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ten pretty blue things.

i was just perusing a daily email from etsy, and there were so many pretty blue things! so i thought i’d do a “ten things i love” post, even though it’s tuesday. aaaaand…yeah, it’s been a long, long time since i’ve done one. heh.

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i cain’t rite good like they had did.

Little Women has got to be one of the greatest stories ever written. It makes me cry like a baby every single time. The prose and dialogue are just so…pleasing. The characterizations are amazing, and the people seem to leap from the pages. The eloquence of it even shines through in the dialogue of the movies based on the novel. The relationships between the characters are so well-developed; the characters are wonderfully flawed (though Jo says she is “hopelessly flawed”), and there’s nothing glamorous about them. It’s beautiful.

I only wish I knew how to write like that. The fact is that most people don’t have nearly the vocabulary everyday people had one hundred years ago. With all of the advances made during that time, I feel that there just aren’t many writers anymore who are able to write prose with the type of rhetoric that was common during Louisa May Alcott’s or Jane Austen’s time. It just seems to me that language was grander then.

Of course, I know that the language varied between the classes and from region to region. But there are simple words that some people don’t even understand these days. I believe I once wrote on this very blog that I had a friend who didn’t know the meaning of the word “swoon.”

I’m sorry if it makes me sound like a judgmental snob, but when someone can’t use proper grammar or can’t be bothered to even try to pronounce a word or name correctly, it makes me wince and consider them ignorant. The worst is when someone knows grammar rules and is purposely obtuse just because they don’t feel like it’s important. It is. If you don’t think so, read letters written by not only writers like Jane Austen, but by regular people of the same era. Simple correspondence written so beautifully. Do love letters still exist, by the way? I would…ahem…swoon if someone wrote a love letter like this simple line Mozart wrote to his wife:

Adieu – Dearest, most beloved little wife – Take care of your health – and don’t think of walking into town. Do write and tell me how you like our new quarters – Adieu. I kiss you millions of times. 

It’s not even a particularly romantic line, yet the language is so pretty.

I wish people would acknowledge the beauty of language and actually make an attempt to use it properly. It’s not that difficult.

The difference between “good” and “well,” for example. Good describes a noun. Well describes an action. This ice cream is so good! He plays the piano very well. It’s really not that difficult.

On the other hand, I realize that it might not be considered “cool” to sound intelligent. I don’t understand it at all. My sister and I were having a discussion about this very thing a few weeks ago. Even in our adult lives, both of us have been made fun of for this. Maybe it’s done in a teasing way, but it still stings somewhat.

This post took a turn somewhere… I only meant to write about the beauty of Little Women. Haha… I’m sorry that it turned into a sort of diatribe. If you don’t understand what I mean, pick up a copy of this novel (or most novels of the era or earlier). Flip it open to any page (you could even just google an excerpt). I guarantee you that any excerpt you pick will resound with greatness and vivid language. This sentence, for example:

The first of December was a wintry day indeed to them, for a bitter wind blew, snow fell fast, and the year seemed getting ready for its death.

I rest my case with a final snippet from this wonderful book that has been treasured by generations. I love the irony of the final sentence, spoken by Amy. It makes me giggle.

“I don’t believe any of you suffer as I do,” cried Amy; “for you don’t have to go to school with impertinent girls, who plague you if you don’t know your lessons, and laugh at your dresses, and label your father if he isn’t rich, and insult you when your nose isn’t nice.”

“If you mean libel, I’d say so, and not talk about labels, as if papa was a pickle-bottle,” advised Jo, laughing.

“I know what I mean, and you needn’t be statirical about it. It’s proper to use good words, and improve your vocabilary,” returned Amy, with dignity.


just a quick update since i just realized it’s been two weeks since i last blogged. heh…

so, what have i been doing with my time? i started my internship at corinthian books last week, and so far i’m really liking it! i’ve learned quite a bit already about a few topics. the project that we’re working on is extremely interesting, and i love hearing the different stories about the people concerned with it. 🙂

aside from that, i’ve been relaxing and doing lots of crafts and artwork. i’ve taken a small break from my constant crocheting after working like mad to get enough stuff together for my sis’s school carnival. it was a great success for our first time out! we had a booth where we sold strictly our own hand-crocheted items. we sold quite a few hats, but the big winners were the headbands and hairclips! we ended up making $63, which is quite good considering our low prices. the baby hats are $5, adult hats are $10, headbands $3, and clips/pins $2. ashley says she’s seen a couple of kids walking around school wearing our cute creations. fun! here’s a pic of our booth:

the chunky pink hat with the gray flower on the far right was my favorite. this super cute lady bought it, and it looked adorable with her short, blonde, shaggy haircut! i was excited for her. lol  we have a new etsy shop set up (port city handmade), but we need to get some photos of some of our stuff so we can go ahead and put some of them in the shop. we’re also going to be donating a lot of hats to musc and other hospitals for patients undergoing chemotherapy and for newborns. i’m thinking orphanages and homeless shelters might appreciate the plain, functional adult ones too. i love doing things like that. it makes me happy to make other people happy.

