texas in pictures!

since i have some down time, i thought i’d start blogging about our trip to texas instead of doing one huge post when we get home. i’m taking tons of photos (most of which consist of the nieces and nephews so far! heh… i’m a doting auntie) so i can document our trip in pics. 🙂

million-hour drive = shoes off, crochet time, and audiobook fest.

made it to houston! only 3-4 hours left to san antonio...

starting to go a little crazy (well, more crazy than i already am, i guess...)

made it! here's pop holding our nephew nathan, who is 3.5 months old now.

pretty nieces! braelyn and kenzee eating some yummy dinner.

nathan and mommy. look at that bright-eyed boy! he loves to observe the world around him.

day two:

day two: braelyn and brynley dressed up for church in their adorable matching dresses! i remember when ashley & i used to have matching dresses for every occasion!

sweetie girl!

somebody loves his uncle willy!

smiley boy!

the cutest shirley temple doll in the window of an antiques shop. i think mamaw would love this!

heading out to dinner at the gristmill in gruene. so many pretty christmas lights & decorations!

having a wonderful time with the family so far. i haven’t gotten many pictures of kenzee, because she doesn’t stay in one place for very long, and my phone was dead at dinner last night. lol. and we haven’t gotten to see much of the newest addition, carter, yet! but we will!  more pictures and details to come later.


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