preview. a day late.

if i didn’t do things late, would i still be me? i’m not sure. i don’t know if that’s ever happened. lol. here’s another preview from A Year of Days: 

I can’t imagine how many women have stood here in this very spot, waiting for their husbands to come home. This pier at Coronado has seen a range of emotions far too broad to comprehend. I should think the most popular ones would be elation and anticipation. Anticipation is one that can be added to my long list of feelings. But not excitement. As I stand looking out over the water on the warm March morning, I contemplate the stories of the ones who have come before me. It’s all I can do to hold myself together. 

For just a moment, I pretend I’m standing in a sea of wives, husbands, parents, children… Flags are waving, banners and posters are held high, and the air is alive with excitement as the brow is placed at the entrance to the aircraft carrier’s hangar bay. When the first sailor disembarks, shouts and chatter turn to screams and cheering. He maneuvers the steep brown ladder expertly and runs over to his wife, who holds their new baby. They embrace and cry and coo over the newborn. Sailors with new babies are always among the first to be let off the ship. 

I shake my head and rid my imagination of that alternate universe – one that I might have had one day. 


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