so there.

i finished most of what i wanted to accomplish yesterday. i didn’t get to start on my visual diary or work on any of my own personal art projects, but that’s okay. that daunting laundry pile (…okay, maybe piles…) got folded/hung/put away.

and GLORY BE, i finished that god-forsaken alien paper! nine-hundred-something words. the guy that sits across from me read part of my paper & really wanted to draw my alien. i’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂  alas, he doesn’t get to draw mine for his project, b/c he forgot to bring his paper today, so we couldn’t trade. so i traded with another lady. i was able to scan over a couple of different papers, & it was very interesting to see what we all came up with! mine is very simplistic, as i am of the belief that, if there are beings out there in other distant galaxies or universes, they would probably be highly advanced and evolved forms of humans. so i used that belief in my paper. whether or not my instructor thinks that’s creative enough is another story…

anyway, i injected some modicum of class & grace into my alien by making its name a combination of humphrey bogart and lauren bacall.

and its planet is named after myrna loy and clark gable.

so there.

right now i’m sitting in starbucks, contemplating doing some of my own writing. i haven’t gotten a chance to write since last week, so i think i need to. i realized that i didn’t have any earbuds with me on my way here, so i swung by a store to get some. i opted for the oblong-shaped ones that fit inside your ear like a doctor’s scope thingy, but they keep slipping out. maybe i have small ears.

i can’t stop listening to bon iver. i hope you can’t either.

also, i still have to walk/run today, and it is f-f-f-freeeeezing outside!


TP project

for my second photography project, we had to do something creative with toilet paper. this is the very first idea that came to me. it popped into my head and looked fabulous, and the actual photos turned out the exact way i saw in my head (except the ground was wet, so the gorgeous high heels sunk into the ground & aren’t really visible). i really would’ve loved to have done this shoot in a field to give it that rustic vs. glamorous look, but the next best thing was the dead grass & wooden fence in my backyard. 😉  the one i’m turning is in the one that’s from the waist down, b/c that was my vision. we have to turn in four prints total:  no filter, low contrast, high contrast, and a best print using the best filter possible, burning, & dodging.

i think the second one is kind of “pride & prejudice-y”. i was lucky that foxycleopatra wore a white shirt & a white flower in her hair! kismet.

p.s. it took roughly an hour and a half, plus seven rolls of toilet paper to make this lovely skirt. i rather like it. maybe i should go into fashion instead of studio art. 😉


while we were in texas, we went took a little day trip to austin. there was this really amazing music shop called waterloo records, which had an absolutely amazing assortment of vinyl, both old and new. i was like a kid in a candy shop (or a muso in a record shop…heh).

on another day, we stopped by an antiques mall that had not one but TWO amazingly huge sections of records! there were quite a few gems there, and i’m sad to say that i couldn’t bring back more, due to my carry-on bag already being too heavy for my poor back. here is a selection of the great records i got while in san antonio/austin:

yes, the very cool music from one of my favorite movies ever. except it doesn't have audrey singing "moon river", which is sad. she had such a lovely voice & it pisses me off that they didn't use it in "my fair lady"...

i have always loved built to spill. my favorite song by them is "the weather". it has this beautiful lyric: "...and as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do." that song's not on this album, however. it's their newest one!

who doesn't cherish jeff buckley? and who doesn't love this album? i'd like to meet the person who listens and doesn't like...

rush! i love rush! i was excited to find this. it has my two faves by them, "spirit of radio" and "tom sawyer". i used a lyric from "spirit of radio" in a little art project.

great record. and can i just say how much i love the fact that elton john is wearing ruby platform slippers on the cover?

i adore jim james's voice. i cannot say enough great things about my morning jacket. i don't think they have a song that i don't like. i also have their "evil urges" album, which is phenomenal.

i wish i could say that this was the original soundtrack, but alas, it's just judy herself singing a few selections from the movie on one side, and then judy & the harvey girls singing some other classics on the other side. i WILL find the original soundtrack.

yes. i found an original beatles album. FOR NINETY-NINE CENTS! it's because the cover is all torn, but the record itself is in perfect condition. i love what is printed on the back: "this monophonic microgroove recording is playable on monophonic and stereo phonographs. it cannot become obsolete. it will continue to be a source of outstanding sound reproduction, providing the finest monophonic performance from any phonograph."

a really cool find. it has "cry baby", "down on me", "piece of my heart", "summertime", and so many other awesome janis songs!

i will always love the smiths. and morrissey. end of story. sigh...

i love french music. i love the world war 2 era. so it stands to reason that i love edith piaf. this is a really cool album. it has a book on the inside.

i love the lovely folksy music and soothing voices of paul simon & art garfunkel. how can you not?

so you can see now why i had a horrendous backache from carrying half of these records in my backpack on our flights home. the hubster carried the other half, but of course he’s a strong, strapping man. 😉

i have my second night photography class tonight, so i’m excited and nervous. the instructor is a bit soft-spoken, which isn’t a good match for me. i’m sort of soft-spoken at times myself, plus i have major ADD. so it’s better for me to have a lively, “out-there” professor. oh well. he seems really cool, and has a ton of experience. i have to admit that i was really overwhelmed and confused and intimidated when he gave us a tour of the developing/processing areas. the dark room is a tiny bit scary for those of us who are just a tiny bit afraid of the dark. plus, it has these monstrous machines overhead. i have no idea what they are called yet. but, hey, that’s what school is for, right? learning?


things i should be doing right now instead of blogging:

* studying for not only tomorrow’s astronomy test, but also the first astronomy test that i still haven’t made up.

