a list (hey, it’s what i do best).

just a few thoughts for the day.

1.  ladies, if the LVs on your “Louis Vuitton bag” are upside down, it is a fake, and we all know it.

2.  i convinced the man sitting next to me in starbucks to buy a macbook. i love it when people ask me about my macbook, b/c i love to gush about it. he asked me tons of questions, and i answered them truthfully. he slapped his knee and said, “okay! you sold me!” with a big grin.

3.  speaking of starbucks, the dark cherry mocha is UH-MAY-ZING!

4.  the resin-coated photo paper at the school bookstore is twenty dollars more than on TWENTY DOLLARS! that’s quite a mark-up. i’m hoping the girl in my class that said she wanted to split a pack with me still wants to do so.

5.  it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in good ol’ charleston, sc. sunny, 75 degrees, and there is a lovely strong breeze. i’m loving it.

enjoying the gorgeous day! (wow, look how long my hair has gotten! lol)

6.  i got my first penpal letter yesterday! it was from katie. i can’t wait to get more! i have to confess that i have not written any of my penpal letters, but i’m looking for some really cute stationery. i can’t seem to find any! i’m going to try the hallmark on my way home from class tonight.

7.  MY BEST FRIEND IS IN LABOR!!! she has gestational diabetes, and the other day when she went for an appointment they found that she also has preeclampsia. so they decided to induce her. the baby will be about 8.5 lbs and four weeks early. man, can you imagine how big he would’ve been if she’d gone full term?! i cannot wait to welcome my new little nephew. pics will definitely be posted as soon as i get them. 🙂


ten things i love sunday.

another weekly installment of stuff i adore!

1. my new bag from target. i went to buy this thing like five times, and every time i just couldn’t justify spending $35 on a simple bag from target. if it were $35 and at the coach outlet or kenneth cole or banana republic, i wouldn’t have thought twice about it. lol! but i finally bought it today. it’s multifunctional–big enough to hold all my school stuff or be a carry-on bag, but still a good size for a large purse. and great news–my entire artbox fits inside it! that is definitely no small feat.

2. i adore luna lovegood from the harry potter series. she’s quirky, fun, and a little kooky, but she knows who she is and isn’t ashamed to be herself! a good role model, in my opinion. and i just love this picture.

3. my friend’s new book! my copy is on its way from amazon as we speak. 🙂  you should check it out. i’ll definitely put up a little review once i’ve read it.

4. these pillowcases from urban outfitters are so cute. (they’re on my wishlist…hee…)

5.  lovely audrey hepburn illustration! i wish i could remember where i found it…if you know, please tell me.

6. there is something about underwater fashion photography that is just so….ethereal and gorgeous.

7. i love the darjeeling limited. it’s a must-see (as are all of wes anderson’s movies). one of my favorite things about his movies are how they always star the same awesome actors, i.e. jason schwartzmann, owen/luke wilson, anjelica huston, bill murray…

8. bubble tea!  of the avocado variety. it doesn’t sound that wonderful, i’m sure, but it tastes *amazing*. it’s creamy & not-too-sweet and all kinds of good. and i loooove tapioca pearls. yummm.

9. i can’t say enough how much i love collage. this one’s from kctrommer‘s etsy shop.

10. lastly, but certainly not leastly, we made a fun, sort of spur-of-the-moment decision this week.


after out workout last monday, the sis & i were longing for a visit to disney world, and we looked at each other and said, “why on earth *couldn’t* we go? we can totally go! we’re adults and can decide when we want to go to disney world, damn it.” then we stamped our feet and pouted. just kidding. we got really excited and started comparing dates and tax returns and searching for great deals (which we found, by the way). when the hubs got home, we made our proposal, and he agreed! i’m shocked that he’s actually excited to go this time. lol so anyway, we’ll be there april 14-18. i’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about it. 😉   by the way, this pic is from last year’s disney trip.

