fill in the blank.

got this from one of my new blog crushes, get the words out.

Here’s my list:

1. The best day ever was my wedding day, even though i don’t necessarily remember all of it b/c of being kind of sick from all the nerves leading up to the day…and my nana slipped me a tranquilizer. mind you, it was no “sixteen candles” type of tranquilizer. LOL

2. My favorite meal of the day is dinner. i love really yummy, flavorful food.

3. This weekend will be full of rest, trying to kick this virus. ugh.

4. Never in my life have I been to england, ireland, or france, and i want so badly to go!

5. The only thing better than finding our dog who ran away a year ago is finding out that he’s been living with a loving family that has young kids for him to play with.

6. I could really do with some really good soup to help me feel better.

7. The most recent thing I bought myself was gatorade! lol. even though i hate the stuff, my doctor said i have to alternate water & gatorade.

p.s. i’m still sick. luckily, the hubster was able to go back to work today. but i’m a few days behind him in this virus thing. i actually went to the er the other night, but only because my doctor’s office was closed & urgent care wouldn’t take my insurance without a referral. i thought i was getting a sinus infection or something. imagine my surprise when they took me into a room, stole some blood, and gave me an iv. apparently i was dehydrated. *and* my blood pressure had dropped down to seventy-something over something really low. then they freaked out a little bit…but i tried to tell them that my blood pressure dropped because they were sticking me with needles!! sheesh. they didn’t listen. they did an ekg and then stuck a bunch of sensors on me & i lay there for three hours. with a needle stuck in me. not fun for someone who hates needles more than anything else in the world.

i went for a follow up with my doctor yesterday. i already had an appointment set up for next tuesday to get bloodwork done so they could follow up on my thyroid issues. she said, “do you want to go ahead and just get that over with right now?”

????????????????????????? was she kidding?!

i showed her my bruised arm and said, “well, i’m sore from yesterday’s needles, so i’ll wait.”

yeah, i’m a bit of a drama queen when it comes to health issues.

and needles.


my home is no longer a house but an incubator for germs!

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firstly, i tried my hand at french braiding my own hair today–one on each side. yeah, not so much. maybe it’s because i haven’t washed my hair today…heh…

i’m not living in a house today, but a germ incubator. it all started last friday when foxycleopatra started feeling sick. she went home from work with a fever, all achy and blah. we spent time together on sunday at a family event, and then we worked out on monday (kudos to her for actually doing stuff while sick. i’m a big baby.) and she hung out at our house for a bit afterwards.

then yesterday (tuesday) morning, the hubster came home at 10am with a fever and aches and chills and headache. he took some motrin & went straight to bed. last night i started feeling weak and nauseous and i woke up with a stomach/headache this morning.

the hubster’s upstairs sleeping right now. he has a dr. appointment at 4pm. i’m downstairs on the couch with my boyfriends coffee, motrin, and TCM. although i’m not really interested in the movie that’s playing right now… i’m contemplating whether i should watch marie antoinette, casablanca, or sabrina. or maybe even something else. who knows?


what am i doing today, you ask? (if you didn’t ask, i’m telling you anyway.) well, i’m feeling under the weather. i started feeling all icky on sunday. i woke up with a congested/runny nose and the icky smell/taste that comes with sinus drainage. i’ve had those same symptoms for the past few days, along with awful pressure in my sinuses, especially when i lie down. i was a trooper for most of the week and went to school, figuring it wasn’t bad enough to justify getting big fat “O”s on the two projects i had due this week (the art department has a “deadline-or-zero” policy). today, we were supposed to start a new project today, and i’m feeling really guilty about not being there for it. i need to email my drawing teacher and let him know the circumstances so he won’t be mad at me on monday. anyway, here’s what i’m doing today:

*feasting on the cupcakes and roast chicken i made yesterday. how does that saying go? feed a cold, starve a fever? well, i don’t have a fever. 😉

*watching TCM under the covers on the couch. ahhh, gene kelly. so handsome. coincidentally, one of my fave bloggers is also sick and doing the same thing. hee.

*not working out. i feel guilty about this too, especially b/c i haven’t worked out in a week. plus, it’s a really sunny day. but it’s also really cold.

*maybe doing some writing. and reading.

*drinking tea.

it would all be very divine and lovely if i wasn’t sick, but at least it’s comforting and warm. 🙂


i’ve decided to start a new blog (again) for a fresh start. and b/c i like this template. 

today’s been a pretty choice day. i couldn’t sleep AT ALL last night, due to 1) restless legs and 2) the hubster’s extremely loud snoring. he had nose surgery a week and a half ago, so he can’t wear his breathing mask for sleeping. his nose is still icky and healing on the inside. combine those two and you get a nasty snore.

by the time he woke up for work, i was *still* awake, so he made me take something, though i’ve been trying not to take anymore meds. i’ve been sick for the past almost two weeks now, and this thing is HARD to get over.  

so anyway, i took the medicine and ended up sleeping right through a tentative lunch date…gah….i’m such a horrible friend. i let myself sleep til about 2pm (don’t judge me! i didn’t go to sleep til 6:30am!) and then i got up, ate lunch, checked emails, and watched tv.  srsly. that’s been my whole day.  it was actually pretty blissful.  there’s something to be said for lazing around in your pj’s all day and not being a contributing member of society…heh…

then whenever the hubster got home, he brought the mail in and i had  fun surprises waiting for me!  i ordered a few things from last week, and two of them came today–a black headband with a pretty black feather on the side, and some extra huge bobby pins with red fabric poppies on the end. fun!  also, one of the sellers sent me a piece of chocolate with my goody, so i automatically love her.  

yeah….sooo…that’s pretty much all i have to say right now.  i’m going to the kitchen to russle up some grub for dinner. actually, i saw andrew zimmern actually eat a grub on “bizarre foods” yesterday. didn’t look too appetizing, so i think i’ll stick with a pb&j.  😉