things i love sunday.

ten more things to *heart* this week.

1. this was a brilliant movie. i highly recommend seeing it. clooney only gets better with age. siiigghhh.

2. “hammond song” by the roches. love. love. love it.

3. thank god for store-bought rotisserie chickens. i’m attempting to roast my very first whole chicken this week. i just finished stuffing it with sage, rosemary, and thyme (now let’s all break out into song, a la simon & garfunkel. p.s. if you don’t understand this reference, get yourself a proper musical education) and giving it a salt rub, and now it has to refrigerate for the next 24-48 hours. i’ll let you know how that turns out…
4. is a really cool website that features “fashion inspiration from real people around the world.” there are some really cool looks on this site.
5. letters to dead people. these are awesome. some hilarious, some poignant.
6. i haven’t been on shopstyle in quite some time, but i actually made two looks there today. it’s so fun. today, i did a “make it work” challenge, where i had to make a stylish, up-to-date look with this 90s-style floral jumper. i think i did a pretty cute job!
7. mama’s little babies has some of the coolest, most interesting and unique jewelry i’ve ever seen.
8. i downloaded this really cool 2010 weekly planner from project girl (via design house) for only $12.99. it’s absolutely amazing. has daily chores, menu planner, shopping lists, to-do lists… really cool format. i’m going to get mine bound at staples tomorrow so i feel more organized. :)
9. colorful tights and gorgeous shoes.
10. claw foot tubs. we went to see it’s complicated last night, and at one part meryl streep was relaxing in a claw foot tub with lots of bubbles and a cup of tea, and it made me want to take a giant lavender bubble bath with a cup of chamomile or jasmine tea. although, if this was the view from my bathroom, i’d be perfectly happy to bathe in a metal bucket.

ten things i love sunday.

once again, i’m a day late with this, but i have good reasons for it, and they are numbers one and two on my list this week…

1. celebrating christmas with my dad’s side of the family. we always do this the saturday after christmas, but we did it on sunday this year since christmas was on friday. we had a wonderful time! we got to see some family members that we hardly ever see. i love how the holidays bring us all together.

2. shopping & then spending hours sitting at dinner and talking with the cousins. it’s so rare that the four of us girls who were close growing up together get to just sit and relax and talk.

3. now that the holidays are over and school doesn’t start back til the 11th, i’ve got tons of time to write! especially since i’ll be spending a few hours on airplanes this wednesday…

4. i love the red holiday cups at starbucks, but i really REALLY love “the way i see it” cups, so i won’t be so sad to see the red cups go away this year. 🙂

5. my new record player! we’ve been having fun listening to the old records we had at my mom & dad’s house, and i also got a few new ones: the beatles, my morning jacket, george gershwin, and supertramp. quiet the mix, eh?

6. getting to see these two cutie booties this week!! we’re leaving for texas on wednesday to visit my hubby’s family, and we’re so excited!

7. whimsical jewelry like this. love it.

8. i just love this. period. my fave movie, one of my fave actors (jason schwartzmann), & a macbook. hee.

9. i want a cute little petticoat thingy. i’d wear it under dresses and skirts and long tops, & i’d be so cute.

10. i have this old chandelier that i picked up at a thrift store a while back and painted hot pink. it doesn’t have wiring or anything, so i figured i’d have to get the hubster to rewire it & all that stuff, but i was struck by inspiration a couple of weeks ago. i’m totally just going to wrap christmas lights around it and hang pink beads/jewels all over it. it’s going to look so cool in my art room. maybe not like this one, but cool, nonetheless. 🙂


i love etsy. it’s the best website in the whole world. i could spend hours just browsing through everything. 

how cool is this necklace?


i think i’m going to start including my daily favorite item from etsy with each post. srsly, if you’ve never been to, do it now.  i’ve bought such awesome handmade things–artwork, jewelry, hairbands/flowers…. you can find anything. it’s especially fun to browse the vintage category and see what treasures you can find. 

my sis (who, by the way, has requested that her code name on this blog be “cleopatra”) is quite fond of buying vintage items from etsy.  then when people tell her how cute said item is and ask where she got it…..

“this? oh, IT’S VINTAGE.”

it’s her favorite thing to say.


ETA:  i just found out that rosie o’donnell has her very own shop on etsy. how cool is that? not that i’m a huge fan of hers, but still, i think it’s very cool.