wednesday wishes.

1. i wish i had some japanese washi tape for my art journal. i really like these ones. found here.

2. i will do all my health wishes in one fell swoop:  a) i wish i did not have asthma so i could run for longer periods of time without my chest tightening and feeling like i’m going to hyperventilate.  b) i wish i didn’t have to go back for yet more bloodwork for my stupid thyroid. and c) i wish friday would hurry up & get here so i can get my results from the psychology assessment stuff i did. (geez, all this makes me sound like a hypochondriac. but i’m not! lol)

3. i wish i had a supercool vintage camera to play with! this one is awesome. it still works, is only $32, and looks so cool! found here.

4. some new eyeglass frames. pink ones, to be exact. just as a second pair, so i don’t mind if they’re cheapies. i love these that i found on ebay…mayhaps i shall bid on them…

5. i wish they were having the renegade craft fair here in charleston!!! god, i love etsy.

check out what kellie, courtney, katie, & liz are wishing for this wednesday!


ten things i love sunday.

sorry it’s been a while! things have been a bit busy… but here you go!

1.  emma watson has grown into such a gorgeous & lovely young woman. remember when we first  saw her as little frizzy-haired hermione grainger?

2. such a cute orange clock. perfect for a kid’s room. found here

3. george was definitely the best song-writing beatle, after john of course.

4. yes. yes, it does.

5.gorgeous! found here

6. i’m in love with this stationery set, & need it NOW for my penpal letters 🙂  found at modcloth.

7. i love dresses & top with interesting backs. this one’s from urban outfitters

8. i would *love* to curl up with a book in one of these spots. via anthropologie.

9. this is so cute. it reminds me of my cat ty. he used to curl up in the sink all the time.


wednesday wishes.

some of my pen pals, kellie, liz, katie, and courtney share a few wishes on their blogs every wednesday. i love reading theirs, and i’m going to start participating too. 🙂 here are a few things i’m wishing for today:

1. the weight i’m trying to lose to melt off faster. trying to lose weight is maddening. MADDENING, i tell you! a while back, when i was visiting a nutritionist, we found that the average rate at which i lose is about 3/4 of a pound a week. THREE-QUARTERS OF A POUND. that is so. not. enough. but to be honest, i really couldn’t care less how much i weigh as long i’m noticeably losing inches. and so far, i am. and of course exercise just makes you feel good. 🙂

2. an ipod touch. my ipod classic was stolen a while back, so i got this tiny little ipod nano that holds barely any songs at all. i bought it from a pawn shop (so it was really cheap) just to tide me over til i can convince the hubster that i neeeeeed the ipod touch. my friend chelsea has one, and it is so. cool.

3. some macarons. i always want some macarons. maybe friday i’ll go downtown to baked and get some. 🙂

4. i’ve already got a t-shirt with einstein’s face on it (i luurrrve it), but i think i need this: notes on his theory of relativity, in his own handwriting. so what if it makes me geeky? i ❤ einstein. he was incredibly genius, yet never took himself or anything else too seriously. found here.

ten things i love sunday.

another weekly installment of stuff i adore!

1. my new bag from target. i went to buy this thing like five times, and every time i just couldn’t justify spending $35 on a simple bag from target. if it were $35 and at the coach outlet or kenneth cole or banana republic, i wouldn’t have thought twice about it. lol! but i finally bought it today. it’s multifunctional–big enough to hold all my school stuff or be a carry-on bag, but still a good size for a large purse. and great news–my entire artbox fits inside it! that is definitely no small feat.

2. i adore luna lovegood from the harry potter series. she’s quirky, fun, and a little kooky, but she knows who she is and isn’t ashamed to be herself! a good role model, in my opinion. and i just love this picture.

3. my friend’s new book! my copy is on its way from amazon as we speak. 🙂  you should check it out. i’ll definitely put up a little review once i’ve read it.

4. these pillowcases from urban outfitters are so cute. (they’re on my wishlist…hee…)

5.  lovely audrey hepburn illustration! i wish i could remember where i found it…if you know, please tell me.

6. there is something about underwater fashion photography that is just so….ethereal and gorgeous.

7. i love the darjeeling limited. it’s a must-see (as are all of wes anderson’s movies). one of my favorite things about his movies are how they always star the same awesome actors, i.e. jason schwartzmann, owen/luke wilson, anjelica huston, bill murray…

8. bubble tea!  of the avocado variety. it doesn’t sound that wonderful, i’m sure, but it tastes *amazing*. it’s creamy & not-too-sweet and all kinds of good. and i loooove tapioca pearls. yummm.

