ten things i love sunday.

sunday’s almost over, but at least i’m getting this posted on actual sunday this week. lol

1. we went to my little cousin lexi’s first birthday party in georgia today (only about a two-hour drive). she is the most adorable little girl, and so good! we just love her to death. 🙂

2. isn’t this the cutest teapot? it makes me want to find some porcelain pens and make a bunch of them for all the people i love. found here.

3. i just had to include this bit of hilarity. a few weekends ago, the hubster & i went to this local bar with some friends. i ordered a guinness & he ordered a bud light. it’s sort of ironic that they came like this…

4. this makes me reeeeally want some pancakes with lots of yummy fruit. i suck at making pancakes, though. i always burn one side. i’m impatient & always end up turning the heat up too high. haha.

5. this is the cutest dang thing i’ve ever seen!

6. how cool is this?! i wouldn’t have to hide my books underneath my pillows anymore. 

7. i really am. i’m such an anglophile. i love all things british. i’ve never actually been to london, but if i could move there tomorrow, i’d do it in a skinny minute.

8. i love band of horses. they’re from charleston, you know. if you haven’t heard their music, you really should. maybe i’ll make a playlist later this week.

9. look at how adorable my nephew is. doesn’t he have the best facial expressions?

10. my most favorite thing of the week is the fact that we’re leaving this wednesday morning for our trip to DISNEY WORLD! yayyyyyy! so excited. ❤

i promise to blog again before we leave for our trip. i’m pretty sure i won’t have internet access (last time we stayed at a disney resort they didn’t have free wi-fi) *or* the time or energy. though i’m sure there will be PLENTY of pics when we return.


i’m making up with you.

i know you must have been deeply and sorely disappointed when i didn’t have a “ten things i love sunday” update last sunday. 😉

so i’m making it up to you now with a host of gorgeous images for you to drool over. enjoy!

things i love sunday.

1. cholula. i use it for a myriad of things. this morning it was sprinkled over my omelet-turned-scramble-up (which consisted of turkey, mushrooms, red bell pepers, and cheese). yum!2. remember these? i had a plethora of these when i was little. fun fact: i *still* don’t have pierced ears.3. these are the coolest tea bags i have ever seen!! i want some. i have no clue where this came from, though. it was just sitting in “my photos”. i’ll have to google it…4. and if i cannot find the bird teabags, i would please love to have this amazing yellow submarine tea diffuser. whoever thought of this is a genius. 😉

5. the illustrations of nan lawson. found on etsy. you probably already know how much i love beautiful vintage typewriters, so of course i adore this illustration. all of her work is so cute.

6. cakewrecks. if you’ve not seen this blog, you’ve done yourself a horrible injustice. go. laugh. loudly. the captions under the cakes never fail to make me guffaw.  i made my own unintentional cakewreck yesterday, by the way… haha.

7. oh my! i had no clue these existed! now, where can i find them? it’s doubtful that i’d be able to find them anywhere around here…

8. i want to watch “sabrina” today. alas, i have too much homework to do, and a quiz & an essay due by midnight tonight. sigh.9. i can’t wait to see “victoria”! i love emily blunt.10. these cupcakes are beautiful works of art. and now i want a cupcake, badly. maybe i can convince the hubster to take me downtown to “cupcake” later on…wonder if they are open on sundays…

10 things i love sunday

it’s that time again! and i’m actually doing it on time and finishing it… lol

1. i really want this cd burning kit from modcloth. it comes with pretty labels, sleeves, and stickers.

2. this cartoon makes me laugh. i love literal translation.

we heart it

3. cool goal planner from the project girl. i’ve downloaded it and fully intend to use it for my 2010 goals.

4. the post secret blog. a lot of it is very inspiring. some of it is downright hilarious.

5. this is just plain awesome.

we heart it

6. the smiths. i’m listening to my new (old) record that i found at waterloo records in austin, tx. this place is *awesome*. and p.s. does anybody else think morrissey looks a lot like joaquin phoenix?

7. i love collage art. this one is from

8. this is so pretty. i hope it’s faux fur, though.


9. le love

10. i simply cannot WAIT for alice in wonderland to come out in march!!! i adore anything done by tim burton.

today is:

stocking up on groceries now that we’re back from our week & a half in texas

shopping for school supplies for the start of spring semester tomorrow–i have the same drawing instructor as last semester, and i’m very happy about that.  🙂

finding some decent running shoes to start my new training program tomorrow!

sushi sunday with dear friends ❤