pretty photos of the yummy food.

2. turner classic movies. it’s the only channel my tv has been on for the past month. i’m not kidding.

3. speaking of tcm, i’m currently conducting a love affair with humphrey bogart. he’s the star of the month on tcm, and every wednesday they show only movies with bogey. ❤

4. this cute neckwarmer scarf from beautiful briget. (& isn’t the girl modeling it too cute for words?)

5. this ad from the 60s. let’s bring this back, okay?

6. a new job for my sis and me. and whoever else wants to join in. 😉

7. bitchbuzz. it’s full of awesome stuff. and so fun.

8. faceinhole.com is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. the hubster appreciated the love from rob pattinson & taylor lautner. hee.

9. please. how can i leave out the pretty from a list of things i’m in love with? the boy is gorgeous and adorkable.

10. the avett brothers. i love, love, love them. they’re from concord, nc. click here to listen on lala.com, an awesome site to which my bestie candace just introduced me.

what do you love this week?