things i love sunday.

1. cholula. i use it for a myriad of things. this morning it was sprinkled over my omelet-turned-scramble-up (which consisted of turkey, mushrooms, red bell pepers, and cheese). yum!2. remember these? i had a plethora of these when i was little. fun fact: i *still* don’t have pierced ears.3. these are the coolest tea bags i have ever seen!! i want some. i have no clue where this came from, though. it was just sitting in “my photos”. i’ll have to google it…4. and if i cannot find the bird teabags, i would please love to have this amazing yellow submarine tea diffuser. whoever thought of this is a genius. 😉

5. the illustrations of nan lawson. found on etsy. you probably already know how much i love beautiful vintage typewriters, so of course i adore this illustration. all of her work is so cute.

6. cakewrecks. if you’ve not seen this blog, you’ve done yourself a horrible injustice. go. laugh. loudly. the captions under the cakes never fail to make me guffaw.  i made my own unintentional cakewreck yesterday, by the way… haha.

7. oh my! i had no clue these existed! now, where can i find them? it’s doubtful that i’d be able to find them anywhere around here…

8. i want to watch “sabrina” today. alas, i have too much homework to do, and a quiz & an essay due by midnight tonight. sigh.9. i can’t wait to see “victoria”! i love emily blunt.10. these cupcakes are beautiful works of art. and now i want a cupcake, badly. maybe i can convince the hubster to take me downtown to “cupcake” later on…wonder if they are open on sundays…


things i love sunday

1. i wish i remembered where i found this illustration. i would love to have a print of it. 2. how gorgeous! who wouldn’t love to come home to something like this?

3. flake bars. i love them. LOVE THEM. and my dog ate all four of the flake bars i bought yesterday. i hate him. HATE HIM.

4. MAC ads are always so pretty. they make me want to be a makeup artist instead of a studio artist. they also make me want to get all dressed and prettied up and go out & do fun, girly things.

5. have i mentioned how much i ADORE sofia coppoloa’s miss dior cherie ads? on that note, i adore anything by sofia coppola (especially marie antoinette, of course…) you should definitely click on the above link and head over to the dior website to see the entire interactive ad. really beautiful.6. this is THE WORLD’S COOLEST side table/nightstand, and i cannot find where it is from. drat. (the image is from

7. a relevant find, because they recently tore down the place the hubster & i met… sad… incidentally, the couple we went skiing with met there too!8. how very cool to carry a parasol for your wedding instead of a bouquet! it will last forever, and flowers do not. a beautiful and timeless reminder of the best day of your life!

9. speaking of weddings, i love love love this gown. i would SO have something like this were i to have another wedding. which i won’t, unless the hubster & i renew our wedding vows someday… 😉

10. these bookmarks are gorgeous. i bet they wouldn’t be difficult at all to make. i want to make some.

i’m doing a new series of colorful posts over at, so head on over there if you want to see some pretties.

late bloomer.

i get a lot of questions as to the significance of the ring i wear on the middle finger of my right hand. well, firstly, i got it from kyle anne metals at it was custom made for me, and only cost $18, but it’s one of my favorite possessions. here’s a picture:

one of the reasons this Blooming Birch Ring in Pink caught my eye was the seller’s description:  “This ring reminds me of a birch branch in springtime, getting ready to blossom.”

i think of myself as a late bloomer. at the ripe young age of 29, i feel that i have finally begun to come into my own. i’ve spent a great deal of my life (in fact, my entire 20s!) being introspective and trying to figure out exactly who i am and what it is i want to do with my life. i’ve met many wonderful people, whom i admire greatly. hard laborers; talented musicians; amazing teachers; lovely & patient mothers; determined career-minded people; awe-inspiring people from what my dad calls the “school of hard knocks”… all of these friends, acquaintances, family members, even a few that i’ve met only once, have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the world around me, which has allowed me to look within myself and learn.

i’ve spent so much time wanting to be certain things: the perfect wife/daughter/sister/niece/grandchild/cousin/aunt/dog owner/what have you, a straight-A student, a musician and artist, a well-educated know-it-all, physically fit, beautiful on the inside and out, talented writer, great cook, well-spoken, well-read, very ethical and work-minded… you name it.

