things i love sunday.

1. our new keurig coffee maker. it was on sale at lowes!

2. beautiful abstract paintings by mossmottle on etsy.


3.  cute!  (via we heart it)


4. all the beautiful scenery at epcot, my favorite disney park. we had a blast on our trip, by the way!


5. my new hair color. it’s super duper red in direct sunlight!


6.  george harrison tribute show we went to on his birthday. we have some truly amazing local musicians here, and many of them took part in this. the guy in the right hand corner (whose face is blurry…oops) is mark bryan of hootie & the blowfish fame.

7.  such a cool repurposed clutch by foundbynicki on etsy. it’s made from one sleeve from a leather jacket & one sleeve from a tweed jacket. love it!

8.  i’m going to go crazy waiting for water for elephants to come out in theaters. it looks so amazing. i WILL finish the book by then. the funny thing is, it’s been on my list of “to-reads” for years. and now rob is in the movie. teehee.


9.   GAWGEOUS!!!! (via we heart it)


10. the ultimate love story. it is called love story, after all. 😉



  1. LOVE your hair!
    Water for Elephants is amazing. Also waiting anxiously for the movie. You should also read The Help, btw.
    Hated Love Story. Loved her hat but hated the stupid musical theme.

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