i’d like to make a point.

i’ve had some debates with some intelligent & educated people over the past week or so about nuclear power. some of them have recited: “the dangers of nuclear power far outweigh the benefits.”  this seems to be a broad statement that most anti-nuclear power people use. i’ve also heard “i’ve researched and read books.” okay, so maybe you have. but i’ll bet your research and book-reading has consisted of you typing into google “why nuclear power is bad” or buying books about the same subject. sooo… if that’s all you’ve read or researched, of COURSE you are resistant to the idea.

a few facts for your consideration:

*Since air pollution from coal burning is estimated to be causing 10,000 deaths per year, there would have to be 25 melt-downs each year for nuclear power to be as dangerous as coal burning.

*nuclear power vs. wind energy:
Nuclear accounts for about nine percent of America’s energy, according to the Energy Information Administration, and has yet to cause a single fatality here. Wind, on the other hand, provides the United States with only 0.7 percent of its energy, and has been responsible for 35 deaths in the United States alone. So if we’re trying to weigh the costs and benefits of each, it seems wind fares far worse than nuclear. Yet no one seems to be discussing plans to halt production of all new wind farms until Americans’ safety can be guaranteed.
*a chart from world-nuclear.org (a great source for information):

those are just a few quick facts that i looked up. i didn’t look up “good things about nuclear power.”  i didn’t look up “why nuclear power is good.”  i didn’t even look up “nuclear power safety.”  i simply typed into google:
1. how many deaths in coal mining industry in 2010
2. how many deaths in nuclear power industry in 2010
yes, there have been accidents. yes, there have been deaths. but compared to other industries, the amount of fatalities/injuries have been insanely lower. are these people forgetting about all those times coal miners get trapped and die? are they forgetting about multiple huge oil spills?
i will concede that wind and solar power are great. however, there’s no way that those alone can support the amount of energy our country uses on a daily basis. we need a happy medium. a combination of clean energies.
anyway, these are my opinions combined with fact. i don’t know all that much about nuclear stuff, but my hubster was a reactor operator in the navy. i ask him questions constantly, especially in light of recent events in japan (i won’t even go into the media alarmist crap there, with their false reports almost daily lately). it’s a topic i’m very interested in. he wrote a paper for a class last year that was extremely convincing. all based on fact, not opinion. i think if people knew the science of it and understood exactly how much radiation you get on a daily basis from things you might not even begin to consider, then you might start to rethink your stance.
or at least do some un-biased research.
thanks for listening.

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