a big sigh of relief.

i had a tough evening yesterday. i was feeling pretty down on myself about my artistic abilities. i was confused as to why my photos didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. due to the help and patience of a good friend, alan, i feel much better about it all.

i have a lot of homework to do today, i have to work out, then i’m making a birthday cake for my mamaw (she has very specifically requested white cake with milk chocolate frosting). i also have a 600-word essay due by sunday, but 600 words are cake for me….does that mean i’m making *two* cakes this weekend? ha…ha…. *crickets chirping* yeah, flat joke. sorry.

so why is it that i always get inspired when i am busiest? i just got a great idea for a painting (two, really). literally, it just came to me about ten or twenty minutes ago. i’d love to have one of them finished in time for my mamaw’s birthday celebration tomorrow so i can give it to her as a gift, but i’m not so sure that will be happening.

here is my solemn oath that, in february, i will not put off my western civ homework til the last minute just because it’s an online class. and here’s another oath that i will try very hard not to compare my work to the work of the others in my second-level drawing class (there is some AMAZING talent in that class). i should only be comparing my work to my own, striving to improve a little with each exercise or project.

i’ve been thinking for the past two years (at least) that i want to get a small tattoo on my wrist that can serve as a reminder for peace whenever i am stressed or anxious. being an artist, i am a very visual person, so i feel like this would be such a help. at first, i wanted a peace sign, but now i think that’s too generic. not that i’d ever muster up enough courage to actually get the tattoo, but i’m always thinking about what i would get. maybe a little word, like “calm” or “breathe” or something. i really like this one:

friday five:

smelling: blueberries

tasting: blueberries!

hearing: axl crunching some dog food

seeing: errol flynn & olivia dehavilland in “santa fe trail”

feeling: a soft blanket


scarf swap! and friday five


i stole the above picture from my friend katie’s blog. another katie that i don’t really know, but whose blog i read, is combining some of the most fun things ever:  lovely scarves, fun mail, and new friends. she’s hosting a scarf swap!  go to her blog, loves of life, to find out more! am i signed up for this swap? you bet your sweet bippy i am!

i signed up for the scarf swap yesterday, and it must be kismet, because look what i got in my email today!

pretty sweet, huh?  i was excited before, but now i’m super excited.

in other news, the starbucks next to my school is beginning to feel like a second home to me. i like it better than the one on main street for these reasons:

1. the people are nicer

2. they play better music most of the time

3. there are four times more comfy chairs

4. duh, it’s next to my school.

and now for a friday five, which i’ve neglected for quite some time, as i haven’t been blogging as much as i’d like…

hearing:  clinking of dishes, and clair de lune, one of the best classical pieces of all time. so beautiful.

smelling:  sweet nectar of the gods

tasting:  banana chocolate vivanno smoothie. yummmm.

feeling:  tension in my jaw, b/c i unconsciously clench my jaw when i’m concentrating on something

seeing: a girl with a cute haircut! (i just looked up to see what i could see)

download this:  empty, by ray lamontagne

(i really wanted “be here now”, but it wasn’t on myspace. definitely check it out if you haven’t heard it. actually, my advice is to just download both albums, gossip in the grain and til the sun turns black.  they’re beautiful, and i love *every* song. that doesn’t happen with very many albums at all.)

today’s favorite etsy item:   handmade vintage journal by stories divinations.  i think this is a really cool idea, making journals/sketchbooks, etc. by rebinding vintage books, especially french ones, b/c i love anything french.  🙂