the blahs


i was completely mortified in math class today. let me set the scene for you. i’m sitting in class diligently taking notes and drinking coffee. i’m paying very close attention, because i missed last friday and we have another quiz this wednesday. now that you’re familiar with the situation, here’s something of a script for you:

professor:  “…so you can just take half of seventeen, which is, of course, 8.5. you can round it up to 9 for these purposes.” turns to tiff with mean smirk on face. “but you don’t understand what i’m talking about since you left.”

tiff:  stares blankly and thinks he’s talking to person behind her.

professor:  points to tiff. “you left just a few minutes ago for a break while i was speaking. so you don’t know what i’m doing here on the board.”

tiff:  continues to stare blankly & blink. cue lip-biting, blushing, and tearing up of the eyes. finally realizes what he means and shakes her head no. “i…”

other student:  “she didn’t leave.”

professor:  “who was it, then?”

girl beside tiff raises her hand.

professor:  “then you need to see me after class since you left while i was teaching and probably can’t keep up.”

students look around at each other, completely wide-eyed and shocked.

end scene.

yes, that’s what i said. end scene. he did not apologize to me whatsoever for wrongly accusing/reprimanding me. i’m sitting there trying not to cry, because i’m still emotionally fragile right now. i told him last week that my nana passed, and i told him that i wouldn’t be in class on friday. for a few seconds, i thought that’s what he was saying. i thought he was talking about me not being in class on friday, which would have been absolutely ludicrous, because i’m there almost every class (i say almost because there have been a few times i’ve had to miss because i was sick or stuck in traffic).  when i realized that someone else had left (presumably for the restroom) and come back, i was angry that he assumed it was me. furthermore, that other girl was gone for maybe a total of two minutes. everyone knows you don’t reprimand a girl for going to the restroom. sometimes when you have to go, you really have to go.

this man is completely stoic, emotionless, and sometimes just plain weird. i will concede that his grading system is nice, because even though i missed a test last week, our lowest test grade is replaced with our final exam grade. and he also drops our lowest quiz grade.

i actually thought he was a nice guy, if a little odd and rigid, but now i don’t know what to think. i was thisclose to going up to him after class and asking for an apology. but my emotions are too iffy for that right now.

ugh. *shakes it off*

professor mad-eye moody might be a better name for mine. anyway, i'd rather be taking "defense against the dark arts" than "contemporary math with applications." 😛


“congratulations, you’re an idiot.” and a little with/without/covet mixed in.

so i went to this workshop thing at the college of charleston yesterday, where i’m transferring the 60 credits i earned at the 2-year college here. i did it that way so it would be (much, much) cheaper.

i will admit that i left c of c eleven years ago on academic probation. i had sort of a traumatic experience, and then some issues that ensued that i really wasn’t aware of. i didn’t really realize how much it had effected me until years later. anyway, i’m not making excuses for the bad decisions i made back then. but now that i know the reasons behind them.

so i went to this mandatory workshop thing yesterday, where i learned that i have to take a class that might as well be called, “hey, you’re an idiot.”  it’s a learning strategies class, and i DO NOT NEED IT. i just turned thirty, for crying out loud. i was on the dean’s list for the last two years with mostly A’s (i had two B’s. stupid history classes.). obviously, i’ve proven that i’ve lived and learned and know how to do things right. i’m an intelligent person, damn it, with a high IQ (i’m not bragging–just stating facts).

can’t live with: taking this stupid class.

so anyway, i’ve emailed the director of undergrad to appeal my case to her. in the meantime, i’m signed up for the stupid class. it wouldn’t be such an issue, but here’s the clencher:

it doesn’t count toward my gpa OR count as actual credit hours!!!!!!!! translation: for me, it’s a waste of time and money. this is especially frustrating since we’ve been saving for quite a while so we can pay cash for my tuition and not have to take out any loans.


i don’t mean to sound whiny. i just don’t think it’s something i need.

in other news, i registered for classes. the only thing i need to finish my general requirements is one math class. so i registered for that. the rest of the classes i need are for my major/minor. the bad news is that since it’s so late in the registration period, most of my classes are filled. the good news is: i got into painting 1. 🙂  i’m pretty nervous about that one. of course, it’s really just an extension of drawing, only you’re using paints instead of graphite or charcoal. the other two classes i’m taking are that stupid learning strategies thing and theatre. since none of the other classes in my major or minor are available, i figured i’d just take a random elective. my sister said she really enjoyed theatre, so i’ll take it.

i also emailed my advisor for my major (who is actually a photographer, which is my concentration) to see if i can make an appointment with her before the semester starts. the faculty advisor i saw yesterday told me that sometimes your major advisor can let you into the classes that are filled if they’re for your major. i really want to be in photography 2 before i forget stuff! haha.

sorry for the venting. that’s just one little dark spot on an otherwise wonderful month. tonight i’m going to make chili and try my hand at homemade marshmallows. we’ll see how that turns out. maybe i’ll do a tutorial if they turn out well. (i promise not to accidentally delete the pictures this time!)

