here we go!

t minus 45 minuts until we leave for a new disney world adventure!!! yes, i realize that some of you may think it’s childish of us to want to go to disney world every year without kids. but it’s so much fun, and it’s a place that’s filled with so many happy memories for us. so off we go! see y’all next week!  ❤

i'll tell mickey & minnie you said hi! 😉


not-so-newlywed game.

i got this from my friend lindsay’s blog. it seemed like so much fun! the funny part is that the hubster thought i was asking the questions about him, so he answered them about himself at first. haha! so he had to do it over again…

1. i’m sitting in front of the tv. what’s on?  turner classic movies or hgtv. (bingo.)

2. we’re out to eat. what kind of salad dressing do i get? some sort of vinaigrette. (i always ask what kinds of vinaigrette the restaurant has, b/c sometimes there are really yummy kinds you wouldn’t even know about! like cucumber…mmmmmm.)

3. what’s one food i don’t like?  dry tamales. (we had some tamales that had been cooked & frozen, & we had no sauce. i don’t like dry or bland food.)

4. if we’re out to eat, what do i order to drink?  water.

5. what size shirt do i wear? medium. (bless his heart. try large. lol)

6. what shoe size?  8. (it’s actually 8.5, but close!)

7. favorite kind of sandwich?  shrimp po boy. (i have NO clue why he thought this. i think i’ve had a shrimp po boy once in my life. my favorite sandwich is the ultimate grilled cheese at sesame. it has *brie* on it! swoooon.)

8. what would i eat every day if i could?  crab legs. (he’s probably right.)

9. favorite cereal?  the one in the green box. (he’s talking about a high-fiber granola one with dried strawberries, which they only sell at target.)

10. what is one thing i would never wear?  jorts. (jean shorts. i don’t think he gets that these are okay for women…)

11. what is my favorite sports team?  texas longhorns. (hook ’em, horns!!)

12. what is something you wish i wouldn’t do?  bite the insides of your cheek. (*shrug* it’s a nervous habit)

13. what kind of cake do i like?  cheesecake. (ohhhh yeah.)

14. what could i spend hours doing?  looking around on the internet. (it didn’t ask what i *do* for hours. jk. i don’t think he gets that just b/c i’m on the computer, it doesn’t mean i’m on the internet. more often than not, i’m writing.)

15. what is one unique talent i have?  editing skills. (grammar queen right here.)

16. what is my type of coffee?  fair trade. (he really does know me!)

wait, what?

you’re not supposed to celebrate labor day by quitting your job? well, damn. i wish someone had told me that before i did it.

just kidding.

not about the quitting my job part, though. i did. i loved it most days, but there were a few things that i was not comfortable with when it came to content after i did a little research. i won’t go into it, because i really can’t, but my conscience is much clearer. 😉

so what am i doing now?

i’m certainly not going to school this semester, because college of charleston sucks. they lost paperwork (more than once), and it was a struggle to stay in contact with them all summer long. and then they told me i didn’t apply til after the deadline.

so. not. true.

those asshats took their sweet time, lost my transcripts (when i had to pay a pretty penny to put a rush order on them from california, by the way), were horrible with communicating. read: never communicated with me. i had to initiate ALL contact when i realized there was a problem. they *never* told me they needed anything from me. i had to check the admissions website to find my application progress. that’s how i found that they’d “never received” my transcripts. bs. they lost them. chick emailed me and was all, “oh! i found them!”  yeah, they were probably sitting in your stupid desk drawer or trash can.

that school is the WORST about organization and communication. grr.


so right now i’m writing a lot (imagine that. i quit my writing job to write more. lol) and doing research for my awesome nanowrimo plot. i cannot wait. i’m going to nail it this year, since i’m NOT IN SCHOOL. grr.

speaking of school, there’s an open house at the art institute on saturday, which i’m probably going to go to. i can a bachelors of fine arts there instead of a basic liberal arts BA in studio arts. this means i can actually concentrate on one area (photography), and the classes are all focused on going more deeply into art. for example, color theory is one of the first classes.

i’m not so sure about it yet, because it’s a lot more expensive than c of c, but we’ll see…

so anyway, for the time being, i’m writing, doing art projects (which i haven’t been able to touch for the last two months due to being so busy with work!), and looking for another job…

hope everybody had a great labor day! we had a great time visiting our friends in nashville. ❤

ten things i love sunday…disney style!

well, i’m back home just in time for “things i love sunday.” though i’d rather still be at disney world. 😉  we had a great time. instead of the normal ten things this week, i’m going to do ten things i loved about our trip! here we go…

1.  bus to magic kingdom from our resort on the first day. look how excited we are! (hubster says, “you’re going to use up all your camera battery before we even get there if you don’t stop taking bus pictures.”)

2. safari at animal kingdom. this is *not* zoomed. this giraffe was actually this close to our truck thingy!

3. cosmic ray’s starlight diner in tomorrowland. it’s sort of a tradition that this is the first place we eat. yeah…we have weird traditions…

4. the flower and garden festival at epcot. everything’s so pretty!

5. my new boyfriend. alas, we had to break up before i went home, because he simply would not fit in my luggage.

6.  character sightings!!!

7.  the really cool way disney lets you in on behind-the-scenes stuff. i watched this little otter have his annual physical (he was asleep).

8. one of my most favorite rides EVER!  i love that floaty feeling when you shoot up really fast, right before you fall back down. so fun! i do have to admit that i was scared out of my wits the very first time i ever rode it. 😉

9. how much laughing we did (& usually do when the three of us are together) all week. especially on the car rides to & from orlando. 

10.  how beautiful & authentic all the countries seem in the world showcase at epcot. i love how the people that work in each country are actually from there. the hubs asks them soooo many questions. lol

and one to grow on…

making faces while riding the ferry to the magic kingdom. while all others stand/sit around bored on the dumb boat, we find great ways to amuse ourselves. hee.

the end. (for this time anyway. we’ll be back next year!)

hair fun.

okay, i’m supposed to be doing housework & homework, but i had to share this silliness. (i asked willy for one of his adderall so i could focus, and he said i could take one, but i cannot find them, so alas, i have no focus. obviously.)

lately, i’ve been trying to have fun with my hair since it’s getting longer, and it’s not so cute just hanging there being boring. so i bought some jumbo hot rollers & have been experimenting with them all week. this is my favorite look from that:

i love fun curls. 🙂

my hair is such a pain. it wants to be curly and therefore has all the not-so-nice qualities of curly hair, i.e. frizziness and acting all crazy if i let it air dry. really, i’d just like for it to be wavy. so last night i had the brilliant idea of putting it up in lots of little braids while it dried after my shower. we shall see if it works. in the meantime, i look like this:

just call me heidi...

actually, it’s not that bad in the picture! maybe i’ll start a new runway trend. ha.

listening to:  an eclectic mix. right now it’s my morning jacket, whom i absolutely cannot wait to see in april!!!