it’s that time again…

…time for thirty days & nights of literary abandon! from november 1st to november 30th, i’ll be holed up with my laptop at my desk, on the couch, at starbucks, at the library, and sometimes hiding from it in corners or under tables when i get scared.

i’m actually more prepared for NaNoWriMo this year. i’ve got a loose outline for my novel (a young adult fiction novel this year), most of the names for my characters figured out, and the story arc plotted. i’ve even got a few cute little details that pop into my head every now and then that i wish i could share, but i can’t yet. it should be a fun story to write. much less serious than last year’s, anyway. the tentative title is LIARFACE. like i said, tentative.

my main character popped up in my imagination a little less than a year ago. she seriously and literally just appeared in my head out of nowhere. i know it sounds weird to non-writers, but that’s what usually happens when i write. 🙂  her name is adelaide. her friends call her addy, and her mother (a self-procliamed southern belle) calls her “lady.” it’s a bit of a coming-of-age story in which addy learns that lies and secrets don’t make friends! it’ll be mostly comical, sometimes serious, relatable, and sometimes a bit romantic. i’m excited to start sharing excerpts once i get into the swing of things!

the only downfall is that school is going to be a bit of a hindrance. i have to finish (er, start?) a term paper that’s due nov. 9th, and i have a lot of reading to do for other classes. *and* nanowrimo starts on tuesday (which is november 1st, of course!), which is the day of my four-hour CLASS FROM HELL. it goes until 7:45pm, which means i’ll probably miss the first write-in. boooo.

also, sorry about the whole blogging hiatus. :/  i have a bit to talk about where school is concerned, but i can’t do it right this second. i *will* say that i’m becoming more confident about my art. i’m submitting another painting to a a show. i’m not altogether sure that getting accepted into this one is a possibility, but hey! you never know, right? my other one was accepted into the student gallery, after all, and judged fit by my peers to be placed in the hallway. 🙂

anyway, more blogging to come soon. i’m also going to try to post some “paintings in progress” type of things on my “i heart art” blog. i’ll post here letting you know when that blog has new stuff too. click on the icon that says “i heart art” with a picture of my palette on it over there. ———————>



things i love thursday.

i know it’s not sunday, but i was just ruminating on a few things that i really love. i know it’s been a while since i’ve done a ten things i love post, so i thought i’d do one right now. 🙂

1. drunken goat cheese. an amazing cheese that comes from murcia, spain. it’s made from the pasteurized milk of their local murciana goats. the wheels of cheese are soaked in a twice-fermented, heavy wine for two to three days. then it’s aged for two & a half months. this stuff is amazingly good. i highly recommend trying it. i found it the first time at earth fare, but the bilo near my house carries it now!
2. i’m loving this yarn i just started using. it’s 100% cotton, all natural, and works up really well. the small skeins are around $1.50, and you can get two baby hats or one adult hat out of them. 🙂

3. awesome chair from wild chairy.

4. i want this set by doll face, if only for the adorable carrying case!

5. oh my! these are fabulous! they’re crafted by williams british handmade, & i suggest looking at the entire collection.

6. i need this book.

7. hahahaha!

8. gasp! i cannot wait for this. go ahead & make fun if you want. i don’t mind. i like what i like.  🙂

9. one of my favorite paintings. the kiss by gustav klimt.  

10.  these are too cute!  there are several etsy shops who sell mugs like these. i want some porcelain markers so i can make some cute mugs! hmm…wonder if willy would mind a trip to a.c. moore this evening… 😉

mellow monday

well, it’s monday again. it’s actually shaping up to be a pretty darn good day. 🙂 the best news? only one week left of classes! next monday is the last official day. why they would make the last day of classes be a monday completely baffles me. i wonder how many people will actually show up that day? i’m hoping we have a review for our math final, so i’ll definitely be there. anyway, it’s a lovely day here. sunny and a high of about 80 degrees but not humid yet, so it’s really nice in the shade. i’m currently sitting at kudu coffee between classes, munching on a turkey tuscan sandwich and sipping a coffee. i thought i’d put together a nice little monday playlist for you to enjoy. even if you think you don’t enjoy the type of music i like (which is ludicrous, because i like most music!), you should at least listen to “hold time” by m. ward. it’s so beautiful. ❤

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lessons from nana.

this week, we lost the most amazing woman ever to walk the face of this earth. my nana, annie clemmons laflamme, was the strongest, most loving, caring, and beautiful woman i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. it’s been an incredibly hard week for us all, but we know she’s gone home to the lord and is doing what she does best–watching over us and loving us.

my sister, cousins, and i put together a list of things we learned from our nana over the years. we tend to cope with humor, so we laughed quite a bit while compiling our list. though it’s been rough so far, it’s also been awesome to see all the people, family and friends alike, who have been touched by nana’s love and care. it’s also been so much fun to relive stories about her. so without further ado, here are a few “nana-isms” we put together.

* You’ll never get a husband if you don’t learn how to eat spaghetti without slurping.

* You can never have too much jewelry.

* You have to earn the right to wear the white.

* Stop touching your face, or you’ll get wrinkles!

* Get your hair out of your face.

* If you must rub your eyes, use your ring finger.

* Always make sure everybody around you is cared for.

* Age is just a number. You’re never too old to dye your hair pink or wear a coconut bra.

* Always have your lipstick at the ready.

* Beauty comes from within, but you’d better be using your moisturizer.

* If you really mean something, underline it. Twice.

*You can always spare $10 for a birthday card.

* Above all, Nana taught us strength, grace, and love.

we love you more than we could ever say, nana, and we miss you so much.