happy easter!

i hope everyone has a fabulous day!


things i love sunday.

1. our new liberty of london bedding from target!! isn’t it gorgeous?! i can’t wait to put it on our bed after we get it all washed. 🙂  *everything* is beautiful in this collection. check it out quickly, because a lot of it is already sold out!

2. heart-shaped teacup! how cute! found via hello tiger, which is a very cool blog with lots of pretty & neat stuff.

3. a beautiful room for a little girl! or for someone like me who just likes pretty pink things. hee.

4. another cool collage i love. (i can’t remember where i found it…)

5. speaks for itself. 🙂

6. pretty wrapping papers from a gift wrapped life.

7. remember this movie? how dang cute were these kids?!

8. the happy lady eats blog has become oh joy eats, but it is still as beautiful & yummy as ever!

9. very, very pretty ladylike look from anthropologie.

10. i was just thinking of having a really nice bath. wouldn’t it be lovely to have something like this, where i could write or put my book or teacup?

and speaking of lovely baths, look at this one!!

that’s it for this week! hopefully i’ll be more present in the blogosphere since i’m feeling much better. 🙂

ten things i love sunday.

another sunday, another chance for me to tell you what i’m obsessing over this week.

1. i love fashion & design blogs. love love love them. they make me want to make myself and my house look cuter. a new one i’m loving is idee geniale. i mean, the blog’s not new, but my love for it is!

2. art journals. i always get these grandiose ideas for art journals, but i never feel like mine look quite as cool as others do. i found the waterhalo blog, and i love the simplicity of each page. it’s so much more my speed than the super-collage kind, which i really admire, but can never achieve. so thanks to waterhalo for inspiring me to restart my art journal efforts. 🙂

3. speaking of collage, i’m in LOVE with holograme’s collage style. bee-eau-tiful!! i especially love this alice-in-wonderland-inspired one.

4. knee socks (and over-the-knee socks)!! i love sleeping in them or just lounging around in them. oh, how i wish i had the cute knees/thighs of the gals in these pics so my knee socks actually looked this sexy.

5. brookish on etsy has the coolest pride & prejudice-inspired stuff. 🙂 i LOVE this mug and have been wanting it for ages.

6. this. i want to go to marrakech, morocco.

7. my shiny zebra shoes from target.

8.  i want this book.

9. and i *have* this book. keel’s simple diary. in yellow. i ordered it from amazon (it was cheaper there than from anthropologie or the other stores that sell it…), and it arrived on wednesday. i love it. i don’t always feel like writing in a journal, but this is so creative & original & thought-provoking.

10. my favorite lyrics from radiohead’s “creep”.

advice in torrents.

i love advice. especially when it comes from people i love and/or admire. the best pieces of advice i’ve gotten from the past few days have all helped me to help myself be more centered. i’m trying, anyway. 😉  a sampling:

my mom, when i was nervous about today’s assignment of drawing a pine cone: don’t be nervous. just draw what you see. you’ll be fine. (it sounds so simple on paper, but sometimes you have to hear things like this…) p.s. i might not have been so nervous about this exercise if my drawing instructor hadn’t been hyping us up for it since drawing 1.

my aunt sharon when i wasn’t feeling well this morning due to nerves about the drawing assignment: it’s your perfectionist gene kicking the insides of your tummy. don’t worry about drawing–just do what you do there–and save your creative energies for the areas you naturally do well. like writing.

my aunt dede, after i posted a facebook status last week that was admittedly self-pitying:  did you have any guests at that pity party? don’t think of it as a setback. think of it as an opportunity to regroup, refocus, and aim higher!

my aunt pat, after that same facebook post:  ditto for me. besides, you’re a clemmons, and clemmonses don’t give up!

one of my best friends, chelsea: failure is a perfect opportunity to grow. don’t be critical of yourself, be critical of your work. (this is a hard distinction for me to make right now, but one i need to learn quickly if i expect to succeed at majoring in art!)

my friend mary, when i was upset about a meanie guy bashing my discussion post in my online history class: some people are too hard-headed to realize that everyone has different opinions and views. he’s just one of those people that, no matter how much you tell him people are different, will never see it. you can’t argue with stupidity.

my friend tamara, on the same subject: real adults may not agree with you at all times, but they are competent enough to value others’ opinions.

my uncle’s advice on the same situation cheered me up by making me laugh: you need to let them know that you have an uncle that can hurt them!

kid that sits across from me in drawing class: just don’t worry about it. (said with a big smile. of course, this is much easier said than done, but like i said, i’m trying!)

and lastly, but certainly not least, my drawing instructor’s advice this morning when nobody seemed to be very responsive:  the weekend doesn’t matter. leave the weekend behind you. it’s in your past, and nothing you did this weekend matters anymore. this was particularly eye-opening, because i had quite an emotional weekend, and i was feeling exhausted this morning. him saying that really helped me put things in perspective. 🙂

maybe one of these bits of advice will help you as you go about your week. i hope so!

things i love sunday.

1. cholula. i use it for a myriad of things. this morning it was sprinkled over my omelet-turned-scramble-up (which consisted of turkey, mushrooms, red bell pepers, and cheese). yum!2. remember these? i had a plethora of these when i was little. fun fact: i *still* don’t have pierced ears.3. these are the coolest tea bags i have ever seen!! i want some. i have no clue where this came from, though. it was just sitting in “my photos”. i’ll have to google it…4. and if i cannot find the bird teabags, i would please love to have this amazing yellow submarine tea diffuser. whoever thought of this is a genius. 😉

5. the illustrations of nan lawson. found on etsy. you probably already know how much i love beautiful vintage typewriters, so of course i adore this illustration. all of her work is so cute.

6. cakewrecks. if you’ve not seen this blog, you’ve done yourself a horrible injustice. go. laugh. loudly. the captions under the cakes never fail to make me guffaw.  i made my own unintentional cakewreck yesterday, by the way… haha.

7. oh my! i had no clue these existed! now, where can i find them? it’s doubtful that i’d be able to find them anywhere around here…

8. i want to watch “sabrina” today. alas, i have too much homework to do, and a quiz & an essay due by midnight tonight. sigh.9. i can’t wait to see “victoria”! i love emily blunt.10. these cupcakes are beautiful works of art. and now i want a cupcake, badly. maybe i can convince the hubster to take me downtown to “cupcake” later on…wonder if they are open on sundays…

10 things i love sunday

it’s that time again! and i’m actually doing it on time and finishing it… lol

1. i really want this cd burning kit from modcloth. it comes with pretty labels, sleeves, and stickers.

2. this cartoon makes me laugh. i love literal translation.

we heart it

3. cool goal planner from the project girl. i’ve downloaded it and fully intend to use it for my 2010 goals.

4. the post secret blog. a lot of it is very inspiring. some of it is downright hilarious.

5. this is just plain awesome.

we heart it

6. the smiths. i’m listening to my new (old) record that i found at waterloo records in austin, tx. this place is *awesome*. and p.s. does anybody else think morrissey looks a lot like joaquin phoenix?

7. i love collage art. this one is from

8. this is so pretty. i hope it’s faux fur, though.


9. le love

10. i simply cannot WAIT for alice in wonderland to come out in march!!! i adore anything done by tim burton.

today is:

stocking up on groceries now that we’re back from our week & a half in texas

shopping for school supplies for the start of spring semester tomorrow–i have the same drawing instructor as last semester, and i’m very happy about that.  🙂

finding some decent running shoes to start my new training program tomorrow!

sushi sunday with dear friends ❤