i’ve also been doing an online art journaling class called ink blots, hosted by the lovely elaine from glow in the dark soul. it’s a journal that’s mostly focused on doodles and little drawings. it’s been great fun! i just got caught up on all the entries today. here are a couple of pages:

so, that’s about it. today was a wholly unproductive day, besides doing a few art journal pages. i’ve felt blah…my eyes have been all watery and itchy and irritated all day, and my head is kind of swimmy. :/   seasonal allergies suck.

yarn hooker.

i’ve been crocheting like a fiend lately. i’m not even exaggerating when i say that on wednesday, i crocheted from the time i got up until i went to bed. it’s just so calming and satisfying! i’ve joined ravelry, a knitting & crochet community where you can share patterns and keep inventory of your yarn & stuff. it’s fun. here are a few of my newest creations:

a baby panda hat! i'm thinking about embroidering eyes and a little nose, but i'm not sure yet. what do you think?

toddler cloche. i'm loving making these big flowers!

baby bonnet. i adore this and will definitely be using this pattern again!

baby bear hat. i think these are so precious on newborns.

super soft newborns caps

baby berry cap. i think it looks like a raspberry! that's why i'm calling it baby berry. 🙂

cutie baby hat.

flowers in all shapes and sizes!

toddler hat, fisherman style

i’m all about the baby hats lately. i’ve done a few adult hats, but baby & kid-sized ones are just too cute. i’ve also done some headbands with bows (i wore mine yesterday!) and flowers, and i’ve got some other cute ideas in my head. ashley’s been crocheting up a storm too, but i don’t have any pics of her stuff yet. all of these will be available at our booth at her school carnival, and they’ll eventually go into our etsy shop. too bad we don’t have a baby to model them for us! lol

happy weekend!

things i love thursday.

i know it’s not sunday, but i was just ruminating on a few things that i really love. i know it’s been a while since i’ve done a ten things i love post, so i thought i’d do one right now. 🙂

1. drunken goat cheese. an amazing cheese that comes from murcia, spain. it’s made from the pasteurized milk of their local murciana goats. the wheels of cheese are soaked in a twice-fermented, heavy wine for two to three days. then it’s aged for two & a half months. this stuff is amazingly good. i highly recommend trying it. i found it the first time at earth fare, but the bilo near my house carries it now!
2. i’m loving this yarn i just started using. it’s 100% cotton, all natural, and works up really well. the small skeins are around $1.50, and you can get two baby hats or one adult hat out of them. 🙂

3. awesome chair from wild chairy.

4. i want this set by doll face, if only for the adorable carrying case!

5. oh my! these are fabulous! they’re crafted by williams british handmade, & i suggest looking at the entire collection.

6. i need this book.

7. hahahaha!

8. gasp! i cannot wait for this. go ahead & make fun if you want. i don’t mind. i like what i like.  🙂

9. one of my favorite paintings. the kiss by gustav klimt.  

10.  these are too cute!  there are several etsy shops who sell mugs like these. i want some porcelain markers so i can make some cute mugs! hmm…wonder if willy would mind a trip to a.c. moore this evening… 😉

mellow monday

well, it’s monday again. it’s actually shaping up to be a pretty darn good day. 🙂 the best news? only one week left of classes! next monday is the last official day. why they would make the last day of classes be a monday completely baffles me. i wonder how many people will actually show up that day? i’m hoping we have a review for our math final, so i’ll definitely be there. anyway, it’s a lovely day here. sunny and a high of about 80 degrees but not humid yet, so it’s really nice in the shade. i’m currently sitting at kudu coffee between classes, munching on a turkey tuscan sandwich and sipping a coffee. i thought i’d put together a nice little monday playlist for you to enjoy. even if you think you don’t enjoy the type of music i like (which is ludicrous, because i like most music!), you should at least listen to “hold time” by m. ward. it’s so beautiful. ❤

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lessons from nana.

this week, we lost the most amazing woman ever to walk the face of this earth. my nana, annie clemmons laflamme, was the strongest, most loving, caring, and beautiful woman i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. it’s been an incredibly hard week for us all, but we know she’s gone home to the lord and is doing what she does best–watching over us and loving us.

my sister, cousins, and i put together a list of things we learned from our nana over the years. we tend to cope with humor, so we laughed quite a bit while compiling our list. though it’s been rough so far, it’s also been awesome to see all the people, family and friends alike, who have been touched by nana’s love and care. it’s also been so much fun to relive stories about her. so without further ado, here are a few “nana-isms” we put together.

* You’ll never get a husband if you don’t learn how to eat spaghetti without slurping.

* You can never have too much jewelry.

* You have to earn the right to wear the white.

* Stop touching your face, or you’ll get wrinkles!

* Get your hair out of your face.

* If you must rub your eyes, use your ring finger.

* Always make sure everybody around you is cared for.

* Age is just a number. You’re never too old to dye your hair pink or wear a coconut bra.

* Always have your lipstick at the ready.

* Beauty comes from within, but you’d better be using your moisturizer.

* If you really mean something, underline it. Twice.

*You can always spare $10 for a birthday card.

* Above all, Nana taught us strength, grace, and love.

we love you more than we could ever say, nana, and we miss you so much.