ten things i love sunday.

sorry it’s been a while! things have been a bit busy… but here you go!

1.  emma watson has grown into such a gorgeous & lovely young woman. remember when we first  saw her as little frizzy-haired hermione grainger?

2. such a cute orange clock. perfect for a kid’s room. found here

3. george was definitely the best song-writing beatle, after john of course.

4. yes. yes, it does.

5.gorgeous! found here

6. i’m in love with this stationery set, & need it NOW for my penpal letters 🙂  found at modcloth.

7. i love dresses & top with interesting backs. this one’s from urban outfitters

8. i would *love* to curl up with a book in one of these spots. via anthropologie.

9. this is so cute. it reminds me of my cat ty. he used to curl up in the sink all the time.



ten things i love sunday.

another sunday, another chance for me to tell you what i’m obsessing over this week.

1. i love fashion & design blogs. love love love them. they make me want to make myself and my house look cuter. a new one i’m loving is idee geniale. i mean, the blog’s not new, but my love for it is!

2. art journals. i always get these grandiose ideas for art journals, but i never feel like mine look quite as cool as others do. i found the waterhalo blog, and i love the simplicity of each page. it’s so much more my speed than the super-collage kind, which i really admire, but can never achieve. so thanks to waterhalo for inspiring me to restart my art journal efforts. 🙂

3. speaking of collage, i’m in LOVE with holograme’s collage style. bee-eau-tiful!! i especially love this alice-in-wonderland-inspired one.

4. knee socks (and over-the-knee socks)!! i love sleeping in them or just lounging around in them. oh, how i wish i had the cute knees/thighs of the gals in these pics so my knee socks actually looked this sexy.

5. brookish on etsy has the coolest pride & prejudice-inspired stuff. 🙂 i LOVE this mug and have been wanting it for ages.

6. this. i want to go to marrakech, morocco.

7. my shiny zebra shoes from target.

8.  i want this book.

9. and i *have* this book. keel’s simple diary. in yellow. i ordered it from amazon (it was cheaper there than from anthropologie or the other stores that sell it…), and it arrived on wednesday. i love it. i don’t always feel like writing in a journal, but this is so creative & original & thought-provoking.

10. my favorite lyrics from radiohead’s “creep”.

ten things i love sunday.

i think i may have skipped a week or two, but here we go with ten more loves.

1. all things british. i want to go to london so badly. and the english countryside. i bet it’s so much more beautiful in person than tv/movies.

2. the soundtrack from the movie psycho. i listen to it when i’m creating or doing homework and don’t need the distraction of lyrics.

3. miss piggy. i’m a lot like her. we both love food, glamourous things, kermit the frog, and marc jacobs (pictured). we also both have pretty short tempers.

4. this. how cute!

5. the young victoria. we saw it last night at cinebarre. it stars emily blunt as queen elizabeth and rupert friend as prince albert (among other really great actors you’d probably know as well). he was so charming. we couldn’t figure out where we’d seen him, but foxycleopatra looked it up when she got home. he played mr. wickham in the kiera knightley version of pride & prejudice. the young victoria was amazingly good. i cried. twice.

p.s. it’s nominated for three academy awards. le sigh.

6. pomegranate seeds. pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits. it’s never occurred to me to put them on ice cream before. yum!

7. shoedazzle! this past friday night, my friend lindsay blogged about it, & i immediately went to the site and joined. it’s so cool! you answer a bunch of questions about your personal style, then you register, and your personal shoe stylists (like lindsay said, where do i sign up for this job?!) send you five choices, and you choose whichever you like best. the membership fee is $39.95/month, and this includes your one pair of shoes. you can opt out at the beginning of every month and not pay, and you can also cancel membership whenever you want. i’m so excited to get my first pair!

8. last week’s snowfest. and my very first snowman! (yeah, he’d started leaning by this point…)

9. variations on the “keep calm and carry on” decree from world war 2. the hubster likes this one, of course:

and this one’s *my* favorite:

10. macarons. (and no, they are *not* the same thing as macaroons.) i had some wonderfully delicious ones at baked today (i’m going to do a whole post about them one day this week, hopefully). they had a passion fruit flavor & were filled with dark chocolate ganache. so yum.

(this is not baked. this is laduree, where i swear i will go one day. when i go to paris and london. because there are locations in both places. guuuhhh.)

things i love sunday.

ten more things to *heart* this week.

1. this was a brilliant movie. i highly recommend seeing it. clooney only gets better with age. siiigghhh.

