disney world

ten things i love sunday…disney style!

well, i’m back home just in time for “things i love sunday.” though i’d rather still be at disney world. 😉  we had a great time. instead of the normal ten things this week, i’m going to do ten things i loved about our trip! here we go…

1.  bus to magic kingdom from our resort on the first day. look how excited we are! (hubster says, “you’re going to use up all your camera battery before we even get there if you don’t stop taking bus pictures.”)

2. safari at animal kingdom. this is *not* zoomed. this giraffe was actually this close to our truck thingy!

3. cosmic ray’s starlight diner in tomorrowland. it’s sort of a tradition that this is the first place we eat. yeah…we have weird traditions…

4. the flower and garden festival at epcot. everything’s so pretty!

5. my new boyfriend. alas, we had to break up before i went home, because he simply would not fit in my luggage.

6.  character sightings!!!

7.  the really cool way disney lets you in on behind-the-scenes stuff. i watched this little otter have his annual physical (he was asleep).

8. one of my most favorite rides EVER!  i love that floaty feeling when you shoot up really fast, right before you fall back down. so fun! i do have to admit that i was scared out of my wits the very first time i ever rode it. 😉

9. how much laughing we did (& usually do when the three of us are together) all week. especially on the car rides to & from orlando. 

10.  how beautiful & authentic all the countries seem in the world showcase at epcot. i love how the people that work in each country are actually from there. the hubs asks them soooo many questions. lol

and one to grow on…

making faces while riding the ferry to the magic kingdom. while all others stand/sit around bored on the dumb boat, we find great ways to amuse ourselves. hee.

the end. (for this time anyway. we’ll be back next year!)


ten things i love sunday.

sunday’s almost over, but at least i’m getting this posted on actual sunday this week. lol

1. we went to my little cousin lexi’s first birthday party in georgia today (only about a two-hour drive). she is the most adorable little girl, and so good! we just love her to death. 🙂

2. isn’t this the cutest teapot? it makes me want to find some porcelain pens and make a bunch of them for all the people i love. found here.

3. i just had to include this bit of hilarity. a few weekends ago, the hubster & i went to this local bar with some friends. i ordered a guinness & he ordered a bud light. it’s sort of ironic that they came like this…

4. this makes me reeeeally want some pancakes with lots of yummy fruit. i suck at making pancakes, though. i always burn one side. i’m impatient & always end up turning the heat up too high. haha.

5. this is the cutest dang thing i’ve ever seen!

6. how cool is this?! i wouldn’t have to hide my books underneath my pillows anymore. 

7. i really am. i’m such an anglophile. i love all things british. i’ve never actually been to london, but if i could move there tomorrow, i’d do it in a skinny minute.

8. i love band of horses. they’re from charleston, you know. if you haven’t heard their music, you really should. maybe i’ll make a playlist later this week.

9. look at how adorable my nephew is. doesn’t he have the best facial expressions?

10. my most favorite thing of the week is the fact that we’re leaving this wednesday morning for our trip to DISNEY WORLD! yayyyyyy! so excited. ❤

i promise to blog again before we leave for our trip. i’m pretty sure i won’t have internet access (last time we stayed at a disney resort they didn’t have free wi-fi) *or* the time or energy. though i’m sure there will be PLENTY of pics when we return.

ten things i love sunday.

another weekly installment of stuff i adore!

1. my new bag from target. i went to buy this thing like five times, and every time i just couldn’t justify spending $35 on a simple bag from target. if it were $35 and at the coach outlet or kenneth cole or banana republic, i wouldn’t have thought twice about it. lol! but i finally bought it today. it’s multifunctional–big enough to hold all my school stuff or be a carry-on bag, but still a good size for a large purse. and great news–my entire artbox fits inside it! that is definitely no small feat.

2. i adore luna lovegood from the harry potter series. she’s quirky, fun, and a little kooky, but she knows who she is and isn’t ashamed to be herself! a good role model, in my opinion. and i just love this picture.

3. my friend’s new book! my copy is on its way from amazon as we speak. 🙂  you should check it out. i’ll definitely put up a little review once i’ve read it.

4. these pillowcases from urban outfitters are so cute. (they’re on my wishlist…hee…)

5.  lovely audrey hepburn illustration! i wish i could remember where i found it…if you know, please tell me.

6. there is something about underwater fashion photography that is just so….ethereal and gorgeous.

7. i love the darjeeling limited. it’s a must-see (as are all of wes anderson’s movies). one of my favorite things about his movies are how they always star the same awesome actors, i.e. jason schwartzmann, owen/luke wilson, anjelica huston, bill murray…

8. bubble tea!  of the avocado variety. it doesn’t sound that wonderful, i’m sure, but it tastes *amazing*. it’s creamy & not-too-sweet and all kinds of good. and i loooove tapioca pearls. yummm.

9. i can’t say enough how much i love collage. this one’s from kctrommer‘s etsy shop.

10. lastly, but certainly not leastly, we made a fun, sort of spur-of-the-moment decision this week.


after out workout last monday, the sis & i were longing for a visit to disney world, and we looked at each other and said, “why on earth *couldn’t* we go? we can totally go! we’re adults and can decide when we want to go to disney world, damn it.” then we stamped our feet and pouted. just kidding. we got really excited and started comparing dates and tax returns and searching for great deals (which we found, by the way). when the hubs got home, we made our proposal, and he agreed! i’m shocked that he’s actually excited to go this time. lol so anyway, we’ll be there april 14-18. i’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about it. 😉   by the way, this pic is from last year’s disney trip.