9. i can’t say enough how much i love collage. this one’s from kctrommer‘s etsy shop.

10. lastly, but certainly not leastly, we made a fun, sort of spur-of-the-moment decision this week.


after out workout last monday, the sis & i were longing for a visit to disney world, and we looked at each other and said, “why on earth *couldn’t* we go? we can totally go! we’re adults and can decide when we want to go to disney world, damn it.” then we stamped our feet and pouted. just kidding. we got really excited and started comparing dates and tax returns and searching for great deals (which we found, by the way). when the hubs got home, we made our proposal, and he agreed! i’m shocked that he’s actually excited to go this time. lol so anyway, we’ll be there april 14-18. i’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about it. 😉   by the way, this pic is from last year’s disney trip.

things i love sunday.

ten more things to *heart* this week.

1. this was a brilliant movie. i highly recommend seeing it. clooney only gets better with age. siiigghhh.

2. “hammond song” by the roches. love. love. love it.

3. thank god for store-bought rotisserie chickens. i’m attempting to roast my very first whole chicken this week. i just finished stuffing it with sage, rosemary, and thyme (now let’s all break out into song, a la simon & garfunkel. p.s. if you don’t understand this reference, get yourself a proper musical education) and giving it a salt rub, and now it has to refrigerate for the next 24-48 hours. i’ll let you know how that turns out…
4. is a really cool website that features “fashion inspiration from real people around the world.” there are some really cool looks on this site.
5. letters to dead people. these are awesome. some hilarious, some poignant.
6. i haven’t been on shopstyle in quite some time, but i actually made two looks there today. it’s so fun. today, i did a “make it work” challenge, where i had to make a stylish, up-to-date look with this 90s-style floral jumper. i think i did a pretty cute job!
7. mama’s little babies has some of the coolest, most interesting and unique jewelry i’ve ever seen.
8. i downloaded this really cool 2010 weekly planner from project girl (via design house) for only $12.99. it’s absolutely amazing. has daily chores, menu planner, shopping lists, to-do lists… really cool format. i’m going to get mine bound at staples tomorrow so i feel more organized. :)
9. colorful tights and gorgeous shoes.
10. claw foot tubs. we went to see it’s complicated last night, and at one part meryl streep was relaxing in a claw foot tub with lots of bubbles and a cup of tea, and it made me want to take a giant lavender bubble bath with a cup of chamomile or jasmine tea. although, if this was the view from my bathroom, i’d be perfectly happy to bathe in a metal bucket.

late bloomer.

i get a lot of questions as to the significance of the ring i wear on the middle finger of my right hand. well, firstly, i got it from kyle anne metals at it was custom made for me, and only cost $18, but it’s one of my favorite possessions. here’s a picture:

one of the reasons this Blooming Birch Ring in Pink caught my eye was the seller’s description:  “This ring reminds me of a birch branch in springtime, getting ready to blossom.”

i think of myself as a late bloomer. at the ripe young age of 29, i feel that i have finally begun to come into my own. i’ve spent a great deal of my life (in fact, my entire 20s!) being introspective and trying to figure out exactly who i am and what it is i want to do with my life. i’ve met many wonderful people, whom i admire greatly. hard laborers; talented musicians; amazing teachers; lovely & patient mothers; determined career-minded people; awe-inspiring people from what my dad calls the “school of hard knocks”… all of these friends, acquaintances, family members, even a few that i’ve met only once, have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the world around me, which has allowed me to look within myself and learn.

i’ve spent so much time wanting to be certain things: the perfect wife/daughter/sister/niece/grandchild/cousin/aunt/dog owner/what have you, a straight-A student, a musician and artist, a well-educated know-it-all, physically fit, beautiful on the inside and out, talented writer, great cook, well-spoken, well-read, very ethical and work-minded… you name it.

it’s taken me more time than some, and a lot less time than others to realize that i can be anything i put my mind to, but that the things that matter most are within me. it’s always been a struggle for me to keep my self-esteem from the gutter, but the older i get, the easier it is to say the following:

i am…

kind, loyal, honest, studious, sort of pretty, very loved, funny, talented musically and artistically, observant, reasonable, a loving wife/daughter/sister/niece/aunt/etc, a good cook/baker, well-read, an observer, a thinker, lucky enough to have a large and amazing family…

there are many other things that i am, and many more that i still strive to be. i’m constantly seeking ways to better myself, and chastising myself for being judgmental or bitter on those occasions on which we all are apt to behave this way.