it’s taken me more time than some, and a lot less time than others to realize that i can be anything i put my mind to, but that the things that matter most are within me. it’s always been a struggle for me to keep my self-esteem from the gutter, but the older i get, the easier it is to say the following:

i am…

kind, loyal, honest, studious, sort of pretty, very loved, funny, talented musically and artistically, observant, reasonable, a loving wife/daughter/sister/niece/aunt/etc, a good cook/baker, well-read, an observer, a thinker, lucky enough to have a large and amazing family…

there are many other things that i am, and many more that i still strive to be. i’m constantly seeking ways to better myself, and chastising myself for being judgmental or bitter on those occasions on which we all are apt to behave this way.

but for now, i am happy with me.

this ring that i wear is a daily reminder of that. the little about-t0-blossom bud on a tiny branch. i know that the older i get, the more experience i have, the more i will blossom and grow.

and that is one of the most beautiful things about life.  🙂

download this:  “i & love & you” by the avett brothers

thankful thursday, a day later.

i’ve been remiss on keeping up with thankful for thursdays lately! you have my most sincere apologies. but in a way, i’m sort of glad that I forgot, because today presented the most perfect thing for me to blog about being thankful for:

my nana. 

she is one amazing lady, people. she’s raised six children, outlived two husbands, taken care of countless friends and relatives, and is just an all-around wonderful, beautiful, loving, giving, graceful person. if i could only use one word to describe my nana, “graceful” would most definitely be the perfect word (aside from the time her black panties fell off at the VFW…heh heh heh. she’ll kill me for that, but it’s so worth it. if you want the full story, don’t hesitate to ask).

she has six children and six children-in-law (she also has other step-children from her second marriage, but i don’t know them well), twelve grandchildren from those kids (and eight of us are or have been married), and nine great-grandkids from those grandkids (so far!) and those are all just her direct descendants. she also has step-grandkids, grands-in-law, etc etc etc….  and can i tell you this?  

the woman NEVER forgets a birthday card!

i’m so proud to call her my nana, and amazingly grateful to have inherited many of her finer traits. 😉   par exemple (that’s fancyspeak for “for example”):

today, i met my mom and sister at atlanta bread company for lunch. afterwards, we decided to stop by and visit with nana (by the way, everyone calls her nana) for a while. when we got there, her friend juanita was there visiting too. she told us that they had just been eating apples & peanut butter (aha! that’s where i get my peanut butter obsession!) and drinking coffee, pretending that they were socialite ladies at high tea. 

my sister and i stared at each other. this is SO something the two of us would do. yeah, the whole “let’s pretend” thing carried over into adulthood.  “hey, let’s pretend we’re not just in the pool, but we’re in the pool on a cruise ship on our honeymoons with our new husbands, because we just got married in a double wedding!”  turned into “hey, let’s pretend we’re not just sitting here at starbucks ogling that hottie over there. let’s pretend that he’s actually flirting with us!”  or  “let’s go to the antique store and buy vintage teacups and drink our tea and/or coffee out of those instead of plain old mugs, and pretend we are british.” 

speaking of pretending to be british, my mom & aunts were also always avid citizens of the land of pretend (and i’m not speaking of the creepy puppet world to which mr. trolley took us on mr. rogers neighborhood…)  the last time we went to disney world as a family, which was willy’s and my fifth anniversary a couple of years ago, mom, dad, foxycleopatra, & i used our best brit-talk and totally pretended to be from london. the hubster was not a participant. he doesn’t do pretend. he does “what if”, which i absolutely abhor. anyway, it was fun.

also, whenever we were younger and my aunt lived in fernandina beach, florida, we all took on alternate personas and had “beach names”. i honestly don’t remember what we kids chose as our beach names, but the best part was that my aunt’s beach name was “india”, and my mom’s was “asia”.  how amazing is it that they participated in these games with us?  anyway, i got a little bit off track there…back to nana.

the more i talk to my nana, and the more stories i hear about her in her younger days, the more i realize i am like her, and that makes me incredibly happy and, like i said before, proud. foxycleopatra and i most definitely get our love of makeup and fashion from her. it’s very funny to see all us “clemmons girls” go somewhere in the car together, because right before we arrive at our destination, we all pull out our gear to touch up the lipstick and powder the noses. 

people are constantly telling me that i am a calming influence, and i believe this is something that comes from nana as well. (for crying out loud, she gave me a tranquilizer on my wedding day! lol! but we all know that’s not what i meant…) she also tells it like it is, while still being compassionate. 

i love my nana so much, and i’m incredibly grateful to have her in my life. she just recently got herself a little one-bedroom apartment, and she says she’s the happiest she’s been in a long time. i hope that she stays healthy and happy for much, much longer. it saddens me to think that if i ever have children, they might not get the chance to know nana. but man, will we all have fun regaling them with stories about how amazing she is. 🙂