i’ve decided to start a new blog (again) for a fresh start. and b/c i like this template. 

today’s been a pretty choice day. i couldn’t sleep AT ALL last night, due to 1) restless legs and 2) the hubster’s extremely loud snoring. he had nose surgery a week and a half ago, so he can’t wear his breathing mask for sleeping. his nose is still icky and healing on the inside. combine those two and you get a nasty snore.

by the time he woke up for work, i was *still* awake, so he made me take something, though i’ve been trying not to take anymore meds. i’ve been sick for the past almost two weeks now, and this thing is HARD to get over.  

so anyway, i took the medicine and ended up sleeping right through a tentative lunch date…gah….i’m such a horrible friend. i let myself sleep til about 2pm (don’t judge me! i didn’t go to sleep til 6:30am!) and then i got up, ate lunch, checked emails, and watched tv.  srsly. that’s been my whole day.  it was actually pretty blissful.  there’s something to be said for lazing around in your pj’s all day and not being a contributing member of society…heh…

then whenever the hubster got home, he brought the mail in and i had  fun surprises waiting for me!  i ordered a few things from last week, and two of them came today–a black headband with a pretty black feather on the side, and some extra huge bobby pins with red fabric poppies on the end. fun!  also, one of the sellers sent me a piece of chocolate with my goody, so i automatically love her.  

yeah….sooo…that’s pretty much all i have to say right now.  i’m going to the kitchen to russle up some grub for dinner. actually, i saw andrew zimmern actually eat a grub on “bizarre foods” yesterday. didn’t look too appetizing, so i think i’ll stick with a pb&j.  😉