friday five

friday five.

i think of myself as an open book. sometimes i’m reserved and shy, but once you get me talking, i could talk all day. and most people don’t know this, but i’ll answer pretty much any question you ask me. the other day, there was this trending topic on twitter about “100 facts about me.” so i thought i’d do five things here that you may or may not know about me. here we go.

1. i cannot stand waiting in line or traffic. i don’t have patience for certain situations. however, i have lots of patience with people. especially those in the service industry. then again, my patience runs out with people who are truly ignorant.

2. my temper can go from zero to extremely pissed off in less than a second. but it can also go straight back to zero after about five minutes.

3. i know exactly what to do to make lots of things and design stuff, but like i said, i’m impatient with things. so nine times out of ten, i mess things up and get frustrated and just quit doing it. i.e. trying to make a pillow from a sweater. i was so excited about it. but it failed. lol  good thing we learn from our mistakes, because i surely do make a lot of them! 😉

4. i’m a beer snob. i love craft beers. my new favorite is quebec-based brewery unibroue’s ephémere apple. it’s got the taste of apples and coriander, and it’s so good. *however*, i have been known to spend a friday night with a few PBRs in hand. you can’t get much better than two dollars, right? and it’s actually good when it’s really cold.

5. i don’t like awards shows. granted, i love seeing the fashion on the red carpet, but i’d much rather see it on websites and magazines the next day. awards shows are nothing but celebrities getting together to stroke one another’s egos. as if they need more ego-stroking. and they get all this fabulous free stuff, even though they could buy it all a hundred times over! not fair. i want some free couture! hee hee.

so that’s that. five things about me. happy friday, everyone!

OH! and  BIG HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to my bestie’s handsome baby boy corgan!!!




friday five.

since i’ve been busy lately, i haven’t kept up with my things i love sunday posts! so i figured that i’d do a quick mini-post via friday five while i’m waiting for my next class to start. 🙂  here are five things i’m in love with right now.

1. this song gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. if it sounds familiar but you aren’t sure where you heard it, it might be because it was featured in the preview for where the wild things are.

2. records.

3. the absolutely *gorgeous* weather we’re having today. i think it’s expected to be this nice all weekend! 😀

4. this painting i did last week while experimenting with my professor’s advice: “don’t repeat elements in your painting. you wouldn’t write a book using the same word over and over. the same goes for painting.”

5. haha! this gives me a neat idea…

friday five. and change is good.

1. hearing: bobby long. ❤  the song i’m listening to is “who have you been loving?”

2. smelling: cofffffeeeeeee.

3. seeing: all the people sitting near me in the library. i’m a people watcher.

4. feeling: anxious for my next class to start so i can get the heck outta here for the weekend!

5. tasting: coffffffeeeeeeee.

you may have noticed that i’ve changed my blog layout. 🙂 wordpress has so many cool new themes, i figured it was time for a little change. hope everybody has a great weekend! ❤

friday five.

yeah yeah, it’s been forever…blah blah blah…sorry i haven’t updated in so long…

happy october 1st! i love this month, and she brought along a gorgeous day as a little extra gift. in honor of the lovely month of october, here’s a fall-themed friday five for ya.




4. (my very own fall “tablescape”)

5. and because october is breast cancer awareness month… (i think this is a beautiful photo!) be sure to do your monthly self-exams, ladies. and get your mammograms if you are forty or above, or earlier if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. it’s so, so, so important 

happy weekend, y’all!

friday five

i may as well rename my blog “fail blog,” but i’m pretty sure that name is taken. so i’ll stick with tifftastic. sorry it’s been so long. i’m the type of person that gets so excited about new projects that i throw myself into them and don’t think about anything else. i also seem to always feel so busy, even if i’m not even doing much. apparently, that’s part of having ADHD, which i was officially diagnosed with in may. that was a *huge* relief, because now i can be treated for it & hopefully get more focused! just in time to start back to school in the fall. 🙂 i’m going to really need that focus since the majority of my classes will be studio classes! since it’s friday, i’m going to do a pretty random friday five. here are five facts, statements, opinions, and questions for you.

1. firstly, i’ve been in love with this song for the past month or so. i adore sufjan (pronounced SOOF-yan) stevens. it’s so interesting and just…cool. you should press that little play button & listen while you read this blog.

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2. i drove to athens, georgia at the end of may to meet four friends that i’d never met face-to-face before. they’re online writing buddies, and they are four of the loveliest gals i’ve ever met! i love and miss them and can’t wait for the next time we can get together. we went to athens to see bobby long. le sigh. not only is he talented, but gorgeous to boot.

also playing that night was matt pond pa, another artist you should definitely check out. he was kind enough to take a picture with me at the end of the night! the zoom was zoomed in, and mandy didn’t know how to work it, so that’s why i look like a floating head. LOL!

