dinner tonight…

*the roast chicken i made last night, shredded into pieces

*high heat roasted vegetables (carrots, onions, garlic, brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes)

*cranberry/pomegranate juice mixed with s. pellegrino (sparkling mineral water)

*a butter pecan cupcake with cream cheese frosting for dessert

SO. FRACKING. GOOD. this might be the tastiest thing i’ve ever made. roasting the chicken wasn’t that bad yesterday, though i was a total spazz when it came to turning the chicken in the middle of cooking it, because of the 475-degree oven and the fact that i’m scared to death of the popping of the fat when cooking meat. don’t ask–childhood “trauma”. haha.

making the roasted vegetables was so incredibly easy! i just cut them all up into chunks, put them on a cookie sheet, added a few garlic cloves, a few sprigs of thyme, and tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. then i roasted at 425F for 15 minutes. they were amazing–tender and tasty and just. dang good. and all while still feeling sick. 😉

proud of myself. i’ll definitely be making roast chicken and vegetables again.

this is *not* my picture. i only wish mine was this pretty! that's a problem i have--making really tasty things that don't look very pretty. haha


bon appetit

i started cooking again. last night i made mediterranean pasta salad. it was very easy, & quite good.

DSCN5004i served it with sourdough bread. yum!


and thanks to katie, i got the most awesome cookie & cupcake books. sunday night, i made banana spice cookies. alas, i didn’t take any pictures. (i couldn’t–the fam gobbled them all up too quickly!)  but i did take some pictures of the lime-sour cream cookies i made today. they. are. heavenly. if i do say so myself…

DSCN5011also, i made a tumblr account to accompany this blog. i’m just going to post pretty pictures & interesting things on it daily. fun stuff.

download this: a complicated type by michael trent. (i really wanted “i’ll be home soon” by michael trent, but i couldn’t find it on myspace. you can find it on itunes if you’re interested, though.)

today’s fave etsy item:  pink cake lip balm from the queen’s patisserie collection by vintage bella