happy fathers day!

even though we love them every day of the year, this is the day when we celebrate our dads. so i thought i’d share some pictures of my dad & grandfathers for fathers day!

my dad, circa 1978. his "cheese" face seems to be similar to mine. lol p.s. mom & dad still have that blue suitcase.


dad looks like goodfellas mixed with a little miami vice. mom looks like a brunette princess di. ā¤


dad wears many hats--including acting as a sometimes-stylist. (dad & ashley, circa 1985)


dad & me on my big day. he ripped his knee open the day before the wedding. hence, the cane. there's a full leg brace & everything under that suit! i told him the cane made him look dapper.


one of my favorite pics of my dad & me.


my granddaddy and me. he was my dad's dad. unfortunately, he passed away when i was just a few months old. everybody likes to tell me i was his favorite, but that's just because i was the newest grandchild. haha. i love hearing stories of granddaddy. his name was william james, but he went by jim. for some reason, his friends called him zack. still a mystery. one of my favorite stories about granddaddy is the one where he flew his plane under the cooper river bridge. he was in the army and was at pearl harbor when it was attacked.


my papaw (mom's dad). i followed him around everywhere growing up. he used to tell me stories about growing up in the mountains. he'd point out trees and tell me what kind they were, and he'd tell me which birds were singing in the yard. i even went to work with him sometimes just for fun. i spent almost every weekend at mamaw & papaw's house. i still love hearing papaw's war stories from his navy days. he did some pretty awesome things.


a more recent picture of papaw. i took this two weekends ago. šŸ™‚

i’m lucky to have such a great dad, as well as my papaw and uncles. i hope everyone has a great fathers day!

we love dad!


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