things i love sunday.

1. (deleted because the song wouldn’t stop playing automatically…) check out the song two doves by dirty projectors.

2.  you MUST check out my lovely friend MD Laidlaw‘s photography. she is an amazing photographer, and a great person all around. 🙂

3. no sure if i’ve mentioned this etsy shop before, but traven7 has absolutely gorgeous, authentically vintage dresses!

4. i found this in someone’s etsy shop, but i can’t remember whose it was! if you recognize it, let me know! i think it’s so cute. the artist has a series of illustrations like this one of different cities.

5.  we found out this week that our cousins morgan & chris are having a boy! they had the cutest party to tell everyone which kind baby they’re having. 😉  i wish we could’ve been there, but most of hubster’s family lives in texas. i’m so glad they shared the fun pics of the party on facebook!

6. i’m enjoying being a part of 30 days of doodles. here’s a link to the flickr group, where you can check out everyone’s doodles. and here’s one of my own:

7.  on that note, i’m also participating in 52 lists. i haven’t gotten to start my lists yet, even though i use lists almost daily. i think i’ll rip my recent ones out of their notebooks (if i still have them…) & use them on decorated pages so i can catch up! here’s the flickr group if you want to see some others’ lists.

8.  um…need i say more? not sure if i can speak at the moment. dreamy…  (via we heart it)

9. haha! love this:   (via we heart it)

10.  we saw a girl at folly pier the other night wearing this shirt. too cute! (even if slytherin is bad news! lol) less than a month til the second part of Deathly Hallows comes out! we’re excited. 🙂


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