things i love sunday.

1. our new keurig coffee maker. it was on sale at lowes!

2. beautiful abstract paintings by mossmottle on etsy.


3.  cute!  (via we heart it)


4. all the beautiful scenery at epcot, my favorite disney park. we had a blast on our trip, by the way!


5. my new hair color. it’s super duper red in direct sunlight!


6.  george harrison tribute show we went to on his birthday. we have some truly amazing local musicians here, and many of them took part in this. the guy in the right hand corner (whose face is blurry…oops) is mark bryan of hootie & the blowfish fame.

7.  such a cool repurposed clutch by foundbynicki on etsy. it’s made from one sleeve from a leather jacket & one sleeve from a tweed jacket. love it!

8.  i’m going to go crazy waiting for water for elephants to come out in theaters. it looks so amazing. i WILL finish the book by then. the funny thing is, it’s been on my list of “to-reads” for years. and now rob is in the movie. teehee.


9.   GAWGEOUS!!!! (via we heart it)


10. the ultimate love story. it is called love story, after all. 😉


here we go!

t minus 45 minuts until we leave for a new disney world adventure!!! yes, i realize that some of you may think it’s childish of us to want to go to disney world every year without kids. but it’s so much fun, and it’s a place that’s filled with so many happy memories for us. so off we go! see y’all next week!  ❤

i'll tell mickey & minnie you said hi! 😉

day five: places i hope to go this year.

i missed day five of 11 in 2011 yesterday, but i’m making up for it now. i’ll do today’s post later tonight.

*i’d love to go back to new york city sometime this year. i fell in love with it when we visited last august.

(image via we heart it)

*i’m hoping we’ll get to visit the fam in texas during the summer. southwest airlines is finally coming to charleston in march, and there will be $50 tickets to houston. it’s just a 4-hour drive to san antonio from there. 🙂

*i want to do something fun for my spring break this year. maybe go to disney world again? my sister & i are thinking about it, but i’m not sure if we’ll go or not. hubs is hesitant about planning anything, since we’re dropping a lot of our savings on my tuition.

*i think i’ll be going to greenville, sc on march 31st to see a bobby long show. 🙂

(oh, geez, he’s so dreamy! image via we heart it)


i have a feeling this year won’t be as travel-filled as last year was. we’ll be spending an awful lot on school this year, and since we’re refusing to take out any loans (and i don’t qualify for any grants or anything, but don’t get me started on that), funding will be limited. but it will feel damn good to graduate with zero student loans to pay back. 🙂  two senses of accomplishment all at once. 😉

where would you like to go this year?


my year in pictures.

well, it’s new year’s eve! i don’t know about you, but i’m ready and excited to celebrate 2010 and watch 2011 roll around tonight. i thought i’d do a little look back at 2010 in pictures. we did so much traveling and tried so many new things this year!


we started the year out in texas with willy’s family. so much fun! i love his family as much as my own. ❤

new year's even 2010! willy still had his beard. heehee.

while we were in san antonio, we took our niece to sea world. so fun!


we went skiing with friends in north carolina. it was my first time ever! i didn’t do so well, though…heh…

real, actual snow! we hardly ever get to see snow.

our good friends josh & becca. poor becca broke her tailbone when she fell off the snowboard!

pouty face! i’m no good at snowboarding or skiing. i didn’t know snow was so slippery! silly me.

just when i started loving snow, we actually got some!! over three inches worth! i built my very first real snowman.


school was in full swing, and i had my very first photography class. loved it. here’s a scan of one of my final project photos.

signs of spring were everywhere!


hubster, sis, and i went to disney world! we also had easter dinner at my aunt’s house and went to georgia for our cousin’s first birthday. ❤

sitting on a bench, waiting on a bus to take us from the magic kingdom to epcot!

hiding easter eggs is almost as much fun as it was hunting for them as a kid.

our cousin's baby, alexis, turned one in april!


i met some girlfriends in athens, georgia, to see bobby long at the 40 watt club. later in the month, we went back to texas for our cousin’s wedding! it was so beautiful!

le sigh... bobby long, how i adore thee.

the gorgeous bride and handsome groom!

our beautiful nieces ❤


the first part of the month was very sad. we lost mimi (hubby’s grandma, who was more like his mom), and we traveled to texas and oklahoma for her memorial. it was lovely to hear all the stories the grandkids told and remember the fun times with her.

the second part of the month found us in north carolina for a family reunion. we visited the biltmore estate, which was amazingly beautiful.

we spent the fourth of july in austin

the "back yard" at the biltmore estate.

biltmore estate


the hubster had a three-day weekend for some reason or another. he came home one day and suggested we take a short trip to new york city. um, yes please! i’d never been before, and i fell in LOVE with it. so many amazing things to see and do.

