things i love sunday.

1. our new keurig coffee maker. it was on sale at lowes!

2. beautiful abstract paintings by mossmottle on etsy.


3.  cute!  (via we heart it)


4. all the beautiful scenery at epcot, my favorite disney park. we had a blast on our trip, by the way!


5. my new hair color. it’s super duper red in direct sunlight!


6.  george harrison tribute show we went to on his birthday. we have some truly amazing local musicians here, and many of them took part in this. the guy in the right hand corner (whose face is blurry…oops) is mark bryan of hootie & the blowfish fame.

7.  such a cool repurposed clutch by foundbynicki on etsy. it’s made from one sleeve from a leather jacket & one sleeve from a tweed jacket. love it!

8.  i’m going to go crazy waiting for water for elephants to come out in theaters. it looks so amazing. i WILL finish the book by then. the funny thing is, it’s been on my list of “to-reads” for years. and now rob is in the movie. teehee.


9.   GAWGEOUS!!!! (via we heart it)


10. the ultimate love story. it is called love story, after all. 😉


ten things i love

so i haven’t done lovely sundays for the past couple of weeks because of the 11 in 2011 posts. but i’m back this week with ten lovely things to show you!

1. i want some of these books. found them on hilda grahnat‘s flickr account. apparently, they were a flea market find! i want to visit whatever flea market she does!

2. this is from rag & bone’s fall 2010 collection. tartan style! i love it.

3. charbonnel et walker’s pink champagne truffles? yes, please! you can find them here.

4. organizing by color may not be the most convenient way to store books, but it’s certainly the most aesthetically pleasing way. 🙂

(image via seesaw.)

5. beer savers silicone beer bottle caps. these are such a “duh” invention, but so ingenious a the same time.

6. there aren’t words for how cool this is. via magnolia pearl. their website is just so pretty to look at.

7. i love crocheting. i’m so excited that i got the guts to try making stuff other than scarves or blankets. hats, gloves, and headbands are so much easier, because you don’t have to worry about even edges like you do with blankets. i love this hat. it was so amazingly easy to make, but it looked like something i’d buy at target or urban outfitters! i gave it to my friend becca. 🙂  i’m going to make another to put in my etsy shop.

8. this is so funny!

9. gorgeous tulip dress by kelsey genna on etsy. wouldn’t it make a unique wedding gown? especially for an outdoor wedding.

10. my new camera lens arrived on friday!!! i took about a billion pictures of mundane crap around the house. lol. and then my sister came over, so we did an impromptu shoot in the front yard. (if you like her cute yellow fascinator cap, i made it. heehee)

things i love sunday: christmas edition!

1. the very best thing about christmas: spending time with family!

2. hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows

3. building a gingerbread house. our friends’ cutie little girl haiden was a big help!

4. amazing friends & adorable puppies!! (my aunt’s puppy–she breeds peekapoms, pekingese, and pomeranians. this adorable one is only 5 weeks old)

5. holiday festival of lights!

6. this awesome book my sister gave me. i cannot *wait* to try some of these!

7. chinese christmas (or white elephant or dirty santa) is the most fun. everybody brings a gift and draws a number. you pick a gift from the pile, and then people can steal your gift, and you open a new one. it’s hilarious & just plain fun. ashley got a gift bag with wine, summer sausage & smoked cheese, and chocolate.

8. i got the fujifilm instax mini! so fun. i can’t wait to use the tiny pictures for art journaling.

9. christmas morning is always so dang exciting. i took this while hubs & i were sitting on the couch with coffee, waiting for everyone else to wake up. lol

10. this freakin’ adorable hat we got for our little cousin alexis. she’s so cute, and so dang funny!  ❤

my day in pictures.

woke up at eight and went back to sleep. i prefer to call it “taking an early morning nap” instead of “sleeping in.”  😉


added the day’s ornament to the advent calendar.


finished crocheting a cowl neck scarf.


worked on some christmas gifts.


finally stamped and mailed our christmas cards.


found one of my outdoor ornaments on the ground and put it back up.


hubster brought chocolates home! hooray! i ate a few with my afternoon coffee. 🙂

things i love sunday.

1. watercolor illustrations by caitlin mcgauley. they’re so simple and beautiful. check out her blog for some daily nyc sketchbook entries.

2. a pretty updo with an accessory like a huge flower. so gorgeous!  via vintage life online magazine.

3. i love old-fashioned magazine/newspaper ads. but really, who the hell can move like this in a freakin’ girdle? lol. i’m fairly certain no woman is this ecstatic while wearing a girdle.

