ten things sunday!

guess what? SPRING SEMESTER IS OVER!!! 😀  since i haven’t been able to write for the past couple of weeks due to finals and editing work, i haven’t posted any new previews for my work in progress. but i want to keep up with my blog better than i have been lately. so i thought i’d do a ten things i love sunday! here we go:

1. i really want this bag. it’s so bohemian & cute. i’m having a hard time convincing myself not to buy it. i’m going to wait, and if i still want it at the end of the coming week, then i’ll let myself buy it. 

2. earlier this week, the hubster accidentally closed our new puppy effie’s paw in the door. he felt really badly about it, and he gave her a piece of beef jerky. this is the text he sent me that afternoon: 

3. our nieces and nephews on easter! how precious are they?! i wish we lived closer so we could see them all the time.

4. love these gorgeous vintage-inspired bathing suits:

5. i love learning. i call myself a student of everything. 🙂

6. THIS. is hilarious:

7. also hilarious:

8. i’m going to make one of these this week. found it on a beautiful mess.

9. here’s one of lola and effie playing tug-o-war:

10. here are the two paintings i took to jail break 3. a lady was interested in buying the gray one on the right, but i never heard back from her after i tried to contact her again. oh well! her being interested in it was enough of a confidence boost for me! 🙂

hope you had a beautiful weekend and your week is lovely and stress-free!


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