i have found the cutest new blog! it’s called craftyFOLK, and it has some of the coolest stuff ever! for example, the combination of two of my most favorite things in the world: typewriters and coffee mugs.

AND look at this necklace! it’s a cute, kitschy camera.

craftyFOLK’s blog and etsy shop have all the things i like best. 🙂 you should definitely check it out, especially since she’s giving away these too-cute-for-words owl stickers!

i hope everybody had a wonderful monday yesterday & that your tuesday has been even better! xo


there are some amazing people in this world.

you know the song “lucy in the sky with diamonds?” of course you do. who doesn’t?

the thing you may not know is the reason that song was written. when john lennon’s son julian was in nursery school, he drew a picture of a little girl named lucy, and that sparked the lyrics for the song. if you listen to the lyrics, you can get a clear image of little julian’s artwork in your mind. really cool.

julian lennon recently found out that the same lucy in the picture he drew is suffering from lupus. he decided to write a song for her and donate the proceeds to charity. by some spark of fate, musician james scott cook has a grandmother who suffers from lupus and is also named lucy. the two collaborated on a song of the same name, all net proceeds from which go to the lupus foundation of america and st. thomas’ lupus trust. you can listen to the song here, and then go to itunes and buy it!

i just love when people who have the means to help others do so. it warms my heart.

here’s a little something else to make you smile:

i came to starbucks today to write and was majorly inspired. i ordered my tall coffee, and while i was putting some cream in it, i couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of two people next to the cream/sugar bar. it went something like this:

boy: “well i planned all of our conversations.”

girl: “you did?”

boy: “yes. i always planned out what i wanted to say. i was afraid to just say what came to mind.”

girl: “really?”

boy: “i wanted you to like me.”

i’m not sure exactly what else was said, but the earnest way in which it was said was so adorable. the boy was looking at her as though she were the most precious thing ever, and she was all shy and ducking her head and smiling. it was one of those instances where they were leaning toward one another over the little round table-for-two, not quite touching, but you could tell they wanted to. i may have a runaway imagination, but the electricity between them was palpable.

they were just too cute for words. it made me smile.

it reminded me a little bit of my first date with the hubster. we went to a baseball game, but after that we went to a place to watch my friend’s band perform. we met a bunch of my friends there, so i was feeling more brave than normal. the hubster & i sat across from one another at a high pub table, and our knees kept brushing against one another, and i’d look up at him and he’d have this big smile on his face. that’s one of my most favorite memories–the big, perma-grin he wore on our first date.

i love love.