scarf swap

scarf swap!

i was right. the scarf swap was so much fun! ¬†ūüôā to be honest, i’d almost completely forgotten to be on the lookout for my scarf in the mail. i just happened to check the mail on our way out the door to a concert saturday night, and just what did i find there? my new scarf from my swap partner, paige! ¬†so i threw it around my neck, & it made my boring outfit way cuter. it’s so cute– a pretty maroonish color with a very subtle pattern. if only i’d had my camera with me! i did remember to take a quick snapshot on my way out the door when i wore it to school yesterday.


it’s a lucky thing i remembered it yesterday, too! it got pretty windy and verrry rainy when the hubster & i went downtown for a quick trip to urban & then the mellow mushroom for lunch. so my scarf swap partner pagie is mega cool. go check out her blog & see the pretty pictures from her beautiful wedding, and posts of her cutie pie niece. ūüôā

while i was visiting her blog, i found this, and me being me, i just couldn’t resist:

one letter at a time…

A–age: i’m 28, and i’m staying that way til i turn 30.

B–bed size: king. that’s why we let the dogs sneak into bed with us.

C–chore you hate: LAUNDRY. i hate, loathe, despise, and abominate laundry.

D–dog’s name: ¬†axl and lola

E–essential start-your-day item: ¬†coffee!

F–favorite color: ¬†i love pink.

G–gold or silver or platinum: ¬†platinum, please.

H–height: ¬†5’3″ (i’m rounding up…heh…)

I–instruments you play: ¬†piano & guitar. you didn’t say i had to play them *well* did you? b/c i definitely could use some guitar lessons…

J–job title: ¬†full time student. i’m looking for some part-time work, though. my original plan after quitting real estate was to substitute teach, but how can i get up at 5am when i can’t even sleep at night?

K–kid(s): ¬†none, thanks. maybe one day, but right now, no. we’ll stick with furbabies.

L–living arrangements: ¬†my dogs own a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in lovely south carolina, and they allow us to live with them. bless their little hearts.

M–mom’s name: ¬†lisa (same as paige! funny!)

N–nickname(s): ¬†tiff, tiffy, flossy mae (that one’s my papaw’s creation)

O–overnight hospital stay other than birth: ¬†umm…i guess when i was little & had kidney problems. i think i was two.

P–pet peeve: ¬†ignorance.

Q–quote from a movie: ¬†“letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness.” ¬†~marie antoinette

R–righty or lefty: ¬†righty

S–siblings: ¬†one sister, foxycleopatra. and a brother-in-law (the hubster’s brother).

T–time you wake up: ¬†on mon/wed/fri, i get up at 8:30am for school. tues/thurs i get up whenever i feel like it. i don’t have school til 6pm those days.

U–underwear: ¬†victoria’s secret. today they’re an apricot color with tiny white scrolls all around.

V–vegetable you dislike: ¬†i really love vegetables. i suppose the one i like the least would be cauliflower.

W–ways you run late: ¬†thinking i need less time than i actually do, hitting snooze, waiting on the hubster, forgetting stuff…

X–x-rays you’ve had: ¬†lungs, knee, teeth…i think that’s all.

Y–yummy food you make: ¬†the last thing i made that was really yummy was a chicken soup with pastina. it had a really zingy lemony flavor with spinach and feta, and it’s fairly easy, as it’s made with a rotisserie chicken.

Z–zoo favorite: gorillas & other monkeys. they’re so much fun to watch!! gorillas just look like really furry people when they move around and make gestures & stuff. so fun.

download this: ¬†“angel from montgomery” by john prine (not sung by bonnie raitt. sung by john prine.) ¬†i’ve been listening to this song a lot lately for some reason. then i remembered kristen stewart sings it in “into the wild,” and she does a really good job. it’s a great song.

today’s fave etsy item: ¬†mr. & mrs. scatter pillows by idotakeu. there’ve been so many weddings lately, i figured a wedding-themed item would be good. wouldn’t this be a cute wedding gift? hmm…i’ve another one to attend this saturday… ūüėČ



scarf swap! and friday five


i stole the above picture from my friend katie’s blog. another katie that i don’t really know, but whose blog i read, is combining some of the most fun things ever: ¬†lovely scarves, fun mail, and new friends. she’s hosting a scarf swap! ¬†go to her blog, loves of life, to find out more! am i signed up for this swap? you bet your sweet bippy i am!

i signed up for the scarf swap yesterday, and it must be kismet, because look what i got in my email today!

pretty sweet, huh? ¬†i was excited before, but now i’m super excited.

in other news, the starbucks next to my school is beginning to feel like a second home to me. i like it better than the one on main street for these reasons:

1. the people are nicer

2. they play better music most of the time

3. there are four times more comfy chairs

4. duh, it’s next to my school.

and now for a friday five, which i’ve neglected for quite some time, as i haven’t been blogging as much as i’d like…

hearing:  clinking of dishes, and clair de lune, one of the best classical pieces of all time. so beautiful.

smelling:  sweet nectar of the gods

tasting:  banana chocolate vivanno smoothie. yummmm.

feeling: ¬†tension in my jaw, b/c i unconsciously clench my jaw when i’m concentrating on something

seeing: a girl with a cute haircut! (i just looked up to see what i could see)

download this:  empty, by ray lamontagne

(i really wanted “be here now”, but it wasn’t on myspace. definitely check it out if you haven’t heard it. actually, my advice is to just download both albums, gossip in the grain and til the sun turns black. ¬†they’re beautiful, and i love *every* song. that doesn’t happen with very many albums at all.)

today’s favorite etsy item: ¬† handmade vintage journal by stories divinations. ¬†i think this is a really cool idea, making journals/sketchbooks, etc. by rebinding vintage books, especially french ones, b/c i love anything french. ¬†ūüôā