here’s looking at you kid

mail call!

guess what arrived in the mail today…..

my housewife paper kit from half caf!! it’s so cute. here’s the kit:


i’m using it to make a minibook called “snarkalicious”.  i had an old day planner from anne taintor that i tore apart, and i’m using them to make this little book. i’ve only got the cover done so far:


i also used some papers that weren’t included in the kit. i’ll post more when i’ve got more done. i started this other book a while back. i’m talking at least a year ago… i sort of quit scrapbooking for a long time in lieu of other forms of art. honestly, i got tired of the way people always thought scrapbooking was cheesy (and i admit that it is sometimes–those stupid stickers & die cuts from the first days of the hobby–*shudder*).  i recently found amanda johnson’s blog, here’s looking at me kid, and her stuff was really pretty & inspirational to me. so i’m sorta kinda scrapbooking again. anyway, the book i’d started a while back was called “life’s little luxuries”.  originally, i had taken pictures of things like a bubble bath, my cozy reading chair, books, a teapot, etc, and was going to put those in the book. but yesterday i was reading a magazine & found a little starbucks cup, so i cut it out to use in my art journal. when i was in my art room today, i looked at the “life’s little luxuries” book, and then saw the starbucks cutout, and then i got to thinking. i glued the cutout in the book, and did some little doodles around it, and i LOVE how it turned out!! i’ve also been using gesso a lot for things other than preparing canvasses–it’s what i used to coat the wooden cover of “snarkalicious”. so basically, i’ve found a happy medium between drawing/painting and scrapbooking. yay!  here’s my first page of “life’s little luxuries”:

DSCN5026okay, so that’s all i’ve got for today. ironman is on, and i need to pay strict attention to robert downey jr’s beautiful face.

download this:  us by regina spektor

today’s fave etsy item:  the gorgeous secret garden top by lirola.  WANT!!!