*i’m eating tiramisu right now. jealous?

* i was able to sign up for drawing 2 the other day, which is the last thing i need for my degree. something told me to look the other day, and i did, and there was one open spot. 😀  this is great news. the not-so-great news is that i’m going to have a very heavy course load for the last semester of my senior year. but the really great news is that it’s my last.

*i started going to zumba with my friend liz a few weeks ago. it’s a lot of fun! very hard work. it makes me sweat like crazy, and i feel really good afterward.

*the weight loss thing is driving me nuts lately. i’m stuck. admittedly, i haven’t been very good with keeping track of my WW points for the last few weeks. i need to work harder. (let’s pretend i didn’t tell you i was eating tiramisu, mkay?)

*i’m addicted to two games on my phone: stupid zombies and where’s my water?  i’ve never been a phone game person, but these are so much fun. willy is addicted as well.

*we took a super fun trip to las vegas at the beginning of june. we met a group of friends there, including jen & liam. you should read about their hilarious escapades on jen’s blog. 🙂  i also got to see my soulmate chelsea and meet niki and gen, two friends i’d never met face to face. it was seriously a blast. we hadn’t had that much fun in a while. willy & i learned how to play craps on one of our cruises, and we love it. it’s so different in vegas, though. minimum bets are higher, and the dealers aren’t quite as forgiving as they are on cruise ships. SO we were elated to find electronic craps tables! there are huge dice inside this tube in the middle of a circle of video consoles, and the roller pushes a button to roll the dice. it was very neat and a lot less stressful than regular table craps. i ended up walking away about $200 richer.

*i got an A in my principles of nutrition class. i’m doing music appreciation right now. this summer’s classes have been electives only. i needed a break from paper writing and painting (paintings i get graded on, anyway).

*i’m already getting anxious about next semester. i haven’t had a photography or drawing class in over two years. i’m also not looking forward to the amount of money that will be spent on supplies with three studio classes. yeesh.

*confession: um, i just cried a little bit while watching chopped  (one of my favorite shows). the chef who always judges food network challenge is playing for the make-a-wish foundation, and he cried a little bit while explaining what they do. i hate that i cry when other people cry. such a baby.

*effie is getting SO. BIG. she’s almost as tall as lola now. she’s also got a zillion nicknames now, which means she’s an official member of the family. i know i’ve mentioned our crazy tendency to give weird nicknames before. effie’s are fifi, feef, fife, fayfay, effer, eff, little b (she’s going through a wild, bad puppy phase, so you can imagine what the b stands for). lola has a new one, by the way. i’ve found myself calling her gogo a lot. don’t ask. i shudder to think what kind of nicknames we’d come up with if we had a kid. lol

*i reeeeally need to make a new wreath for my front door. maybe i can do that tomorrow. i’ll try to post a tutorial if i do.

*we finally have dvr. hee. i love it. i never have to miss an episode of jeopardy or chopped or martha or little house on the prairie. 🙂

*ashley has been coming over a lot so we can work on homework at the same time. it’s more fun that way. we try to keep each other on task (but sometimes we end up on pinterest or disney sites instead). and sometimes i make her read my textbook readings to me. heh.

that’s all for now, i think. i’ll try to be better about blogging. ashley & i are starting up a new beauty blog, so i’ll let you know when that gets off the ground. ttfn!



1. i do not love apple peels. i hate how they get stuck between my teeth. it’s almost as bad as eating corn on the cob. but i do like apples.

2. i’m excited that my friend lindsey is going to be in my maymester class with me. 🙂

3. there are a few days left to vote in this contest to get my friend jen’s book on the shelf at walmart! you can vote once a day.

4. i want a beer. too bad they’re like six weight watchers points.

5. speaking of weight watchers, i’ve lost 11 pounds. i’m between sizes, which sucks, but yay!

