things i love sunday

things i love sunday.


















































things i love sunday…art journal edition!

since i’ve been journaling so much lately, i thought i’d share a top ten with you on this subject. 🙂

1. i got these yesterday on a short shopping trip. they were the only things i bought. the book came from tj maxx, if you can believe it! it’s just a plain novel (ken follett), but i thought the book was too beautiful to not buy for $4! so now it’s an altered art journal. i bought the little notebook because i love the cute drawing on the front, and it’s the perfect size to keep in my purse for spontaneous journaling.

2. my new favorite pen: the papermate flair. it’s great for doodling, and it doesn’t bleed through the pages.

3. my box o’ crap. i mean supplies. 😉

4. the cover of my journal for the online ink blots class i’ve been doing. i’m sad that it’s over, but i’ve come away with some great ideas and advice!

and a few of my favorite recent pages:







hope you had a fun weekend! here’s wishing you a great week. 🙂

things i love thursday.

i know it’s not sunday, but i was just ruminating on a few things that i really love. i know it’s been a while since i’ve done a ten things i love post, so i thought i’d do one right now. 🙂

1. drunken goat cheese. an amazing cheese that comes from murcia, spain. it’s made from the pasteurized milk of their local murciana goats. the wheels of cheese are soaked in a twice-fermented, heavy wine for two to three days. then it’s aged for two & a half months. this stuff is amazingly good. i highly recommend trying it. i found it the first time at earth fare, but the bilo near my house carries it now!
2. i’m loving this yarn i just started using. it’s 100% cotton, all natural, and works up really well. the small skeins are around $1.50, and you can get two baby hats or one adult hat out of them. 🙂

3. awesome chair from wild chairy.

4. i want this set by doll face, if only for the adorable carrying case!

5. oh my! these are fabulous! they’re crafted by williams british handmade, & i suggest looking at the entire collection.

6. i need this book.

7. hahahaha!

8. gasp! i cannot wait for this. go ahead & make fun if you want. i don’t mind. i like what i like.  🙂

9. one of my favorite paintings. the kiss by gustav klimt.  

10.  these are too cute!  there are several etsy shops who sell mugs like these. i want some porcelain markers so i can make some cute mugs! hmm…wonder if willy would mind a trip to a.c. moore this evening… 😉

things i love sunday.

1. our new keurig coffee maker. it was on sale at lowes!

2. beautiful abstract paintings by mossmottle on etsy.


3.  cute!  (via we heart it)


4. all the beautiful scenery at epcot, my favorite disney park. we had a blast on our trip, by the way!


5. my new hair color. it’s super duper red in direct sunlight!


6.  george harrison tribute show we went to on his birthday. we have some truly amazing local musicians here, and many of them took part in this. the guy in the right hand corner (whose face is blurry…oops) is mark bryan of hootie & the blowfish fame.

7.  such a cool repurposed clutch by foundbynicki on etsy. it’s made from one sleeve from a leather jacket & one sleeve from a tweed jacket. love it!

8.  i’m going to go crazy waiting for water for elephants to come out in theaters. it looks so amazing. i WILL finish the book by then. the funny thing is, it’s been on my list of “to-reads” for years. and now rob is in the movie. teehee.


9.   GAWGEOUS!!!! (via we heart it)


10. the ultimate love story. it is called love story, after all. 😉

things i love tuesday…

eek! i had a little computer mishap on friday. it fell, and my screen went kaput. i had been gathering little things here and there for my “things i love sunday” post, and now…well, i don’t have them anymore. but i need to give you a things i love post, since i’ll be out of town next weekend (yay disney world)! so here are a few things i’m loving this week!

1. p.s. i made this is an amazing site that gives great ideas and tutorials. the motto is “i see it. i like it. i make it.” check out the youtube channel here for live tutorials. they’re so easy, you’ll find yourself making a long list of things to make! i know i did…

2. the gorgeous paintings by local artist mclean sheperd. i’m in love with her work.

3. yogurt mountain. yummm.

4. looks like a great day to me! one of my fave movies

image via we heart it

5. this is basically what we’re learning in my painting class. my professor takes such a *different* approach to teaching. at first, it doesn’t seem like he’s teaching us anything. but then…you leave class to find you’ve learned so much.


6. i still want to dye my hair a bright, pretty color. the problem is, i sort of like to blend in. i don’t like people staring, and i don’t like to be the center of attention. if i’m going to stand out, i want it to be for something i did. but colorful hair is just so pretty! i want. 

image via we heart it

7. boots n gus makes some really cool lighting fixtures out of found items like tupperware containers, molds, and mason jars. how cool! hop on over to etsy to take a gander at their truly amazing fixtures. they’ve also got tons of vintage items for sale.

8.  such a fabulous yet simple workspace! found via lonnymag.

9. i love hdr. i need so badly to learn photoshop so i can make my pictures lovely, but i have the attention span of a gnat.

image via we heart it

10. the sharp wit and eternal good looks of cary grant in pretty much every movie in which he appears. he is, by far, one of my most favorite actors ever.

ten things i love

so i haven’t done lovely sundays for the past couple of weeks because of the 11 in 2011 posts. but i’m back this week with ten lovely things to show you!

1. i want some of these books. found them on hilda grahnat‘s flickr account. apparently, they were a flea market find! i want to visit whatever flea market she does!

2. this is from rag & bone’s fall 2010 collection. tartan style! i love it.

3. charbonnel et walker’s pink champagne truffles? yes, please! you can find them here.

4. organizing by color may not be the most convenient way to store books, but it’s certainly the most aesthetically pleasing way. 🙂

(image via seesaw.)

5. beer savers silicone beer bottle caps. these are such a “duh” invention, but so ingenious a the same time.

6. there aren’t words for how cool this is. via magnolia pearl. their website is just so pretty to look at.

7. i love crocheting. i’m so excited that i got the guts to try making stuff other than scarves or blankets. hats, gloves, and headbands are so much easier, because you don’t have to worry about even edges like you do with blankets. i love this hat. it was so amazingly easy to make, but it looked like something i’d buy at target or urban outfitters! i gave it to my friend becca. 🙂  i’m going to make another to put in my etsy shop.

8. this is so funny!

9. gorgeous tulip dress by kelsey genna on etsy. wouldn’t it make a unique wedding gown? especially for an outdoor wedding.

10. my new camera lens arrived on friday!!! i took about a billion pictures of mundane crap around the house. lol. and then my sister came over, so we did an impromptu shoot in the front yard. (if you like her cute yellow fascinator cap, i made it. heehee)