those were the days

lessons from nana.

this week, we lost the most amazing woman ever to walk the face of this earth. my nana, annie clemmons laflamme, was the strongest, most loving, caring, and beautiful woman i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. it’s been an incredibly hard week for us all, but we know she’s gone home to the lord and is doing what she does best–watching over us and loving us.

my sister, cousins, and i put together a list of things we learned from our nana over the years. we tend to cope with humor, so we laughed quite a bit while compiling our list. though it’s been rough so far, it’s also been awesome to see all the people, family and friends alike, who have been touched by nana’s love and care. it’s also been so much fun to relive stories about her. so without further ado, here are a few “nana-isms” we put together.

* You’ll never get a husband if you don’t learn how to eat spaghetti without slurping.

* You can never have too much jewelry.

* You have to earn the right to wear the white.

* Stop touching your face, or you’ll get wrinkles!

* Get your hair out of your face.

* If you must rub your eyes, use your ring finger.

* Always make sure everybody around you is cared for.

* Age is just a number. You’re never too old to dye your hair pink or wear a coconut bra.

* Always have your lipstick at the ready.

* Beauty comes from within, but you’d better be using your moisturizer.

* If you really mean something, underline it. Twice.

*You can always spare $10 for a birthday card.

* Above all, Nana taught us strength, grace, and love.

we love you more than we could ever say, nana, and we miss you so much.


etsy love.

guess what?

i opened up a new etsy shop. 🙂

i named it flossie mae vintage. my mamaw & papaw have called me flossie mae for as long as i can remember. don’t ask me why. but i thought it was a perfect name for the shop. 🙂

it’s for all the cool vintage stuff i find at thrift and antique stores. i’m not expecting it to be wildly popular, because there are *tons* of vintage shops on etsy. still, it’s something fun i wanted to do. so far, i have three housewares/collectible items and one dress. i need ashley or chelsea or someone to model it for me so i can take some photos. the key to having a good etsy shop is the photos. i saw a cool tutorial on taking photos for your etsy shop the other day. so i took some advice from it while setting things up today. here’s what i have:

vintage corningware mugs:

old spice jars that look like apothecary jars. i remember mamaw having some these when i was younger:

and a green glass vase by e.o. brody co. i googled the name and found that a man named e.o. brody designed green glass and milk glass vases starting in 1958. he sold them to wholesale florists, who in turn sold them to retail florists. they were most popular during the 60s and 70s. lots of people have green glass or milk glass collections, so i’m excited to have found this one. if i don’t sell it, maybe i can start a collection. 😉

i’ll get pictures of the dress tomorrow. in the meantime, visit my shop here! (there’s also a badge over there on the right —–> that you can click, and it’ll take you straight there.

chivalry is NOT dead.

i was not in the best mood yesterday as i made my way through the icky rain to my photography class. it had been rainy & gross all day long, my knee was (still is) hurting pretty badly, and the people here drive like complete & total idiots when it rains. i was five minutes late to class thanks to said idiots.

anyway, my mood got a little bit worse when i saw the puddles & mud in my path on the way to class. i saw two guys walking toward me on the sidewalk, and i scooted over to the muddy grass. and then the most wonderful thing happened.

they both protested, vehemently, might i add, my walking in the mud. they said, “you get back on that sidewalk and let us walk in the mud. you’re a lady!” the most surprising part of it was that they looked to be about 23 years old.


need i mention how much my mood changed after that? further proof in my belief that it only takes one little thing to brighten someone’s day. whenever i’m out & about, i’m always nice and thankful to people. you never know what kind of day someone is having. they might be having the most crap-tastic day, and a simple smile and a “thank you! have a good day!” are all they need.

anyway, my point is that people are all about themselves these days (i’m not saying that i’m perfect, because i can be pretty damn selfish). back in the day, a gentleman would lay his jacket over a puddle so a lady wouldn’t have to walk through it. it’s not often nowadays that you’d see two young men insist that a girl walk on the sidewalk while they trudge through the mud. most would just keep their head down and walk on by.

anyway, it might not mean much to the average person, but it really brightened my day and made me feel special. chivalry is decidedly not dead. 🙂


hearing: my morning jacket. the song is “touch me i’m going to scream pt. 2” from the album evil urges. it’s a great album. i highly recommend picking it up.

seeing: a lot of people reading, studying, typing away on their laptops.

feeling: cold! it’s gray out, and it makes me *not* want to workout later.

smelling: coffee. and occasional whiffs of my perfume, stella nude.

tasting: my grande nonfat mocha. yum.

things i love sunday.

i’m taking a cue from some other bloggers that i love, and making a list of the ten things i’m in love with this week.

1. apartment therapy’s the kitchn.  lots of really good recipes and pretty photos of the yummy food.

2. turner classic movies. it’s the only channel my tv has been on for the past month. i’m not kidding.

3. speaking of tcm, i’m currently conducting a love affair with humphrey bogart. he’s the star of the month on tcm, and every wednesday they show only movies with bogey. ❤

4. this cute neckwarmer scarf from beautiful briget. (& isn’t the girl modeling it too cute for words?)

5. this ad from the 60s. let’s bring this back, okay?

