my reluctantly gluten-free day.

I’m pretty sure my hubster is scheming against me. You see, he decided a couple of weeks ago that he’s going to be gluten-free. I have to commend him for sticking to it as well as he has for the last two weeks or so, but I haven’t exactly been a supportive wife where this endeavor is concerned. Of course, when he first mentioned the idea, I rolled my eyes.

He was tested by his doctor, and he doesn’t have Celiac disease. He went ahead with the gluten-free thing, though, because there’s always a chance that you still have gluten sensitivity even without having Celiac disease. So far, he’s said that it’s working wonderfully. He says he isn’t tired during the day and he’s sleeping better (though I’ve never known him to not sleep through the night. I’ve always been the insomniac around here.), etc.  My opinion is that it has something to do with eating less carbs. When you cut wheat out of your diet, you obviously eat less carbs. You pay much closer attention to what you eat. So of course you’re going to feel better. Anyway, my opinion doesn’t really matter, since it’s his thing. It’s just that I love gluten. How am I supposed to live a life where I can’t eat pasta or have my beloved PB&J’s on honey wheat bread. And don’t get me started on sourdough. YUM.

As always, I digress.

This is where the scheming part comes in.

Today, I decided to have the aforementioned beloved PB&J for lunch. I took the bread from the fridge, where we keep it to prevent it from getting moldy. Neither of us actually eats bread very often, so we had a problem with loaves of bread going all moldy very quickly. Anyway, I took the bread out, and…


I didn’t feel like eating ramen noodles (we needed groceries), so I used a couple of pieces of Willy’s gluten-free bread.


I did not appreciate the texture of it. It’s so dry and dense, yet somehow crumbly at the same time.

As a sidenote that actually applies somewhat, I had a rather productive Monday. I did my writing work for the day, took Effie on a walk (which taught me that she really needs to walk on a leash more often…),  did a little Ab Ripper session, and did dishes. Then I sat down to make a menu and grocery list, and then went to the grocery store. Speaking of that, strawberries must be in season, because they looked AMAZING. I hadn’t planned to buy any, but they beckoned to me. I must have been peckish, because I bought lots of yummy (healthy) snacks today. Anyway, I came home, did some editing, and then made dinner.

Holy cow. Tonight’s dinner was the best. thing. ever. When I was making my menu, I thought, “I suppose I should at least attempt to be a good wife and try to make some gluten-free stuff.” Sigh.


The recipe I found for macaroni and cheese changed my life.

(I love hyperbole, right?)

I really shouldn’t share. I should keep it a secret forever. But I’m not completely selfish. I found it here via Pinterest. The noodles I used were from the gluten-free section, and they’re made of corn. The only other kind I’ve used besides the traditional pasta are rice noodles or bean thread noodles (bean thread are my FAVORITE). I’ll try anything once, which is how I discovered I love  duck, gator tail, and yes, even escargot, which is the less gross way of saying snails. Again, I’ve gotten off track.

So. I cooked the noodles and tasted one before mixing them with the rest of the ingredients (which included bacon—yummmm). They’re pretty good. They taste like noodles. Duh. But they are ever so slightly reminiscent of corn tortillas. That’s okay. I like corn tortillas. As I said earlier, the mac & cheese ended up being the BEST OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I don’t mind bragging. I’m a pretty good cook. I mean, I’d probably be kicked out of Chopped on the first round, but still. For a “civilian,” I’m pretty good. I’ve made lots of mac & cheese in my lifetime, but this one is the absolute best of all time. OF ALL TIME.

The rest of dinner was equally as tasty. I made an extremely well-seasoned meatloaf and roasted some asparagus in my favorite manner: spread the asparagus over a foil-covered baking sheet, rub some garlic on the stalks, drizzle some olive oil on top, and roast on high heat (in this case, 475 degrees for about twelve minutes). Comfort food. No one needed comforting, but that’s no excuse not to eat comfort food. Psh.

So that was my reluctantly gluten-free day. Actually, I did have a teeny bit of gluten for breakfast, because I ate a Weight Watchers breakfast quesadilla (love).

Conclusion: Gluten-free bread makes me sad. Gluten-free pasta is pretty good. My new gluten-free mac & cheese recipe is utterly amazing. And while I’m confessing, I love a good spoonful of frozen Cool Whip. The end. 😉



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