TP project

for my second photography project, we had to do something creative with toilet paper. this is the very first idea that came to me. it popped into my head and looked fabulous, and the actual photos turned out the exact way i saw in my head (except the ground was wet, so the gorgeous high heels sunk into the ground & aren’t really visible). i really would’ve loved to have done this shoot in a field to give it that rustic vs. glamorous look, but the next best thing was the dead grass & wooden fence in my backyard. 😉  the one i’m turning is in the one that’s from the waist down, b/c that was my vision. we have to turn in four prints total:  no filter, low contrast, high contrast, and a best print using the best filter possible, burning, & dodging.

i think the second one is kind of “pride & prejudice-y”. i was lucky that foxycleopatra wore a white shirt & a white flower in her hair! kismet.

p.s. it took roughly an hour and a half, plus seven rolls of toilet paper to make this lovely skirt. i rather like it. maybe i should go into fashion instead of studio art. 😉

a big sigh of relief.

i had a tough evening yesterday. i was feeling pretty down on myself about my artistic abilities. i was confused as to why my photos didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. due to the help and patience of a good friend, alan, i feel much better about it all.

i have a lot of homework to do today, i have to work out, then i’m making a birthday cake for my mamaw (she has very specifically requested white cake with milk chocolate frosting). i also have a 600-word essay due by sunday, but 600 words are cake for me….does that mean i’m making *two* cakes this weekend? ha…ha…. *crickets chirping* yeah, flat joke. sorry.

so why is it that i always get inspired when i am busiest? i just got a great idea for a painting (two, really). literally, it just came to me about ten or twenty minutes ago. i’d love to have one of them finished in time for my mamaw’s birthday celebration tomorrow so i can give it to her as a gift, but i’m not so sure that will be happening.

here is my solemn oath that, in february, i will not put off my western civ homework til the last minute just because it’s an online class. and here’s another oath that i will try very hard not to compare my work to the work of the others in my second-level drawing class (there is some AMAZING talent in that class). i should only be comparing my work to my own, striving to improve a little with each exercise or project.

i’ve been thinking for the past two years (at least) that i want to get a small tattoo on my wrist that can serve as a reminder for peace whenever i am stressed or anxious. being an artist, i am a very visual person, so i feel like this would be such a help. at first, i wanted a peace sign, but now i think that’s too generic. not that i’d ever muster up enough courage to actually get the tattoo, but i’m always thinking about what i would get. maybe a little word, like “calm” or “breathe” or something. i really like this one:

friday five:

smelling: blueberries

tasting: blueberries!

hearing: axl crunching some dog food

seeing: errol flynn & olivia dehavilland in “santa fe trail”

feeling: a soft blanket

photography site

i made a new website portfolio for my photography today. it took me forever, and i even bought a domain name for it, but i can’t figure the dang thing out. *grumble*

anyway, the reason i started the new site is because of this thing going on here called trade pandemic. it’s a “homegrown art collective” that’s going to be held at the music farm on august 21st. they’re looking for all sorts of artists to submit work to be considered. i bit the bullet and did it, even though i am extremely self-conscious about *all* of my artwork. i figured photography is my best form right now, even though i’m an amateur. but who knows? maybe somebody out there will fall in love with my style.  i’ll let you know if i hear anything back. it’d be really cool to be chosen for this, but i’m not holding my breath. there is SO MUCH talent in this town, dudes, and i’m intimidated.

here’s the link, just click on it:  tiff’s photography

i need your help!

i’ve been setting up my makeshift vanity for about a month now. i still don’t have it exactly how i want it, but it will do until i get my supercool vintage vanity one day (i’d love one in the style of louis xv or xvi).  anyway, i need everybody’s help.  claudia from the paris apartment is looking for photographs of vanities. she’s putting them all together in a book to be called “vanity for humanity”, and the proceeds will benefit habitat for humanity.  i took all these pics & edited them & now i need you to help me decide which to send to her.










which of these photos is most pleasing to your eye? please, please vote by leaving a comment here (just say “i love the fourth one” or whatever).  this is important to me! my photograph could be printed in a beautiful book that will help people build houses for those less fortunate than ourselves.  thanks in advance for your help, friends!

do you like the adorable hot pink bird? i made him myself! 🙂  i picked up this ugly little ceramic bird from goodwill yesterday and lacquered him down with a whole lot of hot pink gloss spray paint. i LOVE him. i’m doing a bunch of other projects right now (waiting for spray paint to dry as we speak…) & i’ll post those cool things once i’m finished. other “found” items on my vanity include:

*damask mousepad for added beauty underneath my perfume bottles

*teapot mom gave me for christmas, which i’m currently using as a beautiful vase

*antique silver cream & sugar set foxycleopatra gave me for christmas, which holds my makeup, costume jewelry rings, & a single purple flower

*glass vase used as a home for all my pretty bracelets

*all of the artwork surrounding the mirror is done by yours truly

*the mirror was found at target for only $19.99!

*i think i got that pink & white picture frame from tj maxx–i’ve had it for a couple of years now.

*the silver brush/comb/mirror set was a prize my mom bought me when we went to north carolina last year. i’ve always wanted a pretty set like this! i love it.