the metropolitan museum of art. i thought i'd died and gone to heaven!

the hubster took me to tiffany & co. and bought me new engagement/wedding rings! i was *so* surprised! i had some sort of weird reaction to my original ones, and my finger was so swollen i had to have them cut off. :/ i still can't believe the amazing surprise.

i love this picture.


we went to nashville to visit friends–another place we’d never been! we had a wonderful time there. for some reason, i don’t have many pictures. i guess they’re on my old hard drive.


the fair was in town! we also saw band of horses at the performing arts center, but i don’t have any pictures from that either. :/

i love petting zoos. animals are so adorable.

hubster and sis in a fun house!


we did a lot of fun things in november! at the beginning of the month, one of my besties, my sister, and i went to see OK Go at the music farm. best. concert. EVER. we snuck back in afterward and got to meet damian. since it was after midnight, and officially my sis’s birthday, he sang happy birthday to her! it was awesome. the hubster and i also went on a cruise for my 30th birthday! p.s. i still don’t feel thirty.

picture taken by the band from the stage. they’re so interactive with their fans!
us with damian kulash of ok go. he is so cool!

colorful houses in curacao



my sis and i spent a good portion of december doing crafts and stuff for christmas gifts. we made soap, necklaces, and scarves. christmas day was spent with my mom’s side of the family, and we celebrated the next day with my dad’s side (since people have to travel, it’s always easier to celebrate christmas shortly thereafter.

in front of our tree, wearing the gryffindor scarf i made for my little cousin

my gifts! i got tons of books!

our little cousin alexis in the cutie hat we got her

our aunt got my sis & me the cutest aprons!

2010 was such a great year. i hope 2011 will bring just as many new friends, new adventures, and fun times.

happy new year!!

one more month of twenties…

we finally booked our cruise to celebrate my THIRTIETH birthday next month! i do *not* feel like i’m going to be leaving my twenties in just 36 days. i still feel like a kid, really. i’m married, i own a home, i’ve lived on two coasts and proven to myself that i am a responsible person, yet i still dont feel like an adult. it’s odd, really. though i guess thirty is still young these days, right? right? 😉

SO anyway, i wanted to celebrate in a big way. we decided a fun trip would be a good way to do that. so we’re going on a cruise. since it’ll just be the two of us, it’ll be a romantic vacation too. 🙂  i’m so excited. we’re going for eight days, and the places we’ll be visiting are:

grand turk

la romana, dominican repulic

aruba (we’re most excited about this one!)


aside from all the other projects i want to have completed by spring semester (assuming c of c doesn’t mess it up & lose my paperwork again. grr), i’m going to start working on a “30 in 30” art journal. i’ll do one entry each day for the thirty days leading up to my thirtieth birthday. the idea just hit me the other day, & i thought it sounded fun! i’ll start in on the 24th and end it on my birthday, november 22nd.

other than that, there’s not a whole lot going on here (though i think that’s enough to be excited about). we’re working on painting & redecorating the master bathroom…yeah, i’ve got the painter’s tape up, but that’s as far as i’ve gotten. heh… i’m doing research for my nanowrimo (national novel writing month–30 days of literary abandon. and wow, the topic for this post seems to be the number thirty. it’s like sesame street!) novel. just a hint: i’ve been researching schizophrenia, mind control/brainwashing, and physics. sounds intriguing, right? i have an amazing plot. i only hope i can do it justice. i’ve never written *anything* like this before. most of my writing has been semi-romantic chick lit or memoir-like anecdotal stories. we watched a clockwork orange last night as research. it was…interesting. i’m really glad i finished reading  1984 this summer. i’ve got a good idea about mind control from that. i’m so excited & nervous to start writing this! i have to keep reminding myself that, even though i’m supposed to write 50,000 words in 30 days, i have as long as i want to polish it up and finish it. it’s my lifelong dream to be published (and get credit for it, unlike ghostwriting!), but i have to keep telling myself that there’s no hurry.

so those are a few things that are going on lately. i’m also going to be working my butt off to try and lose maybe ten more pounds before the cruise. i’ve lost twenty doing p90x so far, but i’ve admittedly slacked off on the working out & eating right. i’m recommitting myself to p90x this week. 😉

this post brought to you by the number 

friday five

i may as well rename my blog “fail blog,” but i’m pretty sure that name is taken. so i’ll stick with tifftastic. sorry it’s been so long. i’m the type of person that gets so excited about new projects that i throw myself into them and don’t think about anything else. i also seem to always feel so busy, even if i’m not even doing much. apparently, that’s part of having ADHD, which i was officially diagnosed with in may. that was a *huge* relief, because now i can be treated for it & hopefully get more focused! just in time to start back to school in the fall. 🙂 i’m going to really need that focus since the majority of my classes will be studio classes! since it’s friday, i’m going to do a pretty random friday five. here are five facts, statements, opinions, and questions for you.