6. a new job for my sis and me. and whoever else wants to join in. 😉

7. bitchbuzz. it’s full of awesome stuff. and so fun.

8. is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. the hubster appreciated the love from rob pattinson & taylor lautner. hee.

9. please. how can i leave out the pretty from a list of things i’m in love with? the boy is gorgeous and adorkable.

10. the avett brothers. i love, love, love them. they’re from concord, nc. click here to listen on, an awesome site to which my bestie candace just introduced me.

what do you love this week?

that elusive christmas-y feeling.

i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i haven’t been able to feel what has been dubbed as “the christmas spirit” at all this year. i’ve been frustrated by the number of houses on our street that are completely overloaded with christmas lights and blow-up decorations (you know the ones–they remind me of a jump castle). instead of appreciating these families’ holiday spirit, the only thing i can think is “if these people put half the time, energy, and money into charity work or donations that they put into draping decorations and lights over anything that stands still for more than five seconds, the world would be a better place.”  i know it’s really bitter and sort of hypocritical of me to think this way, but i can’t help it.

i have a couple of days off til my last final on monday, so i thought maybe if i loaded all my christmas cd’s into my itunes and played them really loud while i do chores & stuff… just maybe i’d feel a hint of christmas cheer? so i converted my cd’s into itunes and even downloaded a few songs that i love that i didn’t have in my collection. and as soon as i pressed “play”…

i started crying. i don’t know what on earth is wrong with me.

i think it might have something to do with the way my family dynamic has changed over the years. listening to things like bing crosby and ella fitzgerald and frank sinatra remind me of waking up at mamaw & papaw’s house on the weekends (because i spent EVERY weekend there) to the smell of eggs and bacon and grits and coffee. being scolded for not putting on socks before walking on the kitchen linoleum because it was “freezing cold”. sitting at the table and eating breakfast with mamaw and papaw while the christmas music played. putting the decorations on the tree. being allowed to go on the roof with papaw while he put up decorations but only if i stayed seated in the exact center of the roof and did not move one single inch. waiting on christmas eve for all the family to get there so we could open presents, us kids (there were only the two of us until i was about seven or eight) barely able to contain our excitement. all the yummy food and family and love and general happiness.

and then there was christmas with nana. it used to be held on christmas eve when i was very little, but then as our family grew to amazing numbers. nana has six CHILDREN (if you say “kids”, nana will say, “they are CHILDREN. not GOATS.”), a number of stepchildren that i’m not sure of, 23984709283 grandchildren, and 7760 great-grandchildren. so eventually, we moved our christmas celebration to the saturday after christmas so that all those who had to travel could enjoy christmas day at their respective homes. that’s the tradition we keep with to this day.

those are the things i remember when i think about christmas. being an adult is hard. i wonder if it’s like this for everyone.

now, i’m not so naive or jaded as to think that the problems of today didn’t exist twenty+ years ago. i know there have been times of economic hardship, family quarrels, what have you. but when you grow up and are privy to these types of details, some of the magic goes out of everything. i never really wanted to grow up, but it seems as though everyone around me did. i feel kind of like peter pan, when he goes back to the nursery to find wendy darling all grown up with children of her own.

this is not in any way supposed to be a pity party. it’s merely an exploration of why i’ve been feeling the way i have.

i remember my very first christmas away from my family. it was when we lived in california. i was fortunate enough to spend every christmas with my family until i was twenty-four years old. that christmas was really hard for me. i remember willy & i went to disneyland one weekend in december. after the fireworks, they had a “snowfall” in front of the castle & on main street, and i sat there bawling my eyes out in the middle of my most favorite place, because i missed my family so much and wouldn’t get to see them.

and now that i’m “all grown up” and the kids of my generation are having kids of their own, things are much harder for me than i ever thought they would be. i wish i knew a way to make it better.

maybe once willy and i have our own children (if we do have any, that is), christmas will feel magical again.

maybe all i need is a trip to see the james island festival of lights with my family.

maybe i need a swift kick in the rear end. 😉

in order to put a little magic into christmas for other people, i’m going to commit to doing some charity work this christmas. i was just saying to willy last night, “i don’t know what i’m going to do with myself over christmas break! i’ll have no homework or studying, and no classes to go to. wow.”  (i haven’t really had a break all year–i went straight from spring semester to summer to fall, with about a week in between each.) well, now i know what to do with that time.

this was pretty hard to write. reliving those old memories in words instead of just in my head was sort of tough. i don’t think i can clearly convey the meaning my family holds for me. when my sister and i were younger, our friends never understood why we were always doing things with family on the weekends. there was always a shopping trip with an aunt, an uncle’s birthday party, a family dinner, etc. we didn’t realize that other families weren’t necessarily like ours. we didn’t know that our friends thought their families were lame, because we thought ours was the coolest ever. now that we’re grown, we know how lucky we’ve been and can properly appreciate what we have, because it’s really something that should be treasured and never taken for granted.

download this:  have yourself a merry little christmas by judy garland. because it’s one of my favorite christmas songs, sung by one of my all-time favorite movie stars, in one of my very favorite movies (meet me in st. louis).