6. a professor (cliff peacock) agreed to supervise my independent study in the fall. i met with him today and assured him that i’ll work really hard and am ready for it.

7. speaking of painting, i’m going to have two paintings set up at jail break 3 on april 14th! they’ll be for sale, but i really just wanted to do it to show myself that i could.

8. i loved the hunger games. i literally had to hold in sobs during two parts. if you go in with the realization that movies are always different from the books on which they were based, you will probably love it too.

9. i only have three weeks of regular classes left for the semester. how is this possible? it’s amazing. i cannot wait.

10. i’m excited for the flowertown festival this weekend. especially because the king of pops is going to be there. i recently heard about him, and i really want to try the lemon basil popsicle. sounds really refreshing and yummy.

that’s all for now. have a good weekend!


my face is all scrunched up in this picture, but my sister and i took at least twenty trying to get jumping shots. lol

i hope everyone had a great new year’s eve! mine was lots of fun– spent with family, eating oysters and other yummy things, and sitting beside a bonfire. we had our champagne toast at midnight and watched a little bit of times square on the television. i can’t imagine how exciting it would be to be there for new year’s eve! i’d love to go someday.

i don’t believe in making new year’s “resolutions,” but i do believe in setting goals. i started making my goals for 2011 last week. some of them are small, and some of them are pretty big. i think i’ve got a lot to work on this year.

1.  send birthday cards and thank you notes regularly.

2. drop two more pants sizes by june (shouldn’t be too hard…back on p90x hardcore as of monday! i’ll also be walking a LOT downtown for school.)

3. at least one restyle project each month.

4. be proficient at sewing (i need an idiot-proof sewing machine. willy’s 1970s models aren’t cutting it for me…)

5. edit my novel and have it ready to present to potential agents by november. (this one’s a huge job.)

6. finally finish my art room. we painted three walls pink when we moved in five years ago, and willy did the counter & built-ins. i’ve been waiting all this time for the wallpaper for the fourth wall. i’ve found several that i like, but for some reason or another, we’ve just never ordered it. i sort of want to forget the wallpaper and repaint all the walls gray, but i hate painting walls. so i think i’ll stick with the original plan. 😉  now that the majority of my classes will be studio classes, i need a nice place to work at home that isn’t messy and disorganized.

what are your goals for the year?


wednesday wishes.

some of my pen pals, kellie, liz, katie, and courtney share a few wishes on their blogs every wednesday. i love reading theirs, and i’m going to start participating too. 🙂 here are a few things i’m wishing for today:

1. the weight i’m trying to lose to melt off faster. trying to lose weight is maddening. MADDENING, i tell you! a while back, when i was visiting a nutritionist, we found that the average rate at which i lose is about 3/4 of a pound a week. THREE-QUARTERS OF A POUND. that is so. not. enough. but to be honest, i really couldn’t care less how much i weigh as long i’m noticeably losing inches. and so far, i am. and of course exercise just makes you feel good. 🙂

2. an ipod touch. my ipod classic was stolen a while back, so i got this tiny little ipod nano that holds barely any songs at all. i bought it from a pawn shop (so it was really cheap) just to tide me over til i can convince the hubster that i neeeeeed the ipod touch. my friend chelsea has one, and it is so. cool.

3. some macarons. i always want some macarons. maybe friday i’ll go downtown to baked and get some. 🙂

4. i’ve already got a t-shirt with einstein’s face on it (i luurrrve it), but i think i need this: notes on his theory of relativity, in his own handwriting. so what if it makes me geeky? i ❤ einstein. he was incredibly genius, yet never took himself or anything else too seriously. found here.

friday five.

here’s a different friday five. five things i’m coveting:

1. how amazing would this be as a workspace? i’d gladly trade my whole art room for this, b/c the whole room is reeeeeally hard to keep clean & organized. 

