mellow monday

well, it’s monday again. it’s actually shaping up to be a pretty darn good day. 🙂 the best news? only one week left of classes! next monday is the last official day. why they would make the last day of classes be a monday completely baffles me. i wonder how many people will actually show up that day? i’m hoping we have a review for our math final, so i’ll definitely be there. anyway, it’s a lovely day here. sunny and a high of about 80 degrees but not humid yet, so it’s really nice in the shade. i’m currently sitting at kudu coffee between classes, munching on a turkey tuscan sandwich and sipping a coffee. i thought i’d put together a nice little monday playlist for you to enjoy. even if you think you don’t enjoy the type of music i like (which is ludicrous, because i like most music!), you should at least listen to “hold time” by m. ward. it’s so beautiful. ❤

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friday five. and change is good.

1. hearing: bobby long. ❤  the song i’m listening to is “who have you been loving?”

2. smelling: cofffffeeeeeee.

3. seeing: all the people sitting near me in the library. i’m a people watcher.

4. feeling: anxious for my next class to start so i can get the heck outta here for the weekend!

5. tasting: coffffffeeeeeeee.

you may have noticed that i’ve changed my blog layout. 🙂 wordpress has so many cool new themes, i figured it was time for a little change. hope everybody has a great weekend! ❤

um…day twelve?

now i super suck. days ten and eleven passed right by without a second glance, and i didn’t do my 11 in 2011 posts. and now it’s the twelfth. buuuut i can still do the topics for those days, right? right. it’s my bloggy, and i make the rules around this place. 😉

day 10: favorite girls night out events

i have two favorite things to do on girls’ nights out. the first is going out and trying a new restaurant. one of my best friends and i love trying new things. we’re a lot alike, and we like a lot of the same stuff. trying new foods is something we both love. it wasn’t a girls’ night out, because the hubster was with us, but we recently tried a new-to-us restaurant downtown called blossom. it. was. amazing. i highly recommend. it’s a beautiful place, and the food is outstanding. all three of us were extremely happy with our food, and the service was top notch. it’s lovely.

my second favorite thing to do on girls’ night is to go see live music. the last time we went for a music gno was to see ok go at the music farm. it was, honest to goodness, the BEST live show i have ever seen. hands down. and i’ve been to a lot of concerts. here are a couple of pictures from that night:

the three of us with damian from ok go! it was after midnight, so he sang happy birthday to foxycleopatra! pay no mind to the chick showing her boobs in the background...


day eleven: what are you looking forward to in 2011?

oh my gosh, i’m looking forward to so many things this year. spending more time with friends and family, being back in school after a semester off, taking more studio classes now that all my general ed. stuff is out of the way (i start painting 1 tomorrow! eep!), and many, many other things. my therapist put a little idea in my head today that made me go “hmm…”  she was gushing about how much she loves my art journal (i showed it to her back in september, i think, and she’s still going on and on about it), and how she told all her colleagues about it. i was floored by how impressed she was, because i’m kind of self-conscious about stuff like that. i only showed her because she asked me about keeping a journal, etc. she said she was going to recommend it to some of her patients.

SO. today, she asked me if i was still doing my art journaling, and i said yes. then she asked me if i’d ever thought about teaching classes. there’s no way that ever entered my mind, because, as with most things i do, i feel that i’m not good enough. but she had sooo many awesome ideas. like calling places that teach scrapbooking and stuff, or retirement homes or support groups. so i’m mulling things over…we’ll see if i get the guts to actually do anything.

what are YOU looking forward to most in 2011?

ten things i love sunday.

sunday’s almost over, but at least i’m getting this posted on actual sunday this week. lol

1. we went to my little cousin lexi’s first birthday party in georgia today (only about a two-hour drive). she is the most adorable little girl, and so good! we just love her to death. 🙂

2. isn’t this the cutest teapot? it makes me want to find some porcelain pens and make a bunch of them for all the people i love. found here.

3. i just had to include this bit of hilarity. a few weekends ago, the hubster & i went to this local bar with some friends. i ordered a guinness & he ordered a bud light. it’s sort of ironic that they came like this…

4. this makes me reeeeally want some pancakes with lots of yummy fruit. i suck at making pancakes, though. i always burn one side. i’m impatient & always end up turning the heat up too high. haha.