2. we also traveled to texas at the end of may for our cousins’ wedding. it was beautiful! we had a wonderful time with family. a couple of pics:

our beautiful, gorgeous, adorable nieces!

mimi & pop. we love them so much.

the beautiful bride and handsome groom

i'm the queen of shuffleboard. we got to spend lots of time with the cousins, and the night before we left we all went out to a bar and played shuffleboard. so much fun. 🙂

3. can someone please tell my husband that the living room is *not* his laundry hamper? the recliner & dining room chairs have his dirty clothes draped over them, and i’m forever finding socks all over the floors, under the couch, tucked into crevices… yeesh! i’ve tried to tell him over & over again. i mean, at least i use the *bedroom floor* as my hamper. 😉

4. hubs & i have started doing p90x. it. is. rough. but you really get results. hubs already has people telling him he looks like he’s lost weight (he has. over 10 lbs already, and this is his third week). i’m not sure if i’ve lost anything yet. it’s my second week. his first week consisted of me sitting on the couch and snickering & snorting at the guy on the dvd. he really is a big goofball. he says things like, “nice muscles dude!” and “ooh, that feels toasty!” and “hey, cool shoes, man. they’re almost as cool as mine.”  if you can get past his really annoying comments, you’ll succeed. lol. the good news is that you can turn off the comments or the music or both. p.s. WHY do men get to lose weight so much more quickly than women? boo.

5. we’ve decided two things: we’re going to go on a cruise for my 30th birthday this year. i don’t want to have a party. i want to celebrate it in a BIG way! we’re going to do it over thanksgiving, b/c my bday is the monday before. the second decision is that for our tenth anniversary (which is in two years), we’re going to go to paris!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee!!!!!! i finally get to go to paris! we might actually make it a paris/london trip, or maybe even a longer trip so we can see a lot of other places. we have two years to plan it and save up money, so it’s totally doable. i’m so excited! 🙂

so there you have it. the friday five. again, i’m so sorry it’s been so long. i’ll be blogging more often again. i promise. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ❤

friday five.

this week i’m going to share five of the art journal entries i’ve made during red velvet art’s tell your story class. 🙂

1. noted…

2. my thoughts are full of… 

3. introduction page…

4. inspired by print (thoughts on being _______.)

5. a closer look…

i’m really enjoying this class. i’ve gotten so much inspiration from elsie & rachel (the teachers) as well as the other participants! i’m really happy that i decided to join in the fun.  hope you have a very happy weekend! i have a baby shower to attend tomorrow, and then foxycleopatra & i are going to see letters to juliet with our aunts on sunday. fun!

friday five.

today i feel like such a lucky girl. here are five reasons why my hubster is the best in the world:

1. even though i may complain that he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body (he doesn’t), he is the most supportive husband on the planet. i change my mind 72389478 times a day about what i want (school/career-wise, having possible future children, or just what i want to eat or drink), and he takes it all in stride. he works full time & goes to school full time, yet he allows me to not have a job while i finish school b/c he knows i don’t do stress very well. he also puts up with my…er, moods. he’s not an artistic person at all, but he encourages me like no one else when it comes art, writing, & creating. basically, he’s my #1 fan and hero.

2. we laugh together. A LOT. it’s one of the most important things in a relationship, i think. sometimes he makes me laugh so hard that i can’t breathe or i fall on the floor. lol. one of his favorite things to do is try to make me laugh when i’m drinking something. silly. and when we’re with my sis, forget it. we’re constantly collapsing into giggles. he humors me. i like to be silly, and he isn’t afraid to be silly with me. not that he’s ever been a super serious person, but i like to think i bring out the fun-loving kid in him. even though i might complain that he sometimes acts like a five-year-old, i think he forgets about fun sometimes.

3. he is amazingly smart. he knows things that i can’t even wrap my head around. he can do complicated math in his head within a matter of seconds. and if you mimic a noise your car is making, he can tell you immediately what is wrong with it.

4.  he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he doesn’t let anybody know it. he’ll never bog anyone else down with his problems. he’ll gladly put someone else’s comfort or happiness before his own. and he’s extremely happy to be able to help others, and is constantly doing so. i’m a selfish girl, but i have good intentions. i have all these things that i want to do to help people, but he actually does them instead of yapping about them like i do. lol

5. every time he quotes from pride & prejudice, i fall in love with him just a little more. i can’t get enough of telling people that it’s one of his favorite movies. he also watches tcm with me & usually actually likes the movies. 🙂  OH!  and he went to the midnight showing of twilight with me. hee.

there are *so* many other things that make him the best hubster in the world, but this *is* the friday five, so i’ll have to stop there. to sum it up, he’s the love of my life, my hero, my best friend, and my rock.  ❤