firstly, i tried my hand at french braiding my own hair today–one on each side. yeah, not so much. maybe it’s because i haven’t washed my hair today…heh…

i’m not living in a house today, but a germ incubator. it all started last friday when foxycleopatra started feeling sick. she went home from work with a fever, all achy and blah. we spent time together on sunday at a family event, and then we worked out on monday (kudos to her for actually doing stuff while sick. i’m a big baby.) and she hung out at our house for a bit afterwards.

then yesterday (tuesday) morning, the hubster came home at 10am with a fever and aches and chills and headache. he took some motrin & went straight to bed. last night i started feeling weak and nauseous and i woke up with a stomach/headache this morning.

the hubster’s upstairs sleeping right now. he has a dr. appointment at 4pm. i’m downstairs on the couch with my boyfriends coffee, motrin, and TCM. although i’m not really interested in the movie that’s playing right now… i’m contemplating whether i should watch marie antoinette, casablanca, or sabrina. or maybe even something else. who knows?


things i love sunday.

i’m taking a cue from some other bloggers that i love, and making a list of the ten things i’m in love with this week.

1. apartment therapy’s the kitchn.  lots of really good recipes and pretty photos of the yummy food.

2. turner classic movies. it’s the only channel my tv has been on for the past month. i’m not kidding.

3. speaking of tcm, i’m currently conducting a love affair with humphrey bogart. he’s the star of the month on tcm, and every wednesday they show only movies with bogey. ❤

4. this cute neckwarmer scarf from beautiful briget. (& isn’t the girl modeling it too cute for words?)

5. this ad from the 60s. let’s bring this back, okay?

6. a new job for my sis and me. and whoever else wants to join in. 😉

7. bitchbuzz. it’s full of awesome stuff. and so fun.

8. is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. the hubster appreciated the love from rob pattinson & taylor lautner. hee.

9. please. how can i leave out the pretty from a list of things i’m in love with? the boy is gorgeous and adorkable.

10. the avett brothers. i love, love, love them. they’re from concord, nc. click here to listen on, an awesome site to which my bestie candace just introduced me.

what do you love this week?