things i love sunday…black & white edition

some of my favorite classic movies. it was *very* hard to choose only ten. how many of them do you know and love?













  1. 2.singing in the rain
    5. Rear window
    6. Meet me in st. Louis
    8. Giant
    9. Casablanca
    10. Follow the fleet

    Love follow the fleet. Love love rear window. I love to catch a thief & vertigo, but I don’t remember if it’s in b&w…also adore to kill a mockingbird.

    One of my all-time favorite b&w movies is called junior miss, with two characters named Judy & Fuffy. I had it in a VHS my moms uncle made me. the girl who played Judy also played Francie in a tree grows in Brooklyn. I don’t think I’d ever be able to get a DVD of it but that would be the best, it’s such a fun movie. Be on the lookout, maybe AMC or TCM will play it again one day.

    1. The names Judy and Fuffy ring a bell…
      #10 is actually Shall We Dance. I love all Fred & Ginger movies. ❤ Vertigo was in color. I almost included it, but I decided to keep them all b&w.
      1. Charade
      3. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
      4. The Philadelphia Story (omg watch this one!!! hiLARious!)
      7. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (also insanely hilarious)

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