2. “hammond song” by the roches. love. love. love it.

3. thank god for store-bought rotisserie chickens. i’m attempting to roast my very first whole chicken this week. i just finished stuffing it with sage, rosemary, and thyme (now let’s all break out into song, a la simon & garfunkel. p.s. if you don’t understand this reference, get yourself a proper musical education) and giving it a salt rub, and now it has to refrigerate for the next 24-48 hours. i’ll let you know how that turns out…
4. is a really cool website that features “fashion inspiration from real people around the world.” there are some really cool looks on this site.
5. letters to dead people. these are awesome. some hilarious, some poignant.
6. i haven’t been on shopstyle in quite some time, but i actually made two looks there today. it’s so fun. today, i did a “make it work” challenge, where i had to make a stylish, up-to-date look with this 90s-style floral jumper. i think i did a pretty cute job!
7. mama’s little babies has some of the coolest, most interesting and unique jewelry i’ve ever seen.
8. i downloaded this really cool 2010 weekly planner from project girl (via design house) for only $12.99. it’s absolutely amazing. has daily chores, menu planner, shopping lists, to-do lists… really cool format. i’m going to get mine bound at staples tomorrow so i feel more organized. :)
9. colorful tights and gorgeous shoes.
10. claw foot tubs. we went to see it’s complicated last night, and at one part meryl streep was relaxing in a claw foot tub with lots of bubbles and a cup of tea, and it made me want to take a giant lavender bubble bath with a cup of chamomile or jasmine tea. although, if this was the view from my bathroom, i’d be perfectly happy to bathe in a metal bucket.

things i love sunday.

1. cholula. i use it for a myriad of things. this morning it was sprinkled over my omelet-turned-scramble-up (which consisted of turkey, mushrooms, red bell pepers, and cheese). yum!2. remember these? i had a plethora of these when i was little. fun fact: i *still* don’t have pierced ears.3. these are the coolest tea bags i have ever seen!! i want some. i have no clue where this came from, though. it was just sitting in “my photos”. i’ll have to google it…4. and if i cannot find the bird teabags, i would please love to have this amazing yellow submarine tea diffuser. whoever thought of this is a genius. 😉

5. the illustrations of nan lawson. found on etsy. you probably already know how much i love beautiful vintage typewriters, so of course i adore this illustration. all of her work is so cute.

6. cakewrecks. if you’ve not seen this blog, you’ve done yourself a horrible injustice. go. laugh. loudly. the captions under the cakes never fail to make me guffaw.  i made my own unintentional cakewreck yesterday, by the way… haha.

7. oh my! i had no clue these existed! now, where can i find them? it’s doubtful that i’d be able to find them anywhere around here…

8. i want to watch “sabrina” today. alas, i have too much homework to do, and a quiz & an essay due by midnight tonight. sigh.9. i can’t wait to see “victoria”! i love emily blunt.10. these cupcakes are beautiful works of art. and now i want a cupcake, badly. maybe i can convince the hubster to take me downtown to “cupcake” later on…wonder if they are open on sundays…

things i love sunday

1. i wish i remembered where i found this illustration. i would love to have a print of it. 2. how gorgeous! who wouldn’t love to come home to something like this?

3. flake bars. i love them. LOVE THEM. and my dog ate all four of the flake bars i bought yesterday. i hate him. HATE HIM.

4. MAC ads are always so pretty. they make me want to be a makeup artist instead of a studio artist. they also make me want to get all dressed and prettied up and go out & do fun, girly things.

5. have i mentioned how much i ADORE sofia coppoloa’s miss dior cherie ads? on that note, i adore anything by sofia coppola (especially marie antoinette, of course…) you should definitely click on the above link and head over to the dior website to see the entire interactive ad. really beautiful.6. this is THE WORLD’S COOLEST side table/nightstand, and i cannot find where it is from. drat. (the image is from

7. a relevant find, because they recently tore down the place the hubster & i met… sad… incidentally, the couple we went skiing with met there too!8. how very cool to carry a parasol for your wedding instead of a bouquet! it will last forever, and flowers do not. a beautiful and timeless reminder of the best day of your life!

9. speaking of weddings, i love love love this gown. i would SO have something like this were i to have another wedding. which i won’t, unless the hubster & i renew our wedding vows someday… 😉

10. these bookmarks are gorgeous. i bet they wouldn’t be difficult at all to make. i want to make some.

i’m doing a new series of colorful posts over at, so head on over there if you want to see some pretties.