2. i want so badly to take the “tell your story” six week art journal class over at red velvet art. but it’s $60, and the hubster & i lowered our weekly allowance to $50 in order to prepare for our disney world trip. hopefully there will still be spots in a couple of weeks, but i doubt it. doesn’t this just look so cute?

3. a very cool teepee fort like this one. 🙂

4. some macarons. i still need to try out the recipe i found…

5. i want to go to london so badly. i’ve wanted this forEVER. one day. 🙂

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a very happy easter!

a list (hey, it’s what i do best).

just a few thoughts for the day.

1.  ladies, if the LVs on your “Louis Vuitton bag” are upside down, it is a fake, and we all know it.

2.  i convinced the man sitting next to me in starbucks to buy a macbook. i love it when people ask me about my macbook, b/c i love to gush about it. he asked me tons of questions, and i answered them truthfully. he slapped his knee and said, “okay! you sold me!” with a big grin.

3.  speaking of starbucks, the dark cherry mocha is UH-MAY-ZING!

4.  the resin-coated photo paper at the school bookstore is twenty dollars more than on TWENTY DOLLARS! that’s quite a mark-up. i’m hoping the girl in my class that said she wanted to split a pack with me still wants to do so.

5.  it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in good ol’ charleston, sc. sunny, 75 degrees, and there is a lovely strong breeze. i’m loving it.

enjoying the gorgeous day! (wow, look how long my hair has gotten! lol)

6.  i got my first penpal letter yesterday! it was from katie. i can’t wait to get more! i have to confess that i have not written any of my penpal letters, but i’m looking for some really cute stationery. i can’t seem to find any! i’m going to try the hallmark on my way home from class tonight.

7.  MY BEST FRIEND IS IN LABOR!!! she has gestational diabetes, and the other day when she went for an appointment they found that she also has preeclampsia. so they decided to induce her. the baby will be about 8.5 lbs and four weeks early. man, can you imagine how big he would’ve been if she’d gone full term?! i cannot wait to welcome my new little nephew. pics will definitely be posted as soon as i get them. 🙂

things i love sunday.

yes, i’m still sick. thought i was on my deathbed friday night. today i’m feeling a bit better, but my whole body’s still really sore/achy. at least i can keep food down, though. knock on wood. here are the things i love this week:

1. our new wii! i guess the hubster felt really bad for me yesterday, because i was bored beyond belief from just lying in the recliner all day long. plus, he gave me this dang virus! (well, he and foxycleopatra both, i suppose, b/c he got it at the same time she did.) anyway, he finally bought us a wii. we got the new super mario bros, which is super cool. it’s just like the old one but with a lot of enhancements and cool new things.

2. i love this necklace from just be designs on etsy.

3. look at this forever 21 storefront in tokyo! it’s really cool.

4. red velvet art‘s new spring line has some stuff that is oh-so-“holy cute!”

5. my heating pad has become my best friend over the past couple of days. 🙂

6. i am simply amazed by the bridal gowns from bridal bliss designs on etsy. my favorites are the lovely vintage-inspired ones, but there are also gorgeous modern gowns. and the most incredible part? the prices are (clockwise from top left) $598, $584, $587, and $620. where else are you going to get a beautiful, custom-made dress for a price like that?  if i weren’t already married, i’d definitely be shopping etsy for my wedding gown!

7. elizabethtown is such a good movie. directed by cameron crowe, it stars the likes of orlando bloom, kirsten dunst, susan sarandon, alec baldwin, and even the lovely & hilarious paula deen has a cameo. you should watch it. i might just have to watch it tomorrow…

8. letters! actual, honest-to-goodness, hand-written, snail mail letters! this is why i’ve joined a pen pal group over at get the words out. i’m so excited! i can’t wait to get a letter in the mail from someone awesome.

9. i bet i would feel tons better if i had this to lie on instead of the recliner…

10. exactly one month til we leave for disney world! i’m thankful that we all got sick *before* our trip. it would not be any fun to be sick or recuperating at disney world!