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um…day twelve?

now i super suck. days ten and eleven passed right by without a second glance, and i didn’t do my 11 in 2011 posts. and now it’s the twelfth. buuuut i can still do the topics for those days, right? right. it’s my bloggy, and i make the rules around this place. 😉

day 10: favorite girls night out events

i have two favorite things to do on girls’ nights out. the first is going out and trying a new restaurant. one of my best friends and i love trying new things. we’re a lot alike, and we like a lot of the same stuff. trying new foods is something we both love. it wasn’t a girls’ night out, because the hubster was with us, but we recently tried a new-to-us restaurant downtown called blossom. it. was. amazing. i highly recommend. it’s a beautiful place, and the food is outstanding. all three of us were extremely happy with our food, and the service was top notch. it’s lovely.

my second favorite thing to do on girls’ night is to go see live music. the last time we went for a music gno was to see ok go at the music farm. it was, honest to goodness, the BEST live show i have ever seen. hands down. and i’ve been to a lot of concerts. here are a couple of pictures from that night:

the three of us with damian from ok go! it was after midnight, so he sang happy birthday to foxycleopatra! pay no mind to the chick showing her boobs in the background...


day eleven: what are you looking forward to in 2011?

oh my gosh, i’m looking forward to so many things this year. spending more time with friends and family, being back in school after a semester off, taking more studio classes now that all my general ed. stuff is out of the way (i start painting 1 tomorrow! eep!), and many, many other things. my therapist put a little idea in my head today that made me go “hmm…”  she was gushing about how much she loves my art journal (i showed it to her back in september, i think, and she’s still going on and on about it), and how she told all her colleagues about it. i was floored by how impressed she was, because i’m kind of self-conscious about stuff like that. i only showed her because she asked me about keeping a journal, etc. she said she was going to recommend it to some of her patients.

SO. today, she asked me if i was still doing my art journaling, and i said yes. then she asked me if i’d ever thought about teaching classes. there’s no way that ever entered my mind, because, as with most things i do, i feel that i’m not good enough. but she had sooo many awesome ideas. like calling places that teach scrapbooking and stuff, or retirement homes or support groups. so i’m mulling things over…we’ll see if i get the guts to actually do anything.

what are YOU looking forward to most in 2011?


ordering my christmas cards!

i love christmas. i adore the entire holiday season. the whole month of december is like one big party. among my favorite things are decorating the house, watching christmas specials, spending time with family, making christmas cookies and peppermint bark, and sending and receiving christmas cards! i think the best cards include photos, especially if you have family and friends that live far away.

shutterfly is one of the best websites for creating and ordering your christmas cards every year. i’ve used them in the past, and my cards have always come out perfect and have always arrived in a timely manner. they’re also very inexpensive. they have some really great designs for you to add your best pictures to. and to add something even better to the mix, this year shutterfly is doing an awesome promotion. do a quick blog about them and their photo products, and you can get fifty free christmas cards!

this is one of my favorite cards. it’s so classic and pretty.

they don’t just have christmas cards. there are also pretty hanukkah cards like this one:

there are even cards that benefit some really great charities, like this one. 10% of these card purchases go to the American Lung Association:

there are also cards that benefit livestrong. i love that they sell cards that allow people to donate to awesome charities at the same time.

aside from holiday cards, you can create unique and fun gifts at shutterfly for your family and friends. they have calendars of different shapes and sizes…

party invitations

even canvas wall art!

i’ll definitely be getting my christmas cards from shutterfly this year. i think we might use a really fun picture and do a whole family one instead of just the hubster and me. we shall see!

things i love sunday.

hi! hope everyone had a great weekend. we get one more day of weekend since the hubster has tomorrow off for columbus day. to finish out the weekend, here are ten more things i love!

1. how cute is this mug from kir devries? really cute stuff over there. go check it all out!

2. i’m in love with the bottle for this perfume: parlez-moi d’amour by john galliano. i’ve never smelled the actual fragrance, but it looks so pretty that i’d be willing to bet it’s divine! 😉  it was actually named after a song by edith piaf. lovely!

3. these are so neat! handbags made from recycled book covers! i’ve never seen anything like them. check out bibliobags on etsy.

4. these edy’s popsicles are so, so yummy. actually, i’ve only had the lime ones. they taste like a yummy key lime pie, but they’re low in calories & sugar.  and as soon as i eat all the lime ones, i’ll let you know how the berry ones taste. haha.

5. speaking of goodies, i really want some of these cupcakes:

6. i don’t know if i’ve already done this in a things i love sunday, but i love earth fare so much. we like to get a lot of fresh stuff there, and then get our basics at the regular grocery store. today, we got lots of fresh veggies for roasting, some bison and filet to make into kebabs and grill, and some pre-made chicken roll-ups that have goat cheese, arugula, and tomatoes in them. *drool*  i also got some yummy goat cheese and one of my favorites (though it probably sounds gross to most of you): a cheddar made with guinness beer.  ooh, i also got some yummy pumpkin ale!

7. i’m going to give my friend jen a shout out again, because she deserves it. i urge you to read her beautiful book, the kingdom. it’s the first in what promises to be an amazing series. she’s such a talented writer and a lovely person, and i cannot wait to see what other great stories she has to tell!  i’m so lucky to call her my friend!