1. firstly, i’ve been in love with this song for the past month or so. i adore sufjan (pronounced SOOF-yan) stevens. it’s so interesting and just…cool. you should press that little play button & listen while you read this blog.

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2. i drove to athens, georgia at the end of may to meet four friends that i’d never met face-to-face before. they’re online writing buddies, and they are four of the loveliest gals i’ve ever met! i love and miss them and can’t wait for the next time we can get together. we went to athens to see bobby long. le sigh. not only is he talented, but gorgeous to boot.

also playing that night was matt pond pa, another artist you should definitely check out. he was kind enough to take a picture with me at the end of the night! the zoom was zoomed in, and mandy didn’t know how to work it, so that’s why i look like a floating head. LOL!

2. we also traveled to texas at the end of may for our cousins’ wedding. it was beautiful! we had a wonderful time with family. a couple of pics:

our beautiful, gorgeous, adorable nieces!

mimi & pop. we love them so much.

the beautiful bride and handsome groom

i'm the queen of shuffleboard. we got to spend lots of time with the cousins, and the night before we left we all went out to a bar and played shuffleboard. so much fun. 🙂

3. can someone please tell my husband that the living room is *not* his laundry hamper? the recliner & dining room chairs have his dirty clothes draped over them, and i’m forever finding socks all over the floors, under the couch, tucked into crevices… yeesh! i’ve tried to tell him over & over again. i mean, at least i use the *bedroom floor* as my hamper. 😉

4. hubs & i have started doing p90x. it. is. rough. but you really get results. hubs already has people telling him he looks like he’s lost weight (he has. over 10 lbs already, and this is his third week). i’m not sure if i’ve lost anything yet. it’s my second week. his first week consisted of me sitting on the couch and snickering & snorting at the guy on the dvd. he really is a big goofball. he says things like, “nice muscles dude!” and “ooh, that feels toasty!” and “hey, cool shoes, man. they’re almost as cool as mine.”  if you can get past his really annoying comments, you’ll succeed. lol. the good news is that you can turn off the comments or the music or both. p.s. WHY do men get to lose weight so much more quickly than women? boo.

5. we’ve decided two things: we’re going to go on a cruise for my 30th birthday this year. i don’t want to have a party. i want to celebrate it in a BIG way! we’re going to do it over thanksgiving, b/c my bday is the monday before. the second decision is that for our tenth anniversary (which is in two years), we’re going to go to paris!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee!!!!!! i finally get to go to paris! we might actually make it a paris/london trip, or maybe even a longer trip so we can see a lot of other places. we have two years to plan it and save up money, so it’s totally doable. i’m so excited! 🙂

so there you have it. the friday five. again, i’m so sorry it’s been so long. i’ll be blogging more often again. i promise. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ❤

ten things i love sunday…disney style!

well, i’m back home just in time for “things i love sunday.” though i’d rather still be at disney world. 😉  we had a great time. instead of the normal ten things this week, i’m going to do ten things i loved about our trip! here we go…

1.  bus to magic kingdom from our resort on the first day. look how excited we are! (hubster says, “you’re going to use up all your camera battery before we even get there if you don’t stop taking bus pictures.”)

2. safari at animal kingdom. this is *not* zoomed. this giraffe was actually this close to our truck thingy!

3. cosmic ray’s starlight diner in tomorrowland. it’s sort of a tradition that this is the first place we eat. yeah…we have weird traditions…

4. the flower and garden festival at epcot. everything’s so pretty!

5. my new boyfriend. alas, we had to break up before i went home, because he simply would not fit in my luggage.

6.  character sightings!!!

7.  the really cool way disney lets you in on behind-the-scenes stuff. i watched this little otter have his annual physical (he was asleep).

8. one of my most favorite rides EVER!  i love that floaty feeling when you shoot up really fast, right before you fall back down. so fun! i do have to admit that i was scared out of my wits the very first time i ever rode it. 😉

9. how much laughing we did (& usually do when the three of us are together) all week. especially on the car rides to & from orlando. 

10.  how beautiful & authentic all the countries seem in the world showcase at epcot. i love how the people that work in each country are actually from there. the hubs asks them soooo many questions. lol

and one to grow on…

making faces while riding the ferry to the magic kingdom. while all others stand/sit around bored on the dumb boat, we find great ways to amuse ourselves. hee.

the end. (for this time anyway. we’ll be back next year!)