4. oh-my-god-are-you-kidding-me-beautiful bridal shoes by emmy shoes. these make me think of the great gatsby.

6. pin-up girl art from the 1950s! my sister gave me a book of taschen pin-up illustrations for christmas a couple of years ago. 🙂

7. rag wreaths! i love how you can make these to suit your own style. you could make them eclectic or traditional. i’m going to make one after christmas using bits of old clothing. i like the mixed-up eclectic look. 🙂  i also like this fleece one, though.

8. etsy has a new tool called taste test. it’s so cool! you pick your favorite items from sets of pictures they present you, and then they show you a whole page of awesome stuff that’s just your taste. one of the items i got in my set. i love and want it! (find it here)

9.  i really love dresses and tops that have pretty details and cut-outs in the back. i think clothes should be just as interesting in the back as they are in the front. i like this vintage dress from kind boutique.

10. my most favorite movie of all time: meet me in st. louis. did you know judy garland didn’t even want to make this movie? she was tired of playing the role of the average young girl. her future husband vincent minelli (liza’s dad, of course!) convinced her to do it. and i’m so glad she did. it really is an amazing film. if you’ve never seen it, you really should. it’s magical. the song “have yourself  merry little christmas” was written for this very movie. 🙂  “roses are red, john’s name is truitt. esther’s in love, and we always knew it!”  teehee.

things i love sunday

i’m going to do ten illustrations i love this week. i wish i could give credit to the artists, but i found them all over the place (mostly on, so i usually don’t know who they’re by… if you know, tell me so i can credit them!

1. i love how the ends of the girl’s hair turns into kites. so dreamy.

2.  how cool is it that this is drawn on an envelope? p.s. i wish i had a vintage suitcase.

3. this little french sailor guy is adorable. 

4.  so freakin’ cute!!

5.  i love sweet, simple little line drawings. 

6.  a puppy with glasses & a bow tie! i love it! 

7.  tea is good for the soul.

9.  it looks like a cute little european lady dumped out the contents of her purse and drew them. 

10. i like watercolor illustrations. they make me think of older children’s books. 

this week, i’m going to be making some of these little guys. i’ll let you know how they turn out. maybe i’ll do step-by-step pictures. it’s always fun to see what a huge mess i make when working on a project. haha.

hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂  i’m going going upstairs to start on my “30 in 30” art journal now!

not-so-newlywed game.

i got this from my friend lindsay’s blog. it seemed like so much fun! the funny part is that the hubster thought i was asking the questions about him, so he answered them about himself at first. haha! so he had to do it over again…

1. i’m sitting in front of the tv. what’s on?  turner classic movies or hgtv. (bingo.)

2. we’re out to eat. what kind of salad dressing do i get? some sort of vinaigrette. (i always ask what kinds of vinaigrette the restaurant has, b/c sometimes there are really yummy kinds you wouldn’t even know about! like cucumber…mmmmmm.)

3. what’s one food i don’t like?  dry tamales. (we had some tamales that had been cooked & frozen, & we had no sauce. i don’t like dry or bland food.)

4. if we’re out to eat, what do i order to drink?  water.

5. what size shirt do i wear? medium. (bless his heart. try large. lol)

6. what shoe size?  8. (it’s actually 8.5, but close!)

7. favorite kind of sandwich?  shrimp po boy. (i have NO clue why he thought this. i think i’ve had a shrimp po boy once in my life. my favorite sandwich is the ultimate grilled cheese at sesame. it has *brie* on it! swoooon.)

8. what would i eat every day if i could?  crab legs. (he’s probably right.)

9. favorite cereal?  the one in the green box. (he’s talking about a high-fiber granola one with dried strawberries, which they only sell at target.)

10. what is one thing i would never wear?  jorts. (jean shorts. i don’t think he gets that these are okay for women…)

11. what is my favorite sports team?  texas longhorns. (hook ’em, horns!!)

12. what is something you wish i wouldn’t do?  bite the insides of your cheek. (*shrug* it’s a nervous habit)

13. what kind of cake do i like?  cheesecake. (ohhhh yeah.)

14. what could i spend hours doing?  looking around on the internet. (it didn’t ask what i *do* for hours. jk. i don’t think he gets that just b/c i’m on the computer, it doesn’t mean i’m on the internet. more often than not, i’m writing.)

15. what is one unique talent i have?  editing skills. (grammar queen right here.)

16. what is my type of coffee?  fair trade. (he really does know me!)