friday five.

i think of myself as an open book. sometimes i’m reserved and shy, but once you get me talking, i could talk all day. and most people don’t know this, but i’ll answer pretty much any question you ask me. the other day, there was this trending topic on twitter about “100 facts about me.” so i thought i’d do five things here that you may or may not know about me. here we go.

1. i cannot stand waiting in line or traffic. i don’t have patience for certain situations. however, i have lots of patience with people. especially those in the service industry. then again, my patience runs out with people who are truly ignorant.

2. my temper can go from zero to extremely pissed off in less than a second. but it can also go straight back to zero after about five minutes.

3. i know exactly what to do to make lots of things and design stuff, but like i said, i’m impatient with things. so nine times out of ten, i mess things up and get frustrated and just quit doing it. i.e. trying to make a pillow from a sweater. i was so excited about it. but it failed. lol  good thing we learn from our mistakes, because i surely do make a lot of them! 😉

4. i’m a beer snob. i love craft beers. my new favorite is quebec-based brewery unibroue’s ephémere apple. it’s got the taste of apples and coriander, and it’s so good. *however*, i have been known to spend a friday night with a few PBRs in hand. you can’t get much better than two dollars, right? and it’s actually good when it’s really cold.

5. i don’t like awards shows. granted, i love seeing the fashion on the red carpet, but i’d much rather see it on websites and magazines the next day. awards shows are nothing but celebrities getting together to stroke one another’s egos. as if they need more ego-stroking. and they get all this fabulous free stuff, even though they could buy it all a hundred times over! not fair. i want some free couture! hee hee.

so that’s that. five things about me. happy friday, everyone!

OH! and  BIG HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to my bestie’s handsome baby boy corgan!!!




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