8. i want this laptop case from anthropologie so badly! i already have a cute messenger bag with a typewriter printed on the front. this would match it perfectly.

9. we’ve decided to start a new sunday thing. after last week’s brunch at triangle, we decided we should have brunch every sunday. we went to montreux today, but we honestly weren’t that impressed with the atmosphere. though their charleston eggs benedict, which had a crabcake instead of an english muffin and meat, was very tasty. next week we’re trying out the blind tiger pub downtown.

10. this is so cute and funny:

i hope everyone has a great week! and if you’re lucky enough to have monday off for columbus day, have a great relaxing day. ❤


i have found the cutest new blog! it’s called craftyFOLK, and it has some of the coolest stuff ever! for example, the combination of two of my most favorite things in the world: typewriters and coffee mugs.

AND look at this necklace! it’s a cute, kitschy camera.

craftyFOLK’s blog and etsy shop have all the things i like best. 🙂 you should definitely check it out, especially since she’s giving away these too-cute-for-words owl stickers!

i hope everybody had a wonderful monday yesterday & that your tuesday has been even better! xo

WOW. just wow.

i love phoenix. not the city, not the bird, but the amazing band, phoenix. and my favorite song by them is lisztomania. imagine my absolute DELIGHT when i found this! it’s a FIFTH GRADE chorus from PS22 in new york, singing the very song that i love so much. this man must be the world’s coolest music teacher.

click here to watch!

seriously, you will be sorry if you don’t watch these adorable, cool kids.

almost famous

almost famous is one of my most favorite movies ever. i love everything about it. especially the music. the 70s is definitely one of my favorite decades for music. the film is about a boy named william, who gets the chance to go on tour with one of his favorite bands, stillwater, and write an article for rolling stone about his experience. (of course, he’s a lot younger than the people at the magazine think he is.) he meets a slew of interesting characters on his journey, and learns so much more about life than he ever would sitting in a classroom. it has an amazing cast, including:
billy crudup as russell hammond:  “i am a golden god!”
jason lee as jeff bebe:  “it’s okay, i’m easy to forget! just leave me behind! i’m only the lead singer!”
kate hudson as penny lane:  “we are here because of the music. we inspire the music. we are band aids.”
frances mcdormand as elaine miller, william’s worrisome and hovering mother:  “don’t take drugs!”
zooey deschanel as william’s older sister: “one day, you’ll be cool.”
philip seymour hoffman as lester bangs, a radio personality:  “the only true currency in this bankrupt world…is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”
anna paquin, fairuza balk, bijou phillips as the legendary band aids:  “it’s all happening!”
and jimmy fallon as the band’s manager:  “if you think mick jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age fifty, then you’re sadly, sadly mistaken.”
there are also some really big name musicians who make appearances in this movie from time to time, such as peter frampton and pete droge.
if you’ve never seen this movie, i highly recommend it. i’ve watched it 29872039 times, and i never tire of it. it makes me happy every time i watch it, and i learn new things each time as well.
so here’s  a lovely playlist of songs from the movie (i’m sure you’ll recognize most, if not all of them) and some pictures to give you a visual.
Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

ten things i love sunday.

i think i may have skipped a week or two, but here we go with ten more loves.

1. all things british. i want to go to london so badly. and the english countryside. i bet it’s so much more beautiful in person than tv/movies.

2. the soundtrack from the movie psycho. i listen to it when i’m creating or doing homework and don’t need the distraction of lyrics.

3. miss piggy. i’m a lot like her. we both love food, glamourous things, kermit the frog, and marc jacobs (pictured). we also both have pretty short tempers.

4. this. how cute!

5. the young victoria. we saw it last night at cinebarre. it stars emily blunt as queen elizabeth and rupert friend as prince albert (among other really great actors you’d probably know as well). he was so charming. we couldn’t figure out where we’d seen him, but foxycleopatra looked it up when she got home. he played mr. wickham in the kiera knightley version of pride & prejudice. the young victoria was amazingly good. i cried. twice.

p.s. it’s nominated for three academy awards. le sigh.

6. pomegranate seeds. pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits. it’s never occurred to me to put them on ice cream before. yum!

7. shoedazzle! this past friday night, my friend lindsay blogged about it, & i immediately went to the site and joined. it’s so cool! you answer a bunch of questions about your personal style, then you register, and your personal shoe stylists (like lindsay said, where do i sign up for this job?!) send you five choices, and you choose whichever you like best. the membership fee is $39.95/month, and this includes your one pair of shoes. you can opt out at the beginning of every month and not pay, and you can also cancel membership whenever you want. i’m so excited to get my first pair!

8. last week’s snowfest. and my very first snowman! (yeah, he’d started leaning by this point…)

9. variations on the “keep calm and carry on” decree from world war 2. the hubster likes this one, of course:

and this one’s *my* favorite:

10. macarons. (and no, they are *not* the same thing as macaroons.) i had some wonderfully delicious ones at baked today (i’m going to do a whole post about them one day this week, hopefully). they had a passion fruit flavor & were filled with dark chocolate ganache. so yum.

(this is not baked. this is laduree, where i swear i will go one day. when i go to paris and london. because there are locations in both places. guuuhhh.)