i was completely mortified in math class today. let me set the scene for you. i’m sitting in class diligently taking notes and drinking coffee. i’m paying very close attention, because i missed last friday and we have another quiz this wednesday. now that you’re familiar with the situation, here’s something of a script for you:

professor:  “…so you can just take half of seventeen, which is, of course, 8.5. you can round it up to 9 for these purposes.” turns to tiff with mean smirk on face. “but you don’t understand what i’m talking about since you left.”

tiff:  stares blankly and thinks he’s talking to person behind her.

professor:  points to tiff. “you left just a few minutes ago for a break while i was speaking. so you don’t know what i’m doing here on the board.”

tiff:  continues to stare blankly & blink. cue lip-biting, blushing, and tearing up of the eyes. finally realizes what he means and shakes her head no. “i…”

other student:  “she didn’t leave.”

professor:  “who was it, then?”

girl beside tiff raises her hand.

professor:  “then you need to see me after class since you left while i was teaching and probably can’t keep up.”

students look around at each other, completely wide-eyed and shocked.

end scene.

yes, that’s what i said. end scene. he did not apologize to me whatsoever for wrongly accusing/reprimanding me. i’m sitting there trying not to cry, because i’m still emotionally fragile right now. i told him last week that my nana passed, and i told him that i wouldn’t be in class on friday. for a few seconds, i thought that’s what he was saying. i thought he was talking about me not being in class on friday, which would have been absolutely ludicrous, because i’m there almost every class (i say almost because there have been a few times i’ve had to miss because i was sick or stuck in traffic).  when i realized that someone else had left (presumably for the restroom) and come back, i was angry that he assumed it was me. furthermore, that other girl was gone for maybe a total of two minutes. everyone knows you don’t reprimand a girl for going to the restroom. sometimes when you have to go, you really have to go.

this man is completely stoic, emotionless, and sometimes just plain weird. i will concede that his grading system is nice, because even though i missed a test last week, our lowest test grade is replaced with our final exam grade. and he also drops our lowest quiz grade.

i actually thought he was a nice guy, if a little odd and rigid, but now i don’t know what to think. i was thisclose to going up to him after class and asking for an apology. but my emotions are too iffy for that right now.

ugh. *shakes it off*

professor mad-eye moody might be a better name for mine. anyway, i'd rather be taking "defense against the dark arts" than "contemporary math with applications." 😛


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