but for now, i am happy with me.

this ring that i wear is a daily reminder of that. the little about-t0-blossom bud on a tiny branch. i know that the older i get, the more experience i have, the more i will blossom and grow.

and that is one of the most beautiful things about life.  🙂

download this:  “i & love & you” by the avett brothers

scarf swap!

i was right. the scarf swap was so much fun!  🙂 to be honest, i’d almost completely forgotten to be on the lookout for my scarf in the mail. i just happened to check the mail on our way out the door to a concert saturday night, and just what did i find there? my new scarf from my swap partner, paige!  so i threw it around my neck, & it made my boring outfit way cuter. it’s so cute– a pretty maroonish color with a very subtle pattern. if only i’d had my camera with me! i did remember to take a quick snapshot on my way out the door when i wore it to school yesterday.


it’s a lucky thing i remembered it yesterday, too! it got pretty windy and verrry rainy when the hubster & i went downtown for a quick trip to urban & then the mellow mushroom for lunch. so my scarf swap partner pagie is mega cool. go check out her blog & see the pretty pictures from her beautiful wedding, and posts of her cutie pie niece. 🙂

while i was visiting her blog, i found this, and me being me, i just couldn’t resist:

one letter at a time…

A–age: i’m 28, and i’m staying that way til i turn 30.

B–bed size: king. that’s why we let the dogs sneak into bed with us.

C–chore you hate: LAUNDRY. i hate, loathe, despise, and abominate laundry.

D–dog’s name:  axl and lola

E–essential start-your-day item:  coffee!

F–favorite color:  i love pink.

G–gold or silver or platinum:  platinum, please.

H–height:  5’3″ (i’m rounding up…heh…)

I–instruments you play:  piano & guitar. you didn’t say i had to play them *well* did you? b/c i definitely could use some guitar lessons…

J–job title:  full time student. i’m looking for some part-time work, though. my original plan after quitting real estate was to substitute teach, but how can i get up at 5am when i can’t even sleep at night?

K–kid(s):  none, thanks. maybe one day, but right now, no. we’ll stick with furbabies.

L–living arrangements:  my dogs own a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in lovely south carolina, and they allow us to live with them. bless their little hearts.

M–mom’s name:  lisa (same as paige! funny!)

N–nickname(s):  tiff, tiffy, flossy mae (that one’s my papaw’s creation)

O–overnight hospital stay other than birth:  umm…i guess when i was little & had kidney problems. i think i was two.

P–pet peeve:  ignorance.

Q–quote from a movie:  “letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness.”  ~marie antoinette

R–righty or lefty:  righty

S–siblings:  one sister, foxycleopatra. and a brother-in-law (the hubster’s brother).

T–time you wake up:  on mon/wed/fri, i get up at 8:30am for school. tues/thurs i get up whenever i feel like it. i don’t have school til 6pm those days.

U–underwear:  victoria’s secret. today they’re an apricot color with tiny white scrolls all around.

V–vegetable you dislike:  i really love vegetables. i suppose the one i like the least would be cauliflower.

W–ways you run late:  thinking i need less time than i actually do, hitting snooze, waiting on the hubster, forgetting stuff…

X–x-rays you’ve had:  lungs, knee, teeth…i think that’s all.

Y–yummy food you make:  the last thing i made that was really yummy was a chicken soup with pastina. it had a really zingy lemony flavor with spinach and feta, and it’s fairly easy, as it’s made with a rotisserie chicken.

Z–zoo favorite: gorillas & other monkeys. they’re so much fun to watch!! gorillas just look like really furry people when they move around and make gestures & stuff. so fun.

download this:  “angel from montgomery” by john prine (not sung by bonnie raitt. sung by john prine.)  i’ve been listening to this song a lot lately for some reason. then i remembered kristen stewart sings it in “into the wild,” and she does a really good job. it’s a great song.

today’s fave etsy item:  mr. & mrs. scatter pillows by idotakeu. there’ve been so many weddings lately, i figured a wedding-themed item would be good. wouldn’t this be a cute wedding gift? hmm…i’ve another one to attend this saturday… 😉