just a quick update since i just realized it’s been two weeks since i last blogged. heh…

so, what have i been doing with my time? i started my internship at corinthian books last week, and so far i’m really liking it! i’ve learned quite a bit already about a few topics. the project that we’re working on is extremely interesting, and i love hearing the different stories about the people concerned with it. 🙂

aside from that, i’ve been relaxing and doing lots of crafts and artwork. i’ve taken a small break from my constant crocheting after working like mad to get enough stuff together for my sis’s school carnival. it was a great success for our first time out! we had a booth where we sold strictly our own hand-crocheted items. we sold quite a few hats, but the big winners were the headbands and hairclips! we ended up making $63, which is quite good considering our low prices. the baby hats are $5, adult hats are $10, headbands $3, and clips/pins $2. ashley says she’s seen a couple of kids walking around school wearing our cute creations. fun! here’s a pic of our booth:

the chunky pink hat with the gray flower on the far right was my favorite. this super cute lady bought it, and it looked adorable with her short, blonde, shaggy haircut! i was excited for her. lol  we have a new etsy shop set up (port city handmade), but we need to get some photos of some of our stuff so we can go ahead and put some of them in the shop. we’re also going to be donating a lot of hats to musc and other hospitals for patients undergoing chemotherapy and for newborns. i’m thinking orphanages and homeless shelters might appreciate the plain, functional adult ones too. i love doing things like that. it makes me happy to make other people happy.

i’ve also been doing an online art journaling class called ink blots, hosted by the lovely elaine from glow in the dark soul. it’s a journal that’s mostly focused on doodles and little drawings. it’s been great fun! i just got caught up on all the entries today. here are a couple of pages:

so, that’s about it. today was a wholly unproductive day, besides doing a few art journal pages. i’ve felt blah…my eyes have been all watery and itchy and irritated all day, and my head is kind of swimmy. :/   seasonal allergies suck.



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