5. this is the cutest dang thing i’ve ever seen!

6. how cool is this?! i wouldn’t have to hide my books underneath my pillows anymore. 

7. i really am. i’m such an anglophile. i love all things british. i’ve never actually been to london, but if i could move there tomorrow, i’d do it in a skinny minute.

8. i love band of horses. they’re from charleston, you know. if you haven’t heard their music, you really should. maybe i’ll make a playlist later this week.

9. look at how adorable my nephew is. doesn’t he have the best facial expressions?

10. my most favorite thing of the week is the fact that we’re leaving this wednesday morning for our trip to DISNEY WORLD! yayyyyyy! so excited. ❤

i promise to blog again before we leave for our trip. i’m pretty sure i won’t have internet access (last time we stayed at a disney resort they didn’t have free wi-fi) *or* the time or energy. though i’m sure there will be PLENTY of pics when we return.

my new favorite song.

this is my new favorite song from vampire weekend. it’s on their newest album entitled contra. the funny thing about this band is that upon hearing their name alone, you’d sort of think they were an emo or goth band. but it couldn’t be further from the truth. they have the most amazing sound. as a matter of fact, some of their songs remind me a little bit of paul simon, but on a more electronic level. you may have seen them on saturday night live a few weeks ago (i don’t really watch snl anymore, because it stopped being funny after about 2001, but luckily my little cuz had it tivo’d). upon seeing their performance, my dad exclaimed, “wow! those guys actually look half normal!” lol. that’s mah dad. anyway, enjoy the song that makes me dance like a fool, no matter where i am (a growing list that includes japanese hibachi restaurants & grocery stores, since it’s now the ring tone on my phone).

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friday five, plus one:
seeing: my dog lola staring at me. she’s so weird. she’ll just sit & stare at me for hours. i hope it’s because she thinks i’m so gorgeous that it’s hard to look away.
hearing: “giving up the gun” by vampire weekend
tasting: my leftover spinach & mushroom omelet from dinner last night. the perfect friday brunch. 🙂
smelling: um, the same omelet…
feeling: utterly fabulous. it’s a beautigorgeous day outside, and i’m about to leave to meet my mom & foxycleopatra (to the new readers i’ve recently acquired, that’s my sis. she insisted this be her “code name”) at the flowertown festival. definitely bringing both my film & digital cameras with. 🙂
my sixth sense: i feel that this is going to be an amazing weekend, filled with fun and beauty.

WOW. just wow.

i love phoenix. not the city, not the bird, but the amazing band, phoenix. and my favorite song by them is lisztomania. imagine my absolute DELIGHT when i found this! it’s a FIFTH GRADE chorus from PS22 in new york, singing the very song that i love so much. this man must be the world’s coolest music teacher.

click here to watch!

seriously, you will be sorry if you don’t watch these adorable, cool kids.

so there.

i finished most of what i wanted to accomplish yesterday. i didn’t get to start on my visual diary or work on any of my own personal art projects, but that’s okay. that daunting laundry pile (…okay, maybe piles…) got folded/hung/put away.

and GLORY BE, i finished that god-forsaken alien paper! nine-hundred-something words. the guy that sits across from me read part of my paper & really wanted to draw my alien. i’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂  alas, he doesn’t get to draw mine for his project, b/c he forgot to bring his paper today, so we couldn’t trade. so i traded with another lady. i was able to scan over a couple of different papers, & it was very interesting to see what we all came up with! mine is very simplistic, as i am of the belief that, if there are beings out there in other distant galaxies or universes, they would probably be highly advanced and evolved forms of humans. so i used that belief in my paper. whether or not my instructor thinks that’s creative enough is another story…

anyway, i injected some modicum of class & grace into my alien by making its name a combination of humphrey bogart and lauren bacall.

and its planet is named after myrna loy and clark gable.

so there.

right now i’m sitting in starbucks, contemplating doing some of my own writing. i haven’t gotten a chance to write since last week, so i think i need to. i realized that i didn’t have any earbuds with me on my way here, so i swung by a store to get some. i opted for the oblong-shaped ones that fit inside your ear like a doctor’s scope thingy, but they keep slipping out. maybe i have small ears.

i can’t stop listening to bon iver. i hope you can’t either.

also, i still have to walk/run today, and it is f-f-f-freeeeezing outside!