monday, monday.

poor monday. he really gets beaten up. he sort of has a reputation for being a bad guy, but if you look deeply, you’ll find that he’s a big softie at heart. i have a proposal. let’s make monday feel better about himself by doing some affirmations:

monday, you’re the beginning of the work week, which means the end of weekend fun. but we humanoids are grateful to have the jobs we have that keep food on the table and roofs over our heads. it’s not your fault that a lot of jobs happen to take place monday through friday. you don’t just bring the end of the weekend; you bring the start of what we can hope is a promising new week. we tend start new things on mondays, like exercise or diets or classes, which lead to better days. it seems as though people are never very happy to see you come, and always glad to see you go. but how about monday evenings? they bring a certain sense of relief, and for that, dear monday, we thank you.

let's help raise monday's self esteem.


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