can’t live without:  the love, support, and encouragement my hubster gives me daily. he puts up with *a lot* from me. don’t know what i’d do without him. his birthday is five days after christmas, and sometimes it’s hard to remember to set aside a gift for his birthday! which is sad, and makes me feel like a bad wife. but i just came up with the *best* idea for his birthday gift this morning! i’m going to start on it later today. i’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

covet: vintage luggage. this one’s from bear versus goose at etsy.

and this one’s from get ready set go at etsy. i LOVE yellow.


i’m so tired of being tired all the time.

except for when it’s time to go to bed. then i’m wide a-freakin’-wake.

this is terribly frustrating.

lately, i haven’t been able to get to sleep til sometime before 3am. which makes me sleep til around 11am. it’s embarrassing, really. i feel like people think i’m lazy. but they obviously don’t understand what it’s like to be so tired & not be able to turn off your mind just to get some sleep.

i’m still working with my doctor to get my thyroid issues under control. my recent bloodwork showed that my thyroid was still abnormal, so she upped my dosage of medication. now i have to go back for more bloodwork in six weeks instead of the previously prescribed six months. dang. i was very happy about not having to get needle sticks for another six months. lol.

so we got the good news yesterday afternoon that the hubster doesn’t have to work today, which is amazing. now he can go with me to my mom & dad’s so he can help me shoot pics of my dad’s 1950 plymouth for my final project. the assignment is to photograph one object five different ways. each photo has to be able to stand on its own as a beautiful piece that you would hang on your wall, yet all five pieces must go together.

i figured a classic car would be an awesome way to do that.

or a bicycle.

but i’m going with the car.

later tonight, we may go see some band the hubster’s friend suggested. their name is “left lane closed”, which is a pretty lame name if you ask me. they just do covers, which i normally don’t care for, but we shall see.

so now i’m off to do my photo shoot (i feel so professional when i say that. LOL).

and hopefully i can convince him to take me to lunch first. 😉

fill in the blank.

got this from one of my new blog crushes, get the words out.

Here’s my list:

1. The best day ever was my wedding day, even though i don’t necessarily remember all of it b/c of being kind of sick from all the nerves leading up to the day…and my nana slipped me a tranquilizer. mind you, it was no “sixteen candles” type of tranquilizer. LOL

2. My favorite meal of the day is dinner. i love really yummy, flavorful food.

3. This weekend will be full of rest, trying to kick this virus. ugh.

4. Never in my life have I been to england, ireland, or france, and i want so badly to go!

5. The only thing better than finding our dog who ran away a year ago is finding out that he’s been living with a loving family that has young kids for him to play with.

6. I could really do with some really good soup to help me feel better.

7. The most recent thing I bought myself was gatorade! lol. even though i hate the stuff, my doctor said i have to alternate water & gatorade.

p.s. i’m still sick. luckily, the hubster was able to go back to work today. but i’m a few days behind him in this virus thing. i actually went to the er the other night, but only because my doctor’s office was closed & urgent care wouldn’t take my insurance without a referral. i thought i was getting a sinus infection or something. imagine my surprise when they took me into a room, stole some blood, and gave me an iv. apparently i was dehydrated. *and* my blood pressure had dropped down to seventy-something over something really low. then they freaked out a little bit…but i tried to tell them that my blood pressure dropped because they were sticking me with needles!! sheesh. they didn’t listen. they did an ekg and then stuck a bunch of sensors on me & i lay there for three hours. with a needle stuck in me. not fun for someone who hates needles more than anything else in the world.

i went for a follow up with my doctor yesterday. i already had an appointment set up for next tuesday to get bloodwork done so they could follow up on my thyroid issues. she said, “do you want to go ahead and just get that over with right now?”

????????????????????????? was she kidding?!

i showed her my bruised arm and said, “well, i’m sore from yesterday’s needles, so i’ll wait.”

yeah, i’m a bit of a drama queen when it comes to health issues.

and needles.


my home is no longer a house but an incubator for germs!

all images found at we heart it


firstly, i tried my hand at french braiding my own hair today–one on each side. yeah, not so much. maybe it’s because i haven’t washed my hair today…heh…

i’m not living in a house today, but a germ incubator. it all started last friday when foxycleopatra started feeling sick. she went home from work with a fever, all achy and blah. we spent time together on sunday at a family event, and then we worked out on monday (kudos to her for actually doing stuff while sick. i’m a big baby.) and she hung out at our house for a bit afterwards.

then yesterday (tuesday) morning, the hubster came home at 10am with a fever and aches and chills and headache. he took some motrin & went straight to bed. last night i started feeling weak and nauseous and i woke up with a stomach/headache this morning.

the hubster’s upstairs sleeping right now. he has a dr. appointment at 4pm. i’m downstairs on the couch with my boyfriends coffee, motrin, and TCM. although i’m not really interested in the movie that’s playing right now… i’m contemplating whether i should watch marie antoinette, casablanca, or sabrina. or maybe even something else. who knows?