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christmas list

okay, so my mom won’t stop bugging me for a christmas list, even thought i’ve TOLD her that i don’t want anything (poke poke, mom). but she refuses to take my hint about only needing socks and pretty undies. so i thought i’d make a little list of a few cool things for her and whomever else wants to know what would make me smile.

(click on the links to go to the websites.)

1. the little otsu weekly planner vol. 4

2. izmir measuring cups from anthropologie

3. chef’s planning kit from plasticland

4. wood turntable from urban outfitters

5. if i get that turntable, i’d love some albums from urban outfitters! i love most any of the ones they have. especially the beatles’ abbey road, b/c a certain hubster lost my cd. i’m not naming names, but that hubster knows who he is.  😉

6. clothbound penguin classics (pride & prejudice, sense & sensibility, great expectations, wuthering heights) from anthropologie  (also available at

7. indie rock coloring book from urban outfitters

8. filigree jewelry hook from urban outfitters

9. lady with lantern stretched canvas wall art from plasticland

10. itunes gift cards

11. my wonderful world of fashion book from modcloth

12. blue birdie poster from the poster list

13. t-shirt from yellow bird project, designed by grizzly bear (one of my fave indie bands). yellow bird project is a non-profit organization who sells these really cool t-shirts and donates the profits to charity.

14. limited edition classic chat magnets from turner classic movies

**if i had my choice of only two things on this list, i would go with the turntable and albums. 🙂



i love etsy. it’s the best website in the whole world. i could spend hours just browsing through everything. 

how cool is this necklace?


i think i’m going to start including my daily favorite item from etsy with each post. srsly, if you’ve never been to, do it now.  i’ve bought such awesome handmade things–artwork, jewelry, hairbands/flowers…. you can find anything. it’s especially fun to browse the vintage category and see what treasures you can find. 

my sis (who, by the way, has requested that her code name on this blog be “cleopatra”) is quite fond of buying vintage items from etsy.  then when people tell her how cute said item is and ask where she got it…..

“this? oh, IT’S VINTAGE.”

it’s her favorite thing to say.


ETA:  i just found out that rosie o’donnell has her very own shop on etsy. how cool is that? not that i’m a huge fan of hers, but still, i think it’s very cool.