* working on three term papers– two for western civ and one for art history. they’re all due by november 9th. don’t ask me why that’s a magic number, b/c i don’t know. at least, unlike a lot of people, i do my best writing with a strict deadline, so i can actually put those off for a couple more days while i work on the rest of this list…

* my regular art history assignment for the week. good thing it isn’t due til tomorrow night. once i get this astronomy test behind me, i’ll have a little less burden on my shoulders.

* start the new art history assignment. but we’re getting into some really great stuff. we just finished up post-impressionism (toulouse-lautrec, van gogh, gaugin) & the late 19th century. next up is turn of the century art: early picasso, fauvism, expressionism, and matisse. (even though picasso was a big scammer! but i do like matisse.) so far, the chapter on impressionism has been my very favorite. it featured some of my favorite artsts: manet (NOT monet. i don’t care much for his stuff), degas, renoir… and i discovered another new favorite painting:  nocturne in black and gold (the falling rocket) by whistler. this piece was met with great negativity in its time (which was around 1875). critics said it was “unfinished” and looked like whistler threw a pot of paint in the public’s face.  i think there’s something magical about it. this picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s the best one i found:


wow, i got sidetracked there. see why i’m overwhelmed? aside from this growing list, i’ve got my ADD tendencies to deal with… back to the list:

* willy said i have to go to the gym three times this week if i want to keep my membership. i’ve been planning on getting my butt back into the gym for months now. i feel ick and definitely don’t look my best… heh… but that weird, rebellious streak in me won’t let me do anything anybody wants me to do. if you really want me to do something, you’ve got to tell me that i can’t do it. then i’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.  😉

* i need to make up a menu so we can get to the grocery store. we’re running out of the bare bones basics (bread, milk…) and have needed to go to the store for a while, but we’ve scraped by. i just feel like i have too many other things to do to make the damn list!

* write my new chapters. this has to be relegated to the end of the list, though.  :/  it’s more of a treat, i suppose. i really need to get the other things done first. but it’s hard not to jump right into the things you actually *want* to do first! haha.

* get caught up on my sketches for drawing class. we’re supposed to have at least four for each class period. he doesn’t check them often at all, but by the end of the semester we have to have all the sketches done. he gives extra points for extra sketches, and for great quality. i’m just glad i don’t have an at-home assignment this week for drawing! that would just add to the list, and i might just break down, since i find my drawing assignments to be the most challenging, time-consuming, and intimidating.

* do my damn laundry!! holy cow. i’ve got at least two baskets of clean clothes to fold (my most hated chore), and then there’s the mountain of dirty laundry on my bedroom floor…

* clean the rest of my house. good grief, it’s a pig sty. except for the kitchen, because my adorable hubster cleaned it top-to-bottom on sunday. 😀  he even used *bleach* on the countertops. go ahead, ladies. you have my permission to drool and be jealous for a second. okay, that’s enough.

* to top all of this off, we have a thing to do on saturday (if you don’t know what it is, it’s b/c it’s a surprise! lol) which will take up quite a chunk of time, AND …

*NANOWRIMO STARTS ON SUNDAY!!!  eek!  i’ve been looking forward to this for almost a whole year! i’m fairly certain i’ve blogged about it before. but now that it’s getting down to the wire, i’m getting nervous. i’ve got so many other things going on right now! and i’m afraid the plot i choose won’t be good enough, or i won’t have enough in my head to keep going all month, enough words to add up to 50,000 (that’s what the word count of the average novel is)! i’m sure it’ll be fine, though. in all seriousness, it’s only around 1700 words a day, which is actually quite easy peasy for me, but i don’t always feel like writing every day. i’ve been lucky in the past month that i actually have felt like writing a lot. i’ve been a writing machine, and i really hope it lasts throughout november. now, if you feel like you might maybe want to support me a teeny bit and sponsor me on my quest to write the perfect novel (it feels weird to say that…saying i’m writing a “novel” feels like bragging or something…i can’t explain it)…aaanyway, if you might want to donate $10 or so to the cause, hop on over to my page and do it to it! the cause, by the way, is “the office of letters and light“, which brings programs into both schools and adult communities to teach and inspire writing. their young writers’ program is especially awesome! if this had been around when i was in high school, maybe things would have been different for me. maybe i wouldn’t have lost my writing confidence… at any rate, at least check out my page.  🙂

and without further ado, here are the ideas for plots for nanowrimo. these ideas were born of my own pretty little head, and while i can’t use all of them for nanowrimo this year, i will more than likely develop them into something sooner or later. so pretty please don’t steal them. if you feel so inclined to vote, just leave a comment here with your favorite plot. here are my ideas:

1. guy is a druggie. guy  meets girl, falls in love, and decides he needs to clean himself up to be “worthy” of her. girl leaves, and guy is so devastated, he goes back to his old ways, even though he doesn’t want to. he sees her face in his mind constantly, and the only thing that can numb the pain is the drugs. this will obviously be angst-filled, and i have to be in an angsty mood to write angst. if i’m not already in that mood, writing angst will put me there. it’s a good excuse to lock myself away for 30 days. 😉  it will also require a lot of research, as i have never been one to touch illegal substances (i was always afraid of getting into trouble! hahaha), and honestly don’t know that much about drug use, etc, aside from what i’ve read or seen in movies. however, i believe that this plot will be easily developed, and a sympathetic character will be easy to form.

2. a superhero realizes that he is losing his powers. he has to adapt to “normal” life. this will obviously be a little bit angsty, but i plan to include humor in it as well. nothing slapstick, though. i hate that. this plot would be a bit more of a challenge for me to develop.

3. guy and girl break up after years of a tumultuous relationship. she leaves for another man. they meet occasionally, sometimes amicably, sometimes not. both feel like their life has no meaning without the other, but they can’t get it together. he feels like he just needs to leave town, or else he’ll just keep reliving their relationship over and over again. i haven’t decided how it would end up, but it would also be very angsty. plot is based on a song by a friend. i was listening to the song when the characters popped into my head to say hello and tell their story. i haven’t written any of it down yet, which makes it eligible for me to use for nanowrimo. 🙂

4. a fictional (based on non-fiction) memoir on being a navy wife. it would be humorous but also tell the hardships of a military spouse–finding friends, jobs, home, and then leaving them all multiple times.

5.  a memoir on dating. i have some of this written in my head. it’s actually based on a specific past relationship in my life. it would be humorous with splashes of slight angst here & there.

6. a modern-day telling of cinderella. i know this has been done time & time again, but i don’t like those cheesy ones they made into movies. it would be an actual retelling of the story, only set in modern times, with relevant political and social commentary.

that’s all i’ve got for you. if there’s nothing interesting here, please let me know. my goal is to not only write a novel that satisfies me, but to write something that people will actually want to read. and not just because they know me, but because it’s just good. 🙂

okay, i’m buckling down now so i can study for tomorrow’s astronomy test and tackle the rest of this monster of a list. sigh. i’m scared. hold me?

download this:  the new moon soundtrack is amazing! WORLDS better than the twilight soundtrack, which i thought was okay, but a little too…i dunno… pop-ish? preteen-y?  this one is more indie, and has some of my fave bands (death cab for cutie, the killers, grizzly bear, thom yorke of radiohead, band of skulls…)  just click on the link and check it out! “white demon love song” by the killers and “slow life” by grizzly bear are two of my favorites on the album. also, “possibility” by lykke li is beautiful, as well as “all i believe in” by the magic numbers, which is a bonus track i received when i downloaded the album from itunes.

today’s fave etsy item: mermaid corset print by visioluxus

this is my monster list sucking the life out of me. though i don’t have nearly as nice a bod as the chick in this photo! haha



worldwide projects.

there are some really cool projects going on that i want to be a part of. for example, there is the disposable memory project. this is amazingly cool! all these disposable cameras get dropped in random places around the world (with instructions, etc) and people take pictures. once the camera is full, the last person mails it home. i’ve sent an email to them requesting a packet of info, so i will share with you once i receive. for the time being, visit the website and consider starting a cool project. 

i’ve read about a similar project, but with art journals. i’ve considered starting one myself, and now i think i might do it soon. here’s what you do:  buy a moleskine, or some other journal with blank pages. on the first page, write an introduction with instructions. the first entry will be yours.  (i think i’m going to start one with favorite quotes. so i’d decorate the page and add my quote in.) then you leave it in a random place for someone to find and add to it. if you want the journal back once it’s completed, add a label with your address & instructions for the last artist to send it back to you. a variation on this that i might also do is to take a picture of some obscure thing where you live, and journal about it. then send it to a friend who lives far away, who sends it to another friend who lives far away, etc. etc. etc…. again, the last person would send it back to you. what a cool way to get to know people/places, right?!

anyway, i just wanted to share these neat projects. i hope i’ve inspired you to start your own little global project. have a wonderful day!

download this:  i’ve been thinking by handsome boy modeling school (featuring cat power)

today’s fave etsy item:  6 Piece Baby Pom Mobile  by pom love.  okay, so i know it says “baby” mobile, but I want it for myself! i mean, who doesn’t love a pom pom? they also do custom ones